Tired? These Foods Might Be Killing Your Energy

Foods that Kill Your Energy

That 3pm afternoon slump… 

You know the one… when all you want to do is take a little nap. 

It might seem like a good idea to grab a snack to get some energy into your system. 

But beware. Certain foods rob you of your precious energy and leave you feeling tired and groggy… 

Even foods that some consider “healthy” could be killing your energy…

And with your energy depleted you can’t seem to get through the rest of your day. 

So which foods are to blame?

Don’t Be Fooled By These “Health” Foods That Are Draining Your Energy and Making You Tired… 

As you may know, food, like everything else in the universe, is made up of energy. And that energy can affect you

Some foods are packed with negative energy that can leave you feeling down and depressed, while others simply require your body to use a lot more energy to break them down. 

It’s time that you learn which foods you need to avoid so that you can… 

  • Feel full of life and energy 
  • Clear your groggy mind 
  • Be more present in each moment

And MORE! 

I’ll tell you exactly which foods are robbing you of precious energy AND give you alternatives that will make you feel alive and present. 

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First on the list of foods to avoid are those typically found in the bread aisle… 

Processed Grains

Ancient humans did not eat the kinds of grains that are offered in most supermarkets today, meaning that you body isn’t designed to ingest these foods. 

Things like breads, pasta, and rice are often highly processed and can confuse your body. When you eat these foreign foods, your body isn’t really sure what to do with them. 

Processed Grains Make You Tired

Your body ends up using a lot more energy than it needs to because your digestive system wasn’t built to handle processed foods. And with all this energy wasted on your digestive processes, you’ll be left feeling weak and lethargic. 

But it’s not just grains that can be processed… pretty much any food can become stripped of its nutrients and positive energetic value. Other common processed foods are deli meats (more on that in a moment…), cereal, and packaged goods like chips and cookies. 

Your body recognizes whole, unprocessed foods and can much more easily digest them. That’s why whole grain versions of bread, pasta, and rice are usually considered much healthier. 

When buying any type of carbohydrates such as breads and pastas, look for whole grain versions. But you’ll also want to make sure that there are no extra ingredients added that could also affect your energy. 

Foods with added sugar will quickly spike your energy, only leaving you to crash shortly afterwards. An excess of sugar sends your body into overdrive, making it work much too hard to process all the short-term energy it has just received. 

You can apply this rule of avoiding added sugar to pretty much every food you put into your body, including this next one… 

Meat and Eggs 

If you’re trying to eat healthy, some diets have you focus on your protein intake and rely heavily on meat and eggs. 

These naturally high sources of protein are often full of negative energy that can make you feel sluggish and sad

Buy Organic Meats and Eggs

You see, most animals live horrible lives before they are turned into food. They are kept in tiny cages or held with hundreds of other animals surrounding them, leaving these poor creatures with no room to move. 

Similarly, most chickens who produce the eggs we eat also live in awful cages that are barely as big as they are. And this can affect the eggs that they produce. 

They live a sad, depressing, and anxiety-filled life. And that energy accumulates in their system and is carried with them onto your plate. 

That means that when you eat these mistreated animals, you are absorbing their negative energy into your system. And that negative energy can cause blockages in your Chakras that slow everything down… including your physical energy. 

These animals who are subjected to the cruelty of factory farmers can leave you feeling tired, worn out, and unable to stay focused throughout your day. 

While protein is an important part of your diet, the best way to get it is through organic meat and eggs, or plant-based protein. Look for companies that treat their animals well to ensure that you are not inadvertently taking in negative energy. 

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Now that we’ve covered animal products, let’s look at foods that come from the earth… 

Fruit Juices and Smoothies

Many people consider fruit to be on the list of healthy foods, with some even achieving the status of ‘superfoods.’ So if fruit is healthy, then fruit juices and smoothies must be healthy, too, right?

Not so fast… 

Fruits are naturally high in sugar, but when you eat them whole, you are getting fiber with the sugar so that it digests slower to give you steady energy. 

The problem with fruit juices and smoothies is that both often have lots of added sugar and they lack the all-important fiber that you get with whole fruits. 

Make Your Own Fruit Smoothies

Steer clear of fruit juices, and if you want a smoothie, then opt to make it yourself instead of buying it pre-made. But really, the best way to get these nutrients and maximize your energy is by eating a natural piece of whole fruit. 

Be extra careful with fruit products that claim they are “natural” or “made with real fruit.” These vague claims don’t really mean much in terms of your health and your energy. 

What you really need to do is stick to buying whole fruits from the produce section, and either eating them in their natural form or opting to make a smoothie at home where you can be sure there is nothing harmful added in. 

And don’t forget to avoid the “sugar-free” versions of fruit juices… they often contain artificial sweeteners, which are also foreign to your body and can take extra energy to process. 

But sugar free isn’t the only “free” you need to avoid… 

Anything “Fat Free” 

Many popular diets encourage you to watch how much fat you eat. And with these fads came a whole host of “fat free” products. 

One of the worst fat free foods is yogurt, but other common examples include fat free cereals, cookies, cheese, and milk. 

Eat Whole Foods

But what you may not know is that removing the fat means that you’re eating food in an unnatural form. Taking out the fat means that your food has gone through a lot of processing, which can add negative energy and strip out vital nutrients. 

Also, most companies don’t just stop at removing the fat. They also add extra sugar, sometimes artificial, to make their products taste better. These modified foods can mess with the balance of your Root Chakra, which is your connection to the earth. 

Processed food of any kind is not in harmony with the energy of nature and the earth… and will not be in harmony with your body and its connection to the earth through your Root Chakra. 

Your body prefers that you eat natural foods that come from the earth. When you put these unnatural, highly processed foods in your system, your body doesn’t recognize them and can become confused by the strange energy. 

Then, this energy can create a blockage in your Root Chakra. And when your Root Chakra is out of balance, your entire energetic system is at risk. 

If you suspect a problem with your Root Chakra, download my 5 High Powered Healing Techniques for free. Technique number two is called the “Root Balance,” and can help you heal this Chakra. 

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