Master Your Psychic Ability with Intuition

Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Some days seem to sail along effortlessly…

…as if a wiser, more intelligent force is working BEHIND THE SCENES.

That good feeling you get when everything works out is thanks to your sixth sense at work.

When you experience peaceful exchanges, coincidences and happy outcomes — they are often from decisions you make that worked out from your intuition. 

Know that these feelings aren’t just manifestations of your imagination.

They are real…

Your Sixth Sense

Your sixth sense describes both your intuition and psychic ability.

Your sixth sense helps you recognize potential outcomes by receiving and interpreting information outside of the realm of proof or factual data. However, while both of these abilities fall under the same term — you cannot develop one of these skills without the other.

They are similar, though not the same…


Imagine this: you're driving home late one night, you get a weird feeling and the hair stands up on the back of your neck.

Instead of driving home your usual way, you turn left and take side roads the rest of the way instead. The next morning, you flick on the news to see footage of a fatal accident on the very route home you had planned to take, had you not taken that left turn last night.

You don’t know what made you do it, but something didn't feel quite right.

When you get a feeling that you just can’t put a finger on or support with tangible proof or logic…your intuition is guiding you.

It speaks to you in a number of ways – usually in the form of a hunch, a “gut feeling” or an unexplainable wave of dread or excitement related to a situation.

6 Signs of Robust Intuition

Many of us already use our intuition every day without even knowing it. Are you?

  1. You keep having thoughts about a friend. Later that day you get a phone call from them...
  2. You run into people you know out of the blue, and happen to be in right place at the right time...
  3. You notice “lucky” near misses, or instances of divine right timing, or synchronicity...
  4. You tend to pick up on the mood of a person, or a room quickly...
  5. You have vivid dreams...
  6. You become easily overwhelmed in crowded social situations...

Psychic ability


4 Ways Your Psychic Sense Works

Psychic ability offers insight with more clarity through sensory means. If you have been exploring your psychic abilities, you may already have received messages though these sensory channels:

1. Clairaudience: Clear hearing, though your auditory sense comes in the form of words you hear either in your head or coming from the environment around you with clear suggestion or detail.

2. Clairvoyance: Clear seeing, through your sense of sight comes in visions, images, or scenes that play out in front of you or in your mind’s eye.

3. Clairsentience: Clear feeling is experienced in empathic feelings and specific moods you pick up from the people around you or in your environment.

4. Claircognizance: Clear knowing comes through in messages of unexplainable, yet distinct and powerful insight received through your thoughts. Often these messages are sharp, interrupting, and in quick flashes, or fast-flowing streams of information all at once. 

Psychic Benefits

Your psychic sense allows you to tune into valuable insight that’s always around you…

…guiding you toward the best course of action.

When your psychic sense is strong, your life will take on a new, more fluid and efficient rhythm as you begin working with the natural order of things.

Heal Faster

When you take care of your body by tapping into your internal psychic compass, you can make better wellness choices – like what treatment option to take, or what food to eat. You can even locate blocked energies that can contribute to disease.

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Make Better Decisions

Many times decisions are made based on the persuasive chatter of the ego…

…but by empowering ourselves through use of divine energy, higher self-wisdom and messages from guides, choices become effortless.

You'll be able to move forward with a renewed sense of positivity and grace that comes from intuition and psychic strength.

Gain Confidence

As your psychic skills strengthen…

You FEEL more confidence, EXPERIENCE less struggle and conflict, and CHOOSE actions that honor divine timing.

You WILL get more done in less time.

You MAKE decisions easily because you know that everything will turn out for the good of all.

Live Harmoniously

When you engage in effortless action, you embrace the innate nature of energy, which is to flow.

You use this energy to access higher self-knowledge. You know you are honoring the knowledge of your higher self and your guides. You release fear by trusting the process because you know everything is interconnected, and you learn to engage from a place of allowance rather than resistance.

Experience More Magic

When you let go and let intuition take over, you experience:

  • More joy,
  • More coincidences,
  • Happy surprises…

…and more gifts flow your way.

Get More of What You Want

As you listen to your psychic guidance, you grow internally.

You make more informed decisions that create the ideal environment for new and better circumstances that more closely align with your interests and the gifts you are here to give back to the world.

As you give joy, more joy comes your way.

Life becomes richer, more meaningful, and filled with more things that you want.

How to Strengthen Your Intuition

Strengthen intuition

While you already may have experienced flashes of your psychic gift — to regularly access, develop and control this sense you need to hone your intuition first…

…to open the door to clearer and more powerful guidance and insight.

Try these exercises to open your Chakras, fine-tune your perception skills, and open your mind to the subtler guiding energies available to you:

Speak Your Intent

Before you begin any intuitive practice exercise, it helps to state your intent.

With a clear, definitive voice, commit to yourself that you want to strengthen your psychic abilities. It can be as simple as…

“This meditation is to activate and strengthen my psychic ability.”


When you write to communicate with your higher self, you form a habit of quietly listening and tuning into insight that stays with you…

…on and off the page.

When you exercise your psychic muscles…the messages that come in become easier to detect and interpret.

With regular practice, information that was once difficult to access, becomes easy to draw upon when you need it most. Your psychic sense becomes stronger, more accurate, and more dominant.

Make a practice of reaching out to your deeper, more innate wisdom through journaling:

1. Daily or weekly, set time aside for your intuitive practice. Find a journal or notebook to dedicate to your practice.

2. Take a moment to quiet your mind. Carve out time for a 5-minute meditation each day.

3. State your intention out loud to reach out for guidance and wisdom.

4. As you form questions in your mind, write them in the notebook. If you feel comfortable, say them aloud as you write them, then settle in and get quiet, to listen for answers.

These answers may come in flashes of images, words passing in and out of your mind’s eye, audible sounds, or even whole sentences and streams of consciousness that you sense coming in.

5. Write everything down. Draw pictures if you feel inspired — or doodles, columns, or lists.

How you write your information down is up to you.

6. Don’t judge the information. Some things that come in may sound unusual, out-of-place or confusing…

…but if you are comfortable with your communication, keep going as long as you think is necessary.

7. Read through your progress periodically. It’s fun to read through your sessions to see how situations may have played out based on the guidance you received, and how strange or unusual details at the time became useful to you later.

Enjoy the process!


You can use Psychometry to gain insight about a person or a situation.

According to Sonia Choquette, in her guidebook Psychic Pathways, practicing psychometry helps to hone your psychic skills by strengthening your sensitivity to residual energies that get left behind on objects, especially those that were frequently used by, or held great meaning for their owners.

The more frequently you pick up objects and tune into them…

…the better you will become at reading these energies over time.

Vision Play

You can do this one anywhere…

Tune into your immediate space to practice strengthening your mind’s eye.

While looking around the room, try gazing at various objects or people, envisioning the energy coming from them, either in front of you, or in your mind’s eye.

Now close your eyes.

With your eyes closed, answer these questions:

What do you remember about the things in the room?

Do you notice any subtle shifts in what you see in your head compared to what you see when you look at the objects?

How much information did you take in with your eyes?

Listening Play

To sharpen your hearing and to pick up on messages from our higher consciousness and guides, practice with your favorite music.

1. Turn on one of your favorite types of music, something that really makes you feel good. When we are feeling good, we raise our vibration, and this helps us access information coming in from other planes of consciousness.

2. Sit back as the music plays and close your eyes.

3. Detect the subtle shift in notes or different rhythms of the instruments in the piece, to sharpen your listening senses.

4. Listen to the same music frequently and try to pick up new details each time.

Audible messages are always coming in, available for access. As you get quiet and let go, these messages will be easier to hear, and will come in more frequently for you.

Activate Your Third Eye Chakra

Activate Third Eye Chakra

Your Third Eye Chakra is your energetic center that governs your intuition and psychic ability.

This Chakra controls perception, higher consciousness, and intuitive insight. Located in the area between your eyebrows, this Chakra supports the eyes and head, and is represented in the aura by the color violet or indigo.

Learn more about healing all 7 Major Chakras in Your Body.

Sound activation

Through sound and the breath, you can open up our Third Eye Chakra. In Russill Paul’s Yoga of Sound book, he advises inhaling through the nostrils, aiming to direct the airflow toward the point in the center of your eyebrows.

As you exhale, create the sound “OM” or “AUM”, allowing the sound vibration to resonate in the area of the Third Eye Chakra.


Meditating on the Chakras themselves helps to open them to receive information, expand, and clear negative energies away. In fact, many variations of meditation exist that benefit intuition.

A simple meditation exercise that you can use is to simply sit in silence, focus on the breath, and release passing thoughts. With this technique, you can activate the part of the brain responsible for deciphering and intaking information.

A study in 2000 by Sara Lazar used fMRI scanners to show that meditation increases activity in the same brain area responsible for “gut instinct.” In her book The Intention Experiment, Lynne Taggart explains that the study presents…

“physical evidence that meditation increases not only our ability to perceive intuitive information, but also our conscious awareness of it.”

By meditating, as Taggert expresses, we develop intuition, and our ability to notice when intuition is being used.


Because feelings and thoughts direct our energies…

…when you visualize what you would like to see happen in your energetic body and in your life, you aid in making it so.

Olympic athletes do this to improve performance and public speakers do this before a big presentation. As you think and feel emotions associated with the various Chakras, you can actually move and change your energies.

Barbara Brennan’s Book Hands of Light, offers a detailed visualization technique to heal and open the Chakras for ourselves. She suggests that to open up your third eye Chakra, you can imagine the Chakras governing color emerging out in a vortex shape from the front and back of head, in the space located between your eyebrow area. Imagine this Chakra spinning clockwise, expanding outward.

Visualization works differently for everyone, so while subtle variations in your practice will happen unique to your personal vision, you can get creative with how you imagine your Chakras expanding.

Incorporating the key attributes of a Chakra however, will help achieve a more effective outcome:

1. Color – The third eye Chakra’s governing color is violet. If you can visualize this color, it will enhance your practice.

2. Shape – Many energy workers and healers find it helpful to imagine the Chakra expanding out from the body in the shape of a vortex. This vortex shape is considered to be the natural movement of the energies as they expand out from the body.

3. Size – The size of the aura can be an indicator of its strength. Shrunken auras often can indicate the Chakras weakness in strength. By imagining the Chakra increasing in size, we often can aid in opening and expanding this Chakra in the body.


Reiki is the ideal tool for deepening intuition by energizing and clearing the Chakras from built up negative energies that may be blocking your systems. 

To clear negative energy and stimulate the life force in your third eye area, practice this simple energy healing technique:

1. Place your palms over your eyes, fingers pointing toward the sky.

2. Clear all thoughts from your mind. If thoughts should enter in, simply let them pass through and drift away.

3. Imagine delivering vital health — giving energy to this area through the palms of your hands.

4. Imagine opening, clearing and energizing the Chakra to expand outward, extending as far as your mind can see.

Just beyond the physical realm is an unseen, yet accessible, vast source of knowledge…

By activating your sixth sense, you can tap into this source to clarify your situations, light your path, and illuminate aspects of your world just beyond your physical reach.

With patience, practice, and commitment, you can sharpen your sixth sense to work wonders for you, and strengthen your innate gifts you can bring back to the world.

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