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Dave Nelson is the creator of Reiki Infinite Healer. Over the last 4 years Dave and his team have helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their wellbeing, recover from illness, connect with their spiritual selves, and learn to heal with the amazing art of Reiki. Dave is a highly sought after healer and teacher, who's work has impacted the lives, health and relationships of individuals and their families in over 200 different countries.

Use Colors To Heal!

Colors have been used for healing for centuries. Each color represents a specific vibration - a vibration that can be used to heal certain problems. Learn more in this article.

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Dave Nelson | December 12, 2018

Daily Exercises For Your Chakras

Maintaining the health of your Chakras is one of the keys to your health. However, most people don't know how to do this - in this article, I show you techniques you can use.

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Dave Nelson | December 5, 2018

Improve Your Self Diagnosis In 2 Steps

There are two steps to self-diagnosing your problems when there isn't another healer around. However, many people skip them...here's why that's dangerous.

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Dave Nelson | November 28, 2018

How To Enhance Your Senses

In this article, we go over 5 techniques that can boost your physical senses and help you enhance your energy healing. We also go over why it's important to improve these senses.

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Dave Nelson | November 21, 2018

To Become A Great Healer...Say No

Your time is just as valuable as anyone else's...but you might have the habit of saying yes to too many things. Learn how to say no in this article and grab your life back.

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Dave Nelson | November 14, 2018

The 4 Higher Bodies Of Our Health

The 4 Higher Bodies work on a subconscious level that affect our entire wellbeing. Learn what they are, how to detect them, and why they're so important to our health.

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Dave Nelson | November 7, 2018

The 4 Lower Bodies Of Our Health

We don't have just one body...we have 8. In this article, I reveal the 4 lower bodies and what they are. If you don't know this, you may never know the cause of your pain.

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Dave Nelson | October 31, 2018
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