Protect Yourself With The Power Of The Three Energy Domains

Energy Domains Balance Your Chakra

Think about it - life is about moving, flowing, and creating.  

From the moment we are born, each and every cell of our body is a manifestation of our creation.

And yet...we often ignore this.

We hold back or shut off our desires to create new experiences in this moment. 

One of the most important things to remember is that The Universal Energy is not only outside of ourselves...but is also inside each and every one of us.  

We do not need to look elsewhere to connect with the power of this energy...we only need to look within and deeply examine ourselves to bring out this connection and optimize our LifeForce

Our individualized consciousness, our personal self, is an aspect of the Universal Energy. 

We simply need to open up and allow our awareness to expand into this greater universe.

Take this simple exercise for instance:  

Observe the life around you - there is life everywhere and at each moment, there has never been a moment where life has stopped still. 

So why deny this aspect of you that desires to express and create?

That desires to be free?

The answer, in fact, may have nothing to do with you and have everything to do with what is inside of you…

Namely, the responsiveness of your Energy Domains.

Today, we’ll be going through each of the three different Energy Domains of your body, what they’re associated with, and techniques you can use to open and balance them.

But don’t miss this key fact: 

Your Energy Domains have everything to do with your Chakras...if you need a little refresher or are completely new, I’ve gone over this in detail here in this article

(By the way, I have a Chakra Balancing Plan that hundreds of thousands have used to re-balance their Chakras...if this is something you’re interested in, you can grab it over here.)


Now, let us examine the Three Layers... 

The Three Layers

The three layers are known in many energy healing circles as the three main Energy Domains of your body. 

In a similar way to batteries, these Energy Domains store and put out our energy every single day. If the Energy Domains become blocked, that may leave us prone to suffering. 

Although there are more, these three are often used to simplify the complexity of our human experience and can be summed as follows:

Reason Domain or Upper Layer

Consisting of the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra, this Domain is associated with your ability to visualize and understand mental concepts, the central nervous system, and spiritual connection. 

Blockages in the Upper Layer can cause feelings of lostness, dizziness, lack of empathy, anxiety, and lack of connection to the world. When the Reason Domain becomes blocked, you may begin to experience extreme outbreaks of random anger or sorrow.

Will Domain or Central Layer

The Will Domain stores energy for one’s sense of self or will to the outer world. It is here where most energy tends to be blocked, preventing us from experiencing happiness or joy. The Will Domain is most commonly associated with the Throat and Heart Chakras.

When the Will Domain becomes blocked, you may become apathetic, emotionless, lazy, stubborn, and unhappy. 

Emotional Domain or Lower Layer

Also known as the “Lower” Layer, the Emotional Domain relates to the physical, intimate aspects of our body and are frequently connected with the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras. 

It is from here where the energy for our emotions, pleasure/sensitivity, and love are stored.

When the Emotional Domain is blocked, most people experience lack of sexual intimacy/connection, depression, stress, and even physical pain.

Now we can go into the technicalities of each Energy …

...but for discussion’s sake, remember that each Chakra is an energy vortex that continuously spins in a clockwise motion

Should any Chakras become blocked or spin in counterclockwise, multiple problems may occur...including the blockage of your Energy Domain. 

In other words, your Energy Domains are made up of your Chakras, and if any of the Chakras are stagnant, then your corresponding Domain will suffer as well.

Energy Domains & Chakras

Fortunately, there are ways to combat and prevent this from happening. 

For example, you can download this quick 5-minute Chakra Balancing Plan that allows you to pinpoint exactly which Chakras are hurting and need healing. This has been the quickest and most effective method so far.

Below are also some techniques that you can use to balance, connect with, and feel your Energy Domains realign to gain a greater sense and appreciation for your body…

Three Layers Techniques

Technique 1: Toe Tapping (For Your All Your Domains)

All Energy Domain Locations

I cannot be credited with this technique, but I use it quite often to prevent any kind of imbalance that may be outside of my control. 

This technique comes from Ann Marie Chiasson’s book, “Energy Healing: The Essentials of Self-Care”. In it, Chiasson describes a technique known as ‘Toe Tapping’ to adjust and align one’s Energy Domains with their Chakras.

The exercise is as follows: 

Lie flat on your back and rotate your legs inside and out like a windshield wiper while leaving your heels on the ground. As you turn out, try to touch your pinky toes to the ground, and as you turn in, try to tap your big toes together. 

Repeat this process slowly in a 5/5 cadence - 5 seconds on the outward turn and 5 seconds on the inward turn. 

Note: you definitely don’t want to rush this exercise, as some Chakras and Domains may take a while to really open up. 

If you try this any faster, you may risk injury and exacerbate the imbalance that you already feel. 

Do this for at least three minutes and continue trying to work up to longer periods. When you stop, rest and take several deep breaths. 

Notice how you feel and relax in this position for 10 seconds. You should feel a slight opening in your lower body around the Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakras. 

If not, repeat the exercise until you feel that you are relaxed.

Once you are done opening up the Lower Layer, move on to this next exercise...

Take several deep breaths and channel them into your Sacral Chakra.

Located right below the navel, visualize the breath going into the Chakra and swirling around inside of it. 

Clench your fingers into soft fists and slowly tap on this area in a clockwise circular motion (as if you were facing yourself) while you slowly bend and stand at the knees. 

The tapping motion serves to redirect the energy that is currently stored within you into the proper direction, while your knee movements create more energy to flow through from the Root to the Sacral Chakras. 

Do this for one minute... and then begin to deep breathe into your lower abdominal area from your mouth. This channels energy from your Throat Chakra into your Lower Layers to clear the blockages. 

Continue tapping for approximately 180 seconds and then stand still and see how you feel.

If you can feel the energy has gathered, lay down and stretch your entire body out to create flow between the Lower Layers and the Middle and Upper Layers. 

If you notice any areas of discomfort while tapping, spend extra time in that area. Chances are that your energetic flow is experiencing a blockage in that particular spot and needs to be released.

Repeat the same process for your Throat and Heart Chakras by tapping alongside your chest, neck, and shoulders. Remember to tap them in clockwise motions to create a stable energetic flow.

Technique 2: Energy Vibrations (For Your Will Domain)

will domain picture

If you are feeling an imbalance in your Will Domain, this exercise will help you regain your footing. 

Note: this technique may be exhaustive, especially if your Energy Domains are thrown out of balance. Please exercise caution and refrain from overdoing yourself.

Stand with your feet parallel and shoulder width apart. Bend your knees as much as you can and let your legs begin to feel tired. 

If you keep doing this long enough, your legs will begin to physically vibrate in an involuntary way. If they do not, start a vibration by quickly bouncing up and down on your heels. 

Allow the vibrations to work up into the upper part of your legs and your pelvis. With practice, these vibrations will spread over your whole body. 

This is a very good way to create a strong energy flow throughout your body, but may be tough on individuals who are not used to such movements. 

Be sure to exercise caution, and if things get too difficult, relax and try again another day. 

Once you get the feel of it, you can devise exercises to cause any part of your body to vibrate in order to increase the energy flow through that part. 

Technique 3: Downing Meditations (For Your Reason Domain)

reason domain picture

Every single day, our Reason Domain encounters challenges; everything from work, relationships, thoughts, decisions seek to take away our vital energy from our Domain. 

It’s no surprise that many people suffer from headaches, dizziness, nausea, and migraines from such pressures - they’re literally absorbing away our energy.

To regain balance and restore your Upper Layer, try a sitting meditation.

Find a comfortable spot in your chair, office, or room. Time yourself for 10 minutes to sit with your back straight and relaxed.

Repeat a mantra to yourself to silence the mind and all of the confusing talk that come with them - a simple one I like to use is, “I am unrushed.” 

Simply keep your consciousness focused on that mantra. If your mind wanders, simply bring it back.

As Tara Brach, another spiritual healer, explains, “the art of meditation is walking your mind back home.”

If you want to opt for something a bit more simple, simply count to ten. It goes as follows:

Count one on the inbreath….and two on the outbreath…

Three on the inbreath...and four on the outbreath....

If you lose focus on the numbers, start back at one.

Once you make it to ten, repeat the process until you can count without hesitation or interruptive thoughts for ten minutes. 

Note: do not get frustrated if you do not ‘succeed’ in meditation. 

We are all continually distracted and it can be difficult to meditate ‘perfectly’ without having trained extensively before. 

Until your Energy Domains are perfectly balanced, you may never experience this

...but it does not hurt to continue trying. 

Technique 4: Wave Power (For Your Feeling Domain)

feeling domain picture

When your Feeling Domain is in a rut, try this wave power technique to release some stagnant energy. 

Since this Domain governs and manages our emotions, we have to pull energy that is latent in our Root Chakra up and out through the Throat Chakra. This will allow your Feeling Domain to open and clear itself of negativity. 

Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and slightly bend at the knees. Align your hips to be parallel with the floor. 

With your arms to your side, tilt your head up 45 degrees to expose your neck and close your eyes. 

Pretend that you are being ‘pulled up’ by the spine to the sky and straighten your back as high as you can. Be careful not to overarch, as this can cause a misalignment and pain in your lower back. 

Stretch the body and hold it at its longest position for 30 seconds. This may be tough on your first go. 

exercise depiction

Take your hands and physically run them from the front of your hips up up the natural line of your chest and gently cusp your throat. 

Use your fingers to slightly press on the sides of your neck slowly. On each release, inhale deeply, and on each press, exhale completely. 

With your back straight and deep, rhythmic breathing, you should feel a slight tinge in your lower abdomen and chest.

These techniques are some of the best you can use to heal your Energy Domains...

But if you need even more extensive help, be sure to check out my 5-minute Chakra Balancing Plan if you haven’t already. I walk you through 12 questions that will help identify which of your Chakras need the most help. 

You can download that by clicking here:

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