The First 3 Steps Toward Emotional Healing

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Whenever I ask people why they started learning Reiki, one particular thing pops up more than others…

…and it became clear to me that I should write about this topic. 

Today, I’m going to be writing about ways you can heal from emotional and psychological trauma

Be warned – this is not an easy subject to tackle since everyone experiences it differently. 

However, there are certain commonalities that exist between people with a history of pain. 

These emotional and psychological traumas are absorbed into our body’s history and survive unconsciously, which is why they are so dangerous. 

In other words, emotional and mental pain live in the background of our lives and influence our emotions and decisions. Once we become aware of how they influence us, we may begin to regret certain words said, behaviors, and create even more negative energy in our lives.

Is it possible to heal from this? Absolutely. 

For example, you can check out my Emotional and Mental Well-Being Healing Session here. It’s the quickest, proven way to begin the journey of releasing your negative energy and emotional trauma…and start living life free from the hardships of our psychological pain.

Read on to find out the steps you must take to begin healing your pain…

Step 1: Build Awareness

In the process of healing, the first step is the most important…

…and when you begin this process, you need to be honestly aware of your symptoms. 

People who suffer from emotional turmoil may seek out help unconsciously, but not be aware that their pain is rooted in something from the past. 

For example, I once had a client who suffered from angry outbursts.

She thought that she had lost all control, and was extremely hard on herself, saying things like:

I’m not good enough.

I can’t believe I couldn’t control myself…

I feel as if I’m in the body of someone else.

These self-inflicting comments were only fuel for the flame.


But I realized very quickly that her angry outbursts were not sporadic. In fact, they came as a result of her mother neglecting her as a child.

As a result, she was confrontational with other women and parent figures, as she had never received the same care from her own parents.

This pent up negative energy resulted in creating an intense blockage in her Heart Chakra, which she was unaware of!

We went through a few healing sessions, and I even offered her my Emotional and Mental Well-Being Session

…and fast forward a few months later, she’s never felt better.

For people who suffer from these outbursts and symptoms like it, it may feel impossible to heal. 

But these mental wounds and scars, as deep as they may be, can close over time. 

The key is to be aware of what your symptoms are and to diagnose them properly. 

One of the easiest ways to bring about this awareness is to ask yourself certain questions.

I typically ask these questions when I feel that I am in a rut or need some extra help:

  • Am I suffering from pain that is from a repressed memory?
  • What memory or event from the past has triggered this emotional state?
  • Have I cleansed my body recently?

After answering these three questions honestly, we will then take steps to understand our pain.

Emotional Healing Session

Step 2: Seek To Understand

Being aware of the source of our emotional pain is the first step to emotional healing.

However, you must seek to understand it in order to heal it.

This process can be extremely tough. After all, who wants to spend more time thinking about what is hurting them?

However, it’s the only way we can truly excise pain from our life. 


Without a deep understanding, we will only seek superficial ways to ‘treat’ the issue.

For example, if your sink was clogged, you wouldn’t try to fix the faucet or the drainage hole…

…you’d know automatically that something deep in the drainage pipes was causing the issue and understand that you would need to unclog that in order for the water to drain smoothly. 

It makes intuitive sense to declog the drain – yet, when we think of our own pain and struggles, too many try to fix the ‘faucet’ vs. understand the source of the problem. 

Understanding your symptoms allows you to pinpoint where you’re hurting and what methods you can use to heal from that pain…

Imagine that you’re feeling a certain type of anger – perhaps your partner or a certain individual at work manages to push your buttons and you withhold that emotion inside of you (which is never healthy). 

When you do so, you clog your own Chakras and prevent positive energy from coming in. This is something that I wrote about in this article here

But instead of understanding that your Chakras are closed, you then vent your emotions out in a tirade against the perceived cause (the other person). 

You’ll never heal in this way because you forgot to understand and pinpoint the deepest problem…

…namely, that your Chakras are probably blocked and warped.

Now, everyone’s pain manifests in different ways, which brings us to the next point…

Step 3: Heal

Once you are both aware and understand the source and cause of your fears, anxiety, stress, pain, etc., you are then ready to take the next step to begin healing.

Note: you may face a certain level of discomfort as you start the path to recovery. The process itself may not feel ‘good’, so to speak. 


When a mosquito bites you, your body sends white blood cells to combat infection. As your body tries to heal from this wound, it starts to become itchy and triggers an uncomfortable feeling. 

Likewise, your body may need some time to acclimate to fresher conditions as you start the healing process. 

It’s reasonable to suspect that your Chakras or Aura itself may have faced this problem for quite some time…so be prepared in case the trauma requires some extra time to completely rebalance and excise the negative energy.

Since everyone’s specific issue may be different, I want share some principles that I’ve found to be helpful for myself and my clients to follow in times of distress or need.

The following principles will help supplement these three steps and expedite the healing process.

However, these will only be helpful to you if you’re serious about your healing, as you will get the most out of what you put in. 

(Re) Invent Yourself With Affirmations

When you search for ways to heal your emotional pain, you often ask yourself:

Who am I? Who do I want to be? Who am I fated to become? 

We ask ourselves these questions to seek more guidance or for a sign to point us in the right direction. 

Affirmations Representation

But at the end of the day…the fact is that we are what we think we are.

Whether you want to conquer your personal demons, your inner emotional trauma, or mental memories, this means that your behavior needs to reflect the person you want to see in the mirror. 

It sounds easy…but it is in fact, one of the toughest things to do. 

We can blame our conditions, stress, and despair on other people – but it is always better to focus on the things we can control instead. 

In this way, you can devote 100% of your attention on the things that really matter to you instead of the things that cause you agony. 

You, your body, and your spiritual form are all capable of healing.

Use the following affirmation for when times get rough.

“I am enough, I am worthy of love and compassion, and I will move past this pain.”

I recommend saying this to yourself each and every day you feel as though you are suffering. 

Emotional Healing Session

Let Go

As you revisit these three steps, one of the most important things to remember doing is to let go.

So much of our pain is held tight within our energy system and ends up paralyzing us from growing or feeling happy again

Some memories are difficult to let go of…

…likewise, some people are extremely difficult to distance yourself from. 

However, by being aware and understanding our pains, we can try to move on from the memories and trauma inflicted upon us by others.

Let Go

This strength allows us to defeat our nightmares, sudden bouts of depression or mania, and waves of sadness. 

But how do you practice letting go of something that may be recurrent? 

You can do the following exercise called ‘Transferal’. 

Grab any old shirt or towel and bundle it up until its in the shape of a little ball.

Close your eyes and say, “This cloth represents my doubts, fears, and troubles.”

Clench your fists as hard as you can…

…and slowly, finger by finger, begin to let go of the cloth until your hand is free.

Go as slow as you possibly can.

Do this once a day and no more.

Start Each Morning Strong

If you start your mornings in the right way , you’ll be able to heal faster and more effectively. 

The reason behind this is quite simple – when you wake up, any stagnant energy has a greater chance of being flushed out because of the amount of energy you need to take in to get started.

Start The Day

So rather than view each morning as a trouble or labor…

…start your day off by saying the following, “Today is my greatest day, and I will invite all of the positive energy in around me and exhale all negativity of the day’s past.”

For any warped Chakras, this just might do the trick.

Of course, you may need an extra little boost to really get the hang of this morning exercise...

and that's why I’m opening up my Emotional & Mental Well-Being Healing Session for people just like you.

It’s been tested time and time again to heal people with their emotional pain and psychological trauma. Whether you’re someone who needs to get back on track or a healer than wants to help treat a client, this healing session has worked for thousands of others just like you.

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