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It would be unwise and unprofessional of me to recommend you to do things solely on your own.

This can have negative consequences - for example, one of my students tried to do an advanced healing the other day...

...and almost ruined the entire situation.

She thought that she had it all figured out on her own.

Even though it's true that you can figure it out on your own, it helps a lot with some expert guidance.

Many healers are stubborn when it comes to this... 

...they try to do everything on their own and then complain when things don't go their way.

This is especially true when they try to heal themselves.

Remember that each indidivual is different and unique - just because you healed someone using one technique does not mean it will work with 100% guarantee every time or with yourself.

In this article, I want to share some tips on improving your own self-diagnosis so that you can heal yourself better.

You can't take care of others if you can't take care of yourself.

It's a harsh fact...but one that many healers ignore.


For example, let's say that you're a car mechanic.

Someone comes in with the exact same model and year that you have and you fix whatever was wrong with your car.

Now let's apply that same solution to your car, which has recently been experiencing a different problem.

If you copy and paste the same technique, it won't do anything because the problems aren't the same.

Likewise, if you try to heal yourself without the proper instruction, it won't help you.

Fortunately, there is a way out...and it's through something called Attunements.

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Attunements & Beyond

However, I see a lot of healers try to do this...and they wonder what happened.

"How come I'm not healing? I did this technique here and it didn't work!"

Well, it's not just about the's about how you diagnose the problem.

In this week's post, I'm going to share the steps I take to self-diagnose a problem to make sure that I'm applying the correct Reiki technique.

When you get better at your own self-diagnostics, you'll get better at healing others. 

So if you're ready to begin...keep reading!

We'll start with the first step, which is to look inside your body...

Step 1: Look Inside Your Body

When I say look inside your body, I don't mean to cut it open like a surgeon...

Rather, I mean to have a closer look at what's happening internally.

This skill takes a while to develop if you haven't done it before, but it's the first thing I recommend students to learn.

If you don't have an awareness of what's going on inside your body, how can you heal others? 

You need to develop what I call, "energy vision". 

Energy vision is simply the ability to see where the energy is located in your body.


As a quick example, close your eyes real quick and imagine your body sitting down in your chair.

Like an infrared camera, can you see where most of your body energy is located? 

Can you see which parts aren't getting that much energy?

If you are able to see and discern clearly where the energy is located or centered, then you're off to a good start.

You also might see some stagnant energy as well - what color is it for you? 

Can you see where old energy is held up or repressed? 

For example, whenever I encounter a certain person, I feel a sort of anxiety that comes about.

It's mainly concentrated in my chest, but I also get it in my thighs and knees.

When I practice my energy vision, I can see that my energy is dark and maroon, whereas the rest of my body has a general orange tint to it.

Additionally, I can see the energy shift in my head from orange to maroon, signaling that the energy is moving up to my head.

When I know this, I can take a moment to balance my energy to prevent me from getting headaches or flustered.

Likewise, you can probably think of several situations in which this skill will be helpful.

If you can sense where your energy is, but cannot see it, then try the following exercise to give yourself some help.

Find a warm place to be so that your energy can stay fresh.

Move around a bit - you can jump in place, squat a bit, or just wave your arms.

These kind of things come naturally to people who attune themselves.

If you want to be one of those people...don't miss out. Get attuned today!

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Attunements & Beyond

Now, move one specific body part of your choosing...

...this can be your finger, your foot, or just your hips.

Close your eyes and repeat the same motion again and again. Try to see the motion happening from an energy perspective.

Do certain parts glow more than others? Where do you see it or feel it? 

Repeat this daily until your energy vision improves.

Next, we'll learn the 2nd step of improving your self-diagnostics...calibrating your sensitivity.

Step 2: Calibrating Your Sensitivity

Is your sensitivity calibrated correctly? 

A good way of measuring this is to feel where you are at this moment.

What is touching what surface? 


Where are your arms in relation to your face and so on? 

When you are more aware of these things, you become more sensitive to them.

Likewise, our pain, although tremendously painful and can lead to suffering, is often just a symptom of a larger problem.

If you can improve your sensitivity to recognize the problem and not just the symptom, you'll be able to break through healing barriers.

For example, let's say that you're experiencing some kind of pain near your Solar Plexus Chakra.

If you were to take a purely energetic mechanical approach to it, you might say that my Solar Plexus Chakra is hurting.

Although that is a great observation, remember that the Solar Plexus is suffering for a reason...

...and if you dig a bit deeper and are sensitive to it, you'll find that your energy vision finds a bit of a cloud near the Heart Chakra as well.

Upon further sensitive investigation, you might find out that it's because of your fight that you had with your friend or significant other last week.

This sensitivity is severely lacking these days...but the good news is that you can improve.

To improve your sensitivity, engage in meditation and move your body around. Can you feel where your body is in relation to space? 

Heal Yourself

What about the energy? 

Notice that this is different from energy vision - energy vision means to look inside of yourself...

...whereas this exercise increases your feeling of yourself. 

In other words, you first start with locating the symptom...and then you feel the problem.

This may sound like common sense, but you'd be surprised how many people skip this process.

We usually act on impulse alone and try to feel it out...

...but increasing both your energy vision and sensitivity will help you out more in the long-run.

You can see how both of these things can improve your healing of others too, as they increase your capacity to handle these issues with a better framework.

If you want to know more about you can become an even better healer, then you definitely want to check out the Attunements & Beyond package.

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Attunements & Beyond

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