Prevent Disease by Shedding Your Energy Armor: The 4 Most Common Armors People Wear

Energy Armor Blocks Chakras

We often talk about the things that we can do to prevent our Aura, Chakras, or energy field from harm.  

But we rarely discuss the defensive mechanisms that we ourselves set up to protect ourselves from negative energies...

...with good intentions. However, these defensive mechanisms are often the result of neglect, avoidance, and fear. 

To explain...

...when we design these systems to protect ourselves, we also prevent positive energies and light from coming in and healing because we tend to be afraid of:

  • external dependence or reliance on others
  • our own emotions and feelings
  • guilt, shame, or imagined uncomfortable situations
  • and much, much more.

all of which are rational to fear and want to avoid.


Are You Preventing Positive Radiance From Guiding You?

Often times, our go-to strategy is to set up walls, or what I like to call, armor that prevent any kind of positive radiance that could guide us during our times of trouble from reaching our darkest innermost parts. 

These armors can result in blocked energy flow, distorted Chakras, weight gain...and a whole host of other problems. 

However, diagnosing our own defensive systems can be difficult, especially if you cannot 'visibly' see them - most people tend to deny that they even have them! 

And yet, if you think about someone who you've had a negative conversation or relationship with, you can often tell when their guard is up...

...likewise, I think that we can sense our own as well.

In today's article, I'm going to be talking about the four most common types of armor I see people wear (including myself at times) and how to sense, combat, and relax our own defenses from self-harm. 

Now keep in mind that there are many others - each and every single person's energy is different as a manifestation of the Universal Energy. Likewise, the type of armor many people wear will be different as well. These four are only the ones I see or sense on a regular basis, but can also take different forms and be placed in different parts of the body. 

The key is knowing the reasons why the armor is up in the first place...from there, we can take efforts to shed and heal ourselves from our own harmful actions. 

By the way, if you want a quick and easy way to sense where these are, I offer a full body healing session that's designed to pinpoint all of this...if you're interested, you can take a look here:

The Four Types of Energy Armor

When you use your field in a defensive way, you may prevent harmful or negative forces from coming in...

...but you also prevent positive energies as well. 

By recognizing the four most common types of energy armor, we can see how some of our own actions, no matter how well-intended, can be severely detrimental to us. 

Many of us may wear combinations of armor, which makes it even more difficult to pinpoint.

But through knowing our own symptoms, we can then seek to shed our guards and walls to allow and invite happiness and other positive energies in. This is when true healing can occur -

Vulnerability is not a is our most unique asset.

But first, as a primer... we cover each armor type, ask yourself the following set of questions:

  • If I hover my hands over these parts of my body, can I sense my own armor?
  • If I ask a friend or a healer, will they be able to sense my guards?

This will help you understand the strength of your armor and how long it has been wearing on your aura. Generally speaking, if others can sense your guard, you may need a bit more work to fully shed the detrimental effects. 

Smiling Through Pain

Note: it is tough to admit that we carry these guards with us...but simply recognizing our pain can lead to a better path. Be strictly honest with yourself when you sense it. 

Otherwise, you may never experience the full power of your healing. 

After you ask yourself the set of questions, I’ll show you specific things you can do to shed this armor.

Let's begin with the first type...

Frontal Armor 

In about 70% of cases, this is the most common. 

It's also known as the 'Depressant Block', but this type of energy armor completely blocks your energetic flow and creates an accumulation of stagnant energy. Frontal armor is often the result of pushing down one's emotions, feelings, and energy to a point where they have nowhere to go. 

Frontal Armor is like a cave

Normally, this would be simple to release and could be opened through simple tapping or breathing...

...but just as armor has a tendency to keep things out, it also keeps things in. Left unchecked for too long, Frontal Armor can result in physical accumulation of body mass and fluids. In areas where this happens, this is where the body tends to bloat and has a tendency to linger long after you first notice it. 

Most commonly, frontal armor is adorned in areas of the abdomen, chest, and through the nape of the neck, which correspond to the Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Throat Chakras. Pay extra attention to these spots, as they will feel sore, unused, and often sensitive to touch.

The type of person that suffers from this block is usually one who retains some sort of anger or regret.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I retaining any sort of anger or hatred for someone?
  • Am I trying to live my life through someone else?

This energy armor is typically heavy on the individual - as a result, they may have weakened posture or communicative ability. 

To combat this, practice standing in front of a mirror with your arms open wide to your side, as if you were stretching to both walls. 

Leaving yourself physically open will allow you to confront yourself and how you feel. Stand like this for 30 seconds at a time and visualize your armor shedding off of your body.

Some students say that theirs crumble, while others say that their armor figuratively drops off of their shoulders. Whichever it may be to you, take note of the nature of your armor, as this will come in handy later.

Repressive Armor

This type of defensive mechanism is one of the most insidious and is the result of the suppression of our emotions. It differs from Frontal Armor because when you suppress your emotions, feelings, and energy... compress all of that energy into a small space. Whereas frontal armor is often worn on the aura, Repressive Armor is worn IN one's energetic field. 

As you may know, our emotions are manifestations of our expressed energy. When we compress this energy, we build pressure...which often results in a big-bang like explosion or hurricane.

People who wear Repressive Armor tend to have shorter tempers and can easily flare up. 

Now, people who have Repressive Armor tend to deny that they have it...

...However, this is a telltale sign that even more healing work needs to happen. 

Prevent Negative Reactions

Repressive Armor generally falls alongside the hips and pelvis in the Sacral and Root Chakras, but can also accumulate in the throat chakra as well. 

If Repressive Armor is worn long enough, it may result in physical pain like pinched nerves, pelvic inflammatory disease, and even gout.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I okay with expressing my anger? If so, how often do I? If not, why?
  • Is it okay to express my emotions in front of others? If not, why?

Like Frontal Armor, it’s important to open yourself up and be vulnerable to the elements. In this exercise, take extra precaution to hydrate and practice proper breathing technique.

Lay on your back and place the balls and heels of your feet against each other. Pull them towards your lower chest area while keeping your back straight. 

Slowly push your legs out and exhale…

...and when you retract your legs, inhale. 

Do this 5 times until you feel an opening in your hips. You may hear or experience popping sounds or pain - this is the result of stagnant energy. Keep at it until you don’t hear it anymore. 

When you’re done, stand up and shake your body out to shed the residue of your armor. It may take multiple times in order to get it right. 

(If you find that to be too difficult and would like something a bit easier to handle, I also offer a Full Body Healing Session that is designed to release your Energy Domains. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, click here.)

Soft Armor

Take note: just because this armor is 'soft' does not mean it is any less insidious. 

At a glance, this armor may seem better to wear than others, but the lesson here is that having any of these defensive blocks is going to negatively affect you more so than positively. 

This armor effectively helps the person avoid, neglect, and fear their feelings by quickly moving around when the host is challenged in a life situation, relationship, or even therapy. 

It even has a more insidious name - the 'parasite'. Since it can move and adapt to the situation at hand, it may seem out of control. 

Remain in control

But remember that all of these armors are a result of our psychological tendency to guard ourselves when we feel threatened. The goal is to relax these guards to invite healing to occur.

Soft Armor is one that penetrates extremely deep - everything may seem safe, secure, and even happy on the outside...

...but internally, the host will feel a void or sense that something is missing from their life. This may result in imagined crisis later in life and create conditions for illness and sickness to occur. 

Wearers may experience anxiety, head tension, and poor posture. Chakras that tend to be blocked include the Crown, Third Eye, and Root. 

Ask yourself:

  • Am I living a double life?
  • Do I feel like there is something wrong with me internally?

Use this exercise to combat its negative effects - 

Take both of your hands and place them on the side of your head. Roll your neck in a clockwise direction 4 times and vice-versa.

After that, press on your temples (right next to your eye) with your fore and middle fingers. Be gentle.

Press your fingers underneath your ears - while pressing, take deep breaths. Repeat as necessary.

Plated Armor

Whereas Soft Armor helps the host avoid their emotions and feelings, Plated Armor freezes them and holds them hostage in different places in the body.

This kind of armor tends to be worn by people with high authority or power in a family, company, or social situation. It helps reinforce one's life on the outside...

...but Plated Armor, once identified, is brittle and can break under internal pressure. 

Symptoms of someone wearing plated armor include: high muscle tension, hardness, and difficult mobility and flexibility with the body. 

This Armor essentially nullifies all feelings and can create high sensitivity to the elements, making one more prone to disease with germs, bacteria, and heat/cold. 

The person with Plated Armor tends to feel as if they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and must guard themselves from all pain by nullifying anything that comes their way. 

Being a leader doesn't mean you have to be alone

The most common places where Plated Armor exists is in the shoulders, legs (thighs and calves), and chest where the Heart Chakra lies. This heavy burden may cause poor posturing, wrinkles, and internal unhappiness in those who wear it. 

Ask yourself:

  • How many people do I / can I trust with my work, friends, relationships, family, etc.?
  • Do I allow myself to trust others, or do they have to ‘earn’ my validation?

This exercise is a little bit different from the requires a partner. 

If you don’t have someone readily accessible for this, it’s okay to use a mirror too. 

Make sure that you are visible to the other person (or your reflection) from the mid-waist and up. 

Look deeply into their/your eyes. Gently place your fingertips on the tops of your shoulders while maintaining eye contact. Ask the other person to mimic your facial gestures and movements exactly.

If you find yourself grimacing or struggling to reach your shoulders, place your hands down and try again. 

Once your touch your shoulders, roll them in circles with your fingertips still pressed onto them. 

Act as if you were grabbing dust off your shoulders with your fingertips and gently place it down. 

Repeat this process until your reflection/partner’s shoulders relax.

You can do this exercise as many times as you’d like with other parts of the body as well. Examples would include the upper back, throat, crown, stomach, and much more. 

If you feel like these exercises have helped you and would like more, check out this Full Body Healing Session that I offer to my students. It’s a complete session that you can use whenever you feel unease and helps restore the balance of your Energy Domains. You can click here to find out more now. 

Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson is the creator of Reiki Infinite Healer. Over the last 4 years Dave and his team have helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their wellbeing, recover from illness, connect with their spiritual selves, and learn to heal with the amazing art of Reiki. Dave is a highly sought after healer and teacher, who's work has impacted the lives, health and relationships of individuals and their families in over 200 different countries.

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