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Many first-time healers or people new to Reiki always ask...

"What is Universal Energy and how can I detect or channel it?" 

Energy healers and existing healing modalities call Universal Energy many different names - Brahma, Natural Force, Reiki Energy, etc...

...but all of these titles describe the same matter that exists both inside and outside of ourselves.

However, outside of energy healing circles, many people don't believe that this energy exists because they need evidence that conforms to a certain standard of measurement or observation on a machine.

Humans aren't machines - humans are moving, feeling creatures that exist in a spacetime continuum. 

Therefore, traditional tools are insufficient to measure Universal Energy. 

This doesn't mean that there isn't a way to detect it though - many Healers, including myself, can channel this healing energy onto our palms and into other people and animals. 

Many other healers will tell you that you need years of training to even start thinking about channeling Universal Energy...

...but remember that Universal Energy exists all around us and within us.

As children, we're extremely sensitive to this energy - but as we become older, we lose this sensitivity because of so many different pressures that we face at home, work, in our relationships, etc. 

These things prevent us from channeling Universal Energy and healing internally. 

The great news is that training yourself to detect Universal Energy isn't as tough as other people make it out to be. 

In this week's blog post, I'm going to show you the exact steps you can take to begin seeing and sensing Universal Energy TODAY.

Sensing Universal Energy

The first step to sensing Universal Energy requires that you open your mind and emotive self up to its reception. 

It's a fact that a majority of our emotional problems and issues come from states of energy imbalance...

...and these imbalances can be healed using Universal Energy. 

However, in order to correct these imbalances, we must first be open to receiving its healing power. 

Although it exists all around us, Universal Energy can be elusive for some people...mostly because few ever try to connect with its wonderful power. 

Fair warning: if you try to channel Universal Energy without having someone or something as a guide, you may put yourself at risk... order to fully channel Universal Energy, you should learn the basics of Lifeforce Energy Optimization

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Reiki Home Course

It should be noted that if you want to learn how to channel Universal Energy, you need to first open yourself to its healing power. 

This can be done with a few simple exercises that take no more than 2 minutes to complete. Below are two example exercises you can do to expand your energy reception field. 

#1: Auric Opening

First, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and a straight back.

Straighten your arms out to the side as if you were making a T-shape. 

Close your eyes, and gently take one deep breath in through the stomach, and exhale out through the lips. 

Slowly bring your arms up above your head and bring your hands together.

As the palms of your hands touch, take one deep breath in through the stomach, and exhale gently through the lips. 

Bring the palms of your hands down in front of your chest and slowly push them out with your palms facing away from your body. 

Slowly wipe your hands in front of you as if there were a foggy window until you clear the entire space in front of you.

Repeat the same instructions for the three other cardinal directions.

Flower Energy Detection

#2: Chakra Circles

Find a comfortable spot to sit in a cross-legged manner.

Remember to sit with a straight back for good alignment, and close your eyes.

Take your dominant hand, and slowly draw a line over your skin that runs from your Crown Chakra to your Root Chakra. Make sure to actually touch your skin.

Now, take both of your hands, and slowly 'wash' each of your Chakras (front & back) in a circular pattern 7 times each.

Use your left hand for the back of your head if you are a right-handed dominant person.

If you are a left-handed dominant person, use the right hand to 'wash' the Chakra that exists on the rear side. 

Continue washing for about 10 seconds each.

Do this for all 7 Chakras. Upon completion, you may feel slight dizziness or a more confident voice begin to speak to you. 

Make sure to drink a lot of water, as you may encounter overwhelming amounts of energy. 

These two exercises can be done one after another or individually. Repeat them as necessary when you feel blocked or unable to connect with Universal Energy. 

Energy Reading

The next step is to train your senses...

Train Your Senses

Once you open your energy receptivity field, you must then train your senses to detect and 'see' Universal Energy. 

Quick word of caution: your sensitivity to Universal Energy may have increased at an alarming rate after doing the previous exercises, so make sure to take the time to get used to your new heightened state of awareness.

Once you learn how to sense Universal Energy, you'll find that you're able to detect other forms of energy as well. This energy can be positive or negative in nature, reflect different colors, take different forms, etc. 

In addition, you'll realize that you can channel Universal Energy from virtually anywhere - knowing that it surrounds you and can envelop you in its warm, positive light is comforting for Reiki healers and clients alike.

If you're interested in beginning this journey - or already have and need to take the next step - check out this Reiki Home Course where you can get certified as a Reiki healer. You'll have all the tools from Master Usui himself to use Reiki healing for yourself and for others. 

Now, how you'll 'see' Universal Energy may differ from the next person...

...but there are certain similarities once you train your senses.

The following exercises will help you distinguish what is Universal Energy and what is not. 

#1: Orb Sightings

This exercise may not seem like one, but it requires a certain amount of focus and attention to execute.

Simply lay on your back in your room, on the floor, or on the grass. Outside is preferential, although not required.

Gaze at the ceiling, sky, or whatever is above you and take it all in. Do not make it a goal to 'see' Universal Energy - simply look at what is up there.

Give it about 3-5 minutes. Let your energy receptivity field open to the energy around you.

Orb Sightings

After this time, gaze at one particular point without furrowing your eyebrows. You may still blink.

Without removing your eyes from that point of focus, use your periphery vision to scan the outside. When you see little squiggly patterns or orbs, you have just witnessed Universal Energy.

These may be white, purple, black, or even it looks is dependent on your receptivity. 

Now, once you see these patterns, do not remove your eyes from the point of focus - this will disrupt the way your Aura responds to the Universal Energy that is floating around and cause you to lose detection. 

On the other hand, you do not want to do this for too long...

...10 minutes of this Orb Sighting exercise is enough to enhance your Universal Energy detection. 

#2: The Phantom Leaf

Go outside and pick one leaf from a nearby tree. If you have a house plant, this is even better. 

Place the leaf or house plant against a dark background like navy blue, black, or dark grey. 

Shine a bright light directly onto the plant so that the background absorbs the shadow. 

Once you do this, trace your eyes around the perimeter of the plant or leaf once. Do not expect to see anything yet.

Continue tracing your eyes around the plant until you see little lines of color flashing along the leaves of the house plant or individual leaf. 

These may be blue-green, yellow-green, purple-blue, or any other combination of colors, depending on the plant that you use.

I have a maple tree nearby that is outlined in a turquoise color, which tells me the state of its health and connection to Universal Energy. 

Depending on what surrounds you or what kind of house plants you have, you may see differently! 

The important thing is to be able to see this coloration.

This coloration is Universal Energy at work.

Phantom Leaf Energy

This process can be replicated for any and all plants, so make sure to experiment with the ones that you own or are nearby. 

After a while, you will begin to detect the color and visual texture of all objects.

This is because Universal Energy permeates all living and non-living objects - so being able to see the way it connects different things together is a magical, if not emotional experience.

It can change the way we live today by restoring balance.

It can heal the lives of those who have never been healed before.

And it can certainly help us become better people. 

If you want to change others lives, my Reiki Home Course is now open!

It's the only place where you can get certified without years of study.

Hundreds of thousands have already used it - so if this is something that you're interested in, click the link here to learn more!

Reiki Home Course

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