The Best Meditation Spaces Have These 9 Thingsā€¦

Take you meditation practice to the next level by incorporating these 9 pieces, including the one thing that you should NEVER bring into your meditation space.

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Dave Nelson | August 14, 2019

Are Your Dreams Warning You About Your Health?

Can dreams help you stop an illness in its tracks? Find out the three warning signs you need to look for in your dreams to take better care of your health.

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Dave Nelson | August 7, 2019

Should You Use Music in Your Reiki Practice?

Music can be an important tool for helping your clients relax, but should you be using it during your Reiki session? Make sure you consider these aspects, and follow these rules.

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Dave Nelson | July 31, 2019

The Feng Shui Guide to Finding Love

Have you been searching for 'the one' or hoping to start a new romantic relationship? Follow these simple Feng Shui tips for welcoming love energy into your life.

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Dave Nelson | July 24, 2019

22 Quotes to To Help You Heal

Use the wisdom of great spiritual healers like Thich Nhat Hahn and Rumi to tap into Reiki energy. Here are 22 quotes that will help you harness the energy you need to heal.

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Dave Nelson | July 17, 2019

4 Common Misconceptions About Reiki

Reiki is growing in popularity, with more and more people seeking treatment. Make sure you stay informed by setting the records straight on these common Reiki misconceptions.

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Dave Nelson | July 10, 2019

What Does Too Much Screen Time Do To Your Energy?

You're constantly working on your computer, checking your phone, and exposing yourself to the blue light emitted from the screens. Are you protecting yourself from this harmful energy?

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Dave Nelson | July 3, 2019
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