How To Be A Psychic (Medium)

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Just like Reiki healing, there is a specific process that you need to follow to become a psychic medium.

It all begins with the first step, which is the most difficult for some people... need to first develop your psychic abilities.

Some will say that you need something similar to an attunement, but the truth is that everyone is born with the ability to develop cognitive intuition and their psychic connection.

It's true that you need an attunement to perform more advanced techniques…

...but you can start the basic process now.

In this post, I’m going to cover several commonalities that most mediums share, how to develop those commonalities, and ultimately how you can become the medium that you've always wanted to be.

Then, I’ll cover how to approach your first psychic reading session.

But wait, isn’t this post about becoming a medium? 

Yes, but you need to learn how mediums work before you can become one...

...and the easiest way to learn is by receiving a reading and analyzing the results.

Think about it like taking any kind of class - in order to become a teacher, you must first become a student.

In other words, you first need to be on the receiving end of a medium's work before you can become a medium yourself.

Now, the first commonality that all mediums share is their honed ability to observe.

If you’ve ever been interested in reading people’s energy, mind, or history, you won’t want to miss the powerful cues of observation.

95% of all mediums-in-training skip this step in order to 'hurry' and become a medium.

This is exactly what you don't want to do.

If you try to run a marathon without any training or warm-up, you're more likely to injure yourself as a result.

The same principle applies to psychic work - if you rush in too quickly, you'll end up hurting yourself...or the other person.

Start by honing your ability to clearly observe and listen... this will give you the insight necessary to use your intuition at a much higher and advanced level.

The Power of Observation

If someone is mad...what does their body language look like?

Chances are that they'll have furrowed eyebrows, tongue in cheek, or some variation of the two. 

If you were tying to read this person’s mind, their thoughts would sound like “I'm angry.”

It may sound obvious, but let’s try another one.

What does someone look like when they're sad, but trying not to show it?

If you've felt this way before, you've either come across as an open book or a very high functioning person.

You see, these intangibles are much more difficult to observe because they're intentionally hidden.

Your goal as a budding medium is to see through these walls and guards to understand the real heart of the matter.

Don't try to blast past them - notice them for what they are.

Many people miss these cues because they’re not actively using or training their observational skills

It’s not about the big macro details - it’s all in the small details that make up the entirety of the picture.

Observational Skills

To hone this skill, first begin with observing your audience or person you are examining.

You can be at a mall, at a party gathering, or even just by yourself. 

Focus just on one person at a time.

Think of the smallest details that may be affecting this person - for example, does their energetic field seem open or closed? 

Can you read whether they are tensed or relaxed? 

What can their posture or facial expression tell you?

Paying attention to these small details will pay off because you’ll learn that humans express patterns of behavior very similarly.

As a result of what you recognize, you'll be able to develop your own awareness like a muscle because you are acutely sensitive to your surroundings. 

In other words, practicing the power of observation will allow you to perform advanced techniques without worrying about the result...

...because you already know and sense what the outcome will be.

However, in order to reach this point, you need to practice.

Use the guidelines above for the next several weeks and consciously be aware and observe the people around you.

In one month's time, you will likely be more adept than most people at this skill.

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Next, we’ll cover how to approach your psychic reading. 

Being a Psychic Receiver

In my lifetime, I’ve received numerous readings.

Some of have been spot on and positive...

...whereas other mediums have given me less than stellar news.

Regardless of their reading, I had to be open to receiving it.

If you dismiss a reading because it's not what you want to hear - that's bad news.

All results may not be positive, but you need to be willing to accept them.

Open Your Heart

Accepting this as a reality will help you maintain good psychic energy as you approach each session or reading. It will help you keep your mind fresh and willing to interpret the results.

Otherwise, you risk jeopardizing the way you receive energy and changing the way your intuition works, which is a big no-no.

To maintain good psychic energy (and ensure great readings), read through the following tips to create the optimal conditions for healthy and productive readings.

1. Be Uplifted With Each Reading

A reading should not feel punishing. 

A reading should not make you feel bad about yourself. 

Even if you receive terrible news, approach each reading with optimism. 

Uplift yourself

Don’t hold onto the challenges they predict with a vice grip...

pay attention to every detail and make sure that you’re prepared for them.

This will allow you to cultivate a more positive atmosphere for yourself and those around you.

When or if they do come true, use that information to create positive affirmations.

This will ensure your psychic energy is cleansed and stable.

Even when some of the predictions may not be true in a literal sense(no medium is perfect), you can also use that to your advantage for the next time.

There’s no need to punish yourself with what you hear - do not reflect or criticize yourself based on past decisions or a former life that you once had.

You can only live in the moment.

A medium's reading allows a chance for predictability to help you ensure that you live the best you can.

Remember that readings require that you be vulnerable.

Don’t hold any guards up during a session, as it will throw off the reader. 

It’s a brave step to even get a be proud of yourself for showing up for your growth.

Breathe in deeply before and after each session to reset.

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2. Intake Specifically, Interpret Liberally

This maxim came to me when I was in a reading that called on the spirit of my grandfather for advice.

My grandfather was a wonderful person who spent the majority of his time living for others.

It was through his example that I decided to become a Reiki Master.

His words of wisdom motivated me to continue being a healer and provided specific instructions on what to do to advance in the next step of my career.

I followed his words exactly as he had said...

but the results that he said would come to pass ultimately did not happen.

What went wrong? Was it me who did something wrong? Did I not pay attention?

Was my grandfather's wisdom wrong as well?

I pondered these questions for quite some time...

...but that’s when I realized that the specific verbiage is not important.

It is the meaning behind those words. 

Japanese Rocks

Even though my grandfather's prediction ultimately did not come true, I realized the true gift of mediumship and the power of that reading.

It helped me address certain deficiencies that I had in my personal life at the time. 

I made amends with people that I had deep wounds with or anger towards and made myself more open to different experiences.

I even started to contact friends that I held grudges towards to regain their friendship.

So in a way, there were results from that reading and my efforts.

That’s what the reading was meant to do - but I was so enamored and blinded by the idea that of the perfect prediction when there is no such thing.

I had lived for a while assuming that it would physically manifest in my life because I had interpreted it literally.

However, once I relinquished that idea and began to interpret these readings more liberally, I reached profound and new insights.

It's like reading a novel.

On one hand, you can take each story literally...and that's that.

But if you allow room for interpretation and ascribe meaning to different characters, events, and items, you access a whole other world and gain new insights.

This put me into a new phase of my life and even helped me foster a stronger sense of intuition and psychic control.

My grandfather gave me the information I needed to hear, but I needed to take it upon myself to be receptive to whatever came next instead of trying to will the events into existence.

The important lesson is to always take in the details as specifically as possible...

...but interpret them as freely as you can to prevent stagnation and discouragement.

Remember that there are more worlds than just the physical - likewise, connections and communication can be frayed between realms and planes, even with your closest relatives.

Take each reading as a momentous event that will send you soaring in growth and be receptive to different interpretations.

Let go of the specific, literal details in order to reach your higher self.

3. Live in the Present

The most common misconception with mediums is that they are ‘fortune tellers’. 

Mediums and psychics read your current fate according to the current vibration of your energetic system. 

Therefore it is a reading of your present and immediate future...not the future 50 years from now.

If you ever see a medium who says they can predict this far into the future, turn your head the other way.

Some people expect to hear where they will be decades in the future...when that is nearly impossible to predict based on the information that is currently available. 

However, there are a few caveats - for example, if you make adjustments to your present self, your future can and will change. 

Even if a medium is able to predict that far into the future, you still have a long way to go before that ever happens...which means that there are many gaps to fill in the middle.

Concentrate on taking each reading into immediate action steps that you can take towards creating the future that you desire to have.

This will help motivate you to do what it takes to make it happen vs. passively waiting for something extraordinary to occur. 

It’s not about fortune or future telling, it’s about reading between the lines on the current page of the book of life and then encouraging you to choose your own adventure.

4. Take Control Over Your Readings

At the end of the day, you can receive 27523 readings...but you are still ultimately responsible for bringing them to fruition.

Any medium you choose can perhaps be more skilled or adept than you at connecting to other realms...but everyone is born with the four psychic senses (hearing, feeling, seeing, knowing), and can learn to develop them. 


When you go to a reading, make sure that you have clear goals in mind: 

  • What do you want to take out of this session and into the next?
  • How does this fit into your trajectory for life?
  • Why will you ask about a certain topic vs. others? 

Asking questions of this type will allow you to create a benchmark by which you can then test and gain more clarity.

This practice will also help you understand what it means to be a psychic or medium, as you are figuring out other people’s (as well as your own) current energy frequency, vibration, and situation.

So whenever you receive a reading, make sure that you are ready to take all of the information you hear and transform them into workable steps.

In this way, you’ll never lose - challenges will be overcome, and you can continue to progress the way you are meant to.

Know that you are trying your best, and that is always one hundred percent good enough. 

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5. Connect With The Right Medium For YOU

I can’t stress this enough - do the research to find the right medium.

When you choose a medium, you’re not only choosing someone to read you…’re choosing a psychic mentor!

This person will more than likely show the ropes on how to perform key aspects of psychic reading and train you on building your cognitive intuition.

Keep in mind that whomever is reading for you is going to have a certain perspective.

Every individual is unique in this way.

So this means that it falls on you to find the most suitable medium that can channel the right balance of energy and intuition.

Some mediums may work extremely well with someone you know, but may not vibe as well with you directly and vice-versa.

It may take a few tries to find the right person...but once you find the right person, you will immediately understand why they are the right fit. 

However, this is not to say that other mediums should be ignored.

You should take the time and take several readings to understand how different mediums can arrive at the same (or different) answers.

You simply want to choose the person that will do great readings and mentor you into nurturing your intuitive ability.

These tips should help kickstart your psychic learning and encourage spiritual growth. 

It can be pretty tough keeping all of this in mind, but the first two steps towards improving your psychic ability are

1) improve your observational skills using the senses you have, and

2) taking a psychic reading in order to understand how it truly works. 

These two things will get you much further than trying to improve on your own. 

You can get a psychic reading here when you’re ready to continue.

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Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson is the creator of Reiki Infinite Healer. Over the last 4 years Dave and his team have helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their wellbeing, recover from illness, connect with their spiritual selves, and learn to heal with the amazing art of Reiki. Dave is a highly sought after healer and teacher, who's work has impacted the lives, health and relationships of individuals and their families in over 200 different countries.

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