Gaining Psychic Awareness

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Everyone is born with intuition…

...but not many people choose to cultivate their innate clairvoyance.

However, there are ways to become a better medium or ‘psychic.’ Even if you aren’t interested in becoming one professionally, you can learn from mediums and use their approaches in your daily life

For example, besides using Reiki, I love training my psychic receptivity. 

Being able to rely on my intuition to make decisions is a freedom I thought that I’d never have. For many cases, I no longer have to weigh the pros and cons of a choice, but can simply rely on my thoughts to ‘make the decision for me.’

Wouldn’t it be great to experience something like that? 

Your time can be freed and better yet...

...used more wisely as you become more receptive to the other realms of reality. 

Some people even believe that you can have a ‘psychic awakening’ or a moment when you begin to open up your mind. 

Similar to an attunement, I’ve heard many mediums discuss these awakening moments as a kind of second birth. 

This is because the mind becomes receptive to the different dimensions that exist...

and begins to make connections on a level that most people fail to make because they only see in one reality. 

I was skeptical of this at first...but since I was already training my intuition, something told me that I should look deeper into it.

I haven’t looked back since. 


If you’ve never trained your intuition before, I suggest you read this article as a primer first. You’ll get the basics of it down. 

In this post, I’m going to share certain signs that you may feel when your intuition is at work. 

Often times, we don't know when we're using our intuition...that's why I wrote this article.

Take careful note - it's easy to downplay your own ability and tell yourself that you're wrong! But more often than not, if you don’t use your will regret it.

5 Signs That Your Psychic Abilities are Developing

1. Third Eye Receptivity

For Reiki practitioners, this is most commonly experienced as a tingling sensation in the Third Eye Chakra.

It can be felt as a certain kind of pressure in between the eyebrows and is a clear indicator that you are either picking up energetic signals or that your Third Eye Chakra is opening up. 

Third Eye & The Sky Symbolism

Other tingling sensations can happen elsewhere on the body, such as the crown of the head or the arms. 

As you practice more and more, the strength of the sensations will become weaker as you become more sensitized to them, but don’t be fooled - just like how exercising creates adaptive muscles, your intuition is getting stronger and stronger.

In other words, you don’t have to ‘feel’ your intuition working in order for it to be working. 

However, when you first begin building your psychic receptivity, these sensations may be extremely strong. 

Some people may mistake them as ‘headaches’ but in reality, it is just your Chakra opening to accept the newfound energy into your system.

When you experience this opening, make sure to breathe calmly. It can be exciting, but throwing off your breathing patterns may disturb the process.

When this happens, concentrate on that feeling while releasing any physical tension in your face, neck, and back. 

Then, take a note on what kind of energy signals you may be picking up or decision you need to make. 

If you ever find that the sensations are a bit much, soak your feet in warm water and gently rub the temples of your eyes in a clockwise direction. This may alleviate some of the tingling without closing the Chakra.

2. Spirit Connection

If you find yourself being able to predict events successfully or make great choices…

...You might find that you are having a stronger connection to the spirit world. 

This is extremely interesting because you just may be getting into contact with your spirit guides, angels, or even your own loved ones

This connection is typically felt through the presence of other people or entities as you move about through your day. 

Your spirit guides or angelic spirits may be around you, helping you to make the right decision and choices without you even knowing!

Spirit Connection

However, once you do know that they are can begin to call onto their wisdom and spirit. 

To begin invoking these spirits, make sure that you have established a connection first.

Otherwise, you may be looking for illusory signs, which can lead you down the wrong path and cause your intuition to go haywire.

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3. Spiritual Inclination

Have you found yourself wondering what it would be like to talk to spirits and gain access to a new realm? 

I remember when I first started training my psychic abilities

...and this is exactly what I felt. You may find yourself seeking sources online, at the library, or even with your friends to see whether what you feel is right or wrong, but the fact is that you need to trust yourself. 

Your inclination is opening...and attempts to close that connection may sever your connection to higher levels of consciousness and clairvoyance. 

Remember that as we open up, we shed the old and create an opportunity for a newer self. 

This newer self yearns to grow and experience the things that the physical world cannot satisfy.

The more that you hold this back, the more that you prevent growth in your life in all areas. Instead of fighting the inclination…

...learn to feed your appetite and see where it takes you. 

Your intuition will thank you for it.  

4. Extremely Vivid Dreams

If you’ve been experiencing more vivid dreams or find yourself remembering more details of your dreams, your Crown & Third Eye Chakra are opening up. 

This allows the energy to feed your metaphysical body and give you glimpses into other realms like the Astral Plane or Buddhic Plane. 

Mountain Plane of Existence

When you’re sleeping, you are in a still state of non-reaction. Your Chakras work to actively absorb and replenish energy during this time since energy is lost during the daytime. 

But for most people, this is about it. 


If you find your dreams to be more vivid all of a sudden, it could mean that your Chakras are opening to accept new forms of energy. 

This process can be extremely jarring, as many people fail to dream or even recollect their dreams…

...and you may feel as though something is wrong with you. 

But if you’re one of the lucky ones, you can capitalize on this by making sure to remember your dream experiences.

Rather than view them as one time occurrences, keep a dream journal on hand to record them all. 

Once you do this for a week, you may feel as though your intuition is much stronger than before.

I have a record of my dream journal kept in my phone so that I can periodically review the dreams that I have most. 

This gives me insight into things that may be bothering me or disturbing my energetic field.

Having more data on hand will help you understand yourself and strengthen your intuition.

5. 'Autoresponses'

If you find yourself every responding to a situation or a conversation in an automatic manner, your intuition may be talking through your Throat Chakra.

Some may find this alarming because it feels as though you gave it no thought - but that’s precisely the point.

Intuition helps you remove the biggest blockage that you have - yourself - in making decisions or reacting to new environments.

The more you build your intuition, the more ‘automatic’ it may seem. 

Auto-responding to people

This may anger or frighten some people that you respond to since it comes so quickly, but your Throat Chakra is simply adapting to the nature of the new energy that it is absorbing.

To continue developing this intuitive quickness, you can begin to play a variant of word association. 

Have someone ask you several questions - they can revolve around a certain topic, word, phrase, or person.

Respond with the first thing that comes to your mind, no matter what it is.

Remember that avoiding these signs or neglecting your intuition may cause more harm than good. 

Recognizing these signs is an important first step towards cultivating a stronger intuition and connection to the psychic realm.

For those who may feel a bit hesitant or uncomfortable, you’re beginning to recognize a new shift in yourself… are a spiritual and intuitive being with multiple bodies that exist outside of the physical realm.

Your intuition is not something to be afraid of - it is something to embrace and improve.

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Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson is the creator of Reiki Infinite Healer. Over the last 4 years Dave and his team have helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their wellbeing, recover from illness, connect with their spiritual selves, and learn to heal with the amazing art of Reiki. Dave is a highly sought after healer and teacher, who's work has impacted the lives, health and relationships of individuals and their families in over 200 different countries.

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