The Pros and Cons of Alternative Healing

Alternative Healing

Do you seek more balance in your life? 

Are there physical, emotional, or spiritual pains that you feel being ignored by traditional healthcare systems?

Imagine reducing or even eliminating the traditional drugs that you take, while feeling healthier and more balanced than ever… 

Your health is more than just your physical body, and when you feel out of balance, you need a practitioner who can take in all the layers of your being… 

But traditional doctors and hospitals often don’t look past the surface. So what does?

Alternative healing. 

If you want to be able to break free from the complicated and toxic world of hospitals, prescription drugs, and invasive medical procedures, you should explore the pros and cons of alternative healing. 

There are some positive aspects, and also some things you should watch out for, but I’m going to explain them all in just a moment, including:

  • Why holistic medicine is often more effective than traditional treatments
  • The ONE THING you have to be extremely careful about in seeking alternative healing
  • Which method will cost you less money in the long run

And much more! 

First, let’s make sure we are all on the same page about what exactly alternative healing means… 

What is Alternative Healing?

Alternative healing is any kind of treatment that isn’t included in the traditional material that doctors learn in medical school. It’s defined as anything that is used in place of conventional healthcare that you’d receive from a doctor or hospital. 

There are also many terms that people use interchangeably with alternative healing, such as integrative health, holistic healing, natural treatments, homeopathic remedies, and more. 

Alternative healing is different from complementary medicine, which includes any treatments outside of mainstream healthcare that are used in addition to more traditional methods. 

Alternative Medicine

Alternative and Complementary Medicine includes treatments like 

  • Yoga 
  • Reiki, or other energy healing
  • Herbal remedies
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Massage therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Acupuncture

And more... 

Whether you need to reduce stress, relieve migraines, quit smoking, or deal with a more serious issue, alternative and complementary medicine can help.

Alternative healing can be especially helpful for those who suffer from increased stress or emotional distress. Many alternative treatments focus on relaxing the body and mind during healing. 

And as you may know, stress can be extremely damaging to your health. 

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Emotional Healing Session

The world of healthcare can often be tough to navigate, so that’s why I want to help you understand the pros and cons of alternative healing. In just a moment, I’ll share three benefits of moving away from your traditional doctor’s office, and help you understand three things you may want to watch out for. 

Let’s begin with the positive!

PRO: A Focus on Whole-Body Healing

Have you ever been to see a doctor who is a specialist for a certain area of the body? These days, there is an emphasis in traditional medicine on becoming an expert on one thing, whether that’s brain cancer or heart disease or even back pain

The problem with this hyper-specialization is that, instead of looking at the whole body, these doctors are simply looking at whatever area they specialize in. 

Whole Body Healing

Your hip pain could be a result of your low back tightness, or the way that your foot hits the ground when you walk. But if the doctor is only looking at your hip, they may not catch this. 

Alternative healing takes a much different approach by examining the whole body. And not just your whole physical body, but it also takes into account what might be going on emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

Your mental, spiritual, and physical bodies all work together, so the health of one can affect the health of another. 

Looking at the hip pain example again, perhaps you’re feeling lost spiritually, and this is causing you to place extra pressure on your foot that is resulting in your hip pain. 

A holistic practitioner would be able to see this issue and help you work through it, while a traditional doctor may only be gathering information about your hip. 

And no matter which doctor you choose to see, there's always the issue of insurance coverage...

CON: It May Not Be Covered By Insurance 

One of the downsides to alternative medicine, is that it’s not always going to be covered by your insurance plan. 

There are some plans and companies that will cover things like massage therapy, acupuncture, or chiropractic medicine. But typically, treatments such as Reiki, herbal supplements, and yoga, aren’t included. 

Unfortunately, many health insurance companies still feel uncertain about the efficacy of certain alternative health treatments, and simply choose not to cover them. (More on that in just a few moments…)

Alternative Healing Insurance

While the popularity of and support for less traditional approaches to healthcare is increasing, your treatments may or may not be covered. To be sure, always check your plan to see what your insurance company will pay for.

The thing is, some traditional medical treatments aren’t even covered by your insurance plan. And a lot of times, you have to meet a certain deductible before your insurance will start paying. 

The world of insurance can be confusing, stressful, and difficult to navigate… So it may actually be better that you don’t have to deal with it when receiving holistic health approaches. 

Plus, here’s a little secret...

PRO: Alternative Healing Usually Costs Less

While some forms of alternative healing aren’t covered by your insurance company, most holistic treatments tend to be much cheaper than traditional medications and procedures. 

Traditional medicine is expensive… These days, the price of healthcare has been steadily rising, and there so many different things you have to pay for.

For example, the cost of seeing a psychiatrist alone will put you out over $100, then you’ll still have to buy whatever medication they prescribe you. 

Save Money on Alternative Healing

I was once charged a fee from the hospital simply for my doctor discussing my diagnosis with one of his colleagues. How ridiculous is that?

One of the unique things about alternative healing is that people who practice holistic medicine are generally much more grounded, empathetic, and wholesome. 

Take Reiki for example… One of the core principles of working with Reiki Energy is that you must always have pure intentions. That means that Reiki Masters and practitioners aren’t going to charge you unreasonable amounts of money for your treatments. 

In fact, some people in the world of Reiki believe that it should be free to all people. While I can’t help you heal for free, I can come pretty close. 

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Emotional Healing Session

While holistic methods often tend to be cheaper, you’ll need to be vigilant as you come across marketing for certain types of alternative healing… 

CON: Buzzwords Can Confuse or Mislead You

If you’ve investigated any holistic or alternative healing methods before, you’ve probably been a little confused or maybe even skeptical of the way that some of these treatments are marketed to the public. 

Certain buzzwords like natural, organic, and antioxidants are often included when advertising, most commonly in supplements and probiotics. 

But the thing is, natural doesn’t always mean that something is safe or good for you. Take mushrooms for example. There are many different kinds of mushrooms that grow naturally in the wild, therefore it would be completely true to say that mushrooms are natural. 

However, there are certain kinds of mushrooms that can be harmful, and even deadly, if you consume them. So just because those mushrooms are “natural,” doesn’t always mean they are safe. 

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing… it just means that you, the consumer, may need to do some extra research before you try out a certain supplement. And sometimes, that’s as easy as just reading the label to see all the ingredients. 

Alternative Healing Buzzwords

So if you find yourself confused by terms that may not be 100% truthful, just be diligent in doing your research. And while you won’t typically have to worry about these types of buzzwords in things like Reiki or acupuncture, it’s still good to do your research to make sure that the practitioner you are seeing has all the right credentials and is compliant with any safety standards.

And when you find a credible practitioner, they'll be able to help you heal your current problems, and prevent them from occuring in the future... 

PRO: An Increased Focus on Prevention 

There’s a problem in the traditional healthcare system: most people don’t see their doctors unless they already have a problem. Most doctors and hospitals are focused on treating the symptoms that their patients are complaining about. 

While alternative practitioners also help relieve a patient’s symptoms, they do so by uncovering the source or root of the issue. 

Focus on Prevention

Take Reiki or any other energy healing practice for example. If your energetic system is imbalanced, perhaps due to one of your Chakras being closed, just treating the physical pain you feel in the body isn’t going to fix the issue. 

Alternative medicine goes deeper, and, as I mentioned before when we talked about whole-body healing, takes into account the interactions between the physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic bodies.

And it’s this focus on treating the root of an illness or pain that allows holistic healing to focus more on prevention than traditional healthcare. 

When doctors and hospitals just treat the symptoms of your illness, it’s quite possible that they could come back later in your life. But uncovering the true source of your problem allows alternative healers to not only treat your current symptoms, but also prevent future suffering. 

Another unique way that integrative healing turns its focus towards prevention is by the emphasis on “well visits.” All this means is that you visit your holistic healthcare provider on a regular basis, even when you’re not ‘sick.’ 

But is there evidence to back all this up?

CON: Not as Much Research

Many people are skeptical of healing modalities that are more natural because there isn’t as much scientific evidence behind how effective some of the treatments are. 

Health Research

And even when alternative treatments do have successes, the traditional medical field often disregards them as ‘anecdotal evidence’ and considers them to be less important. 

Now, that’s not to say there isn’t any scientific evidence. It’s just that traditional medicine has much more funding to do research on their chemical medications and invasive procedures. 

But the good news is that funding for research into holistic healthcare is growing. Within a few years, the community will have gathered more information about these healing modalities that will help them gain more acceptance from mainstream doctors. 

For now, there are still some studies that have been investigating the effects of thes natural remedies. For example, there have been many studies that have found the use of essential oils, or aromatherapy, to be an effective treatment for things like pain, stress, and insomnia. 

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Emotional Healing Session

Dave Nelson

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