What's Your Purpose? Your Life Path Number Knows!

Numerology Path

Do you ever feel like you're longing for something, but don't know what exactly it is that you're missing?

Do you wonder why everything can be "right" but still feel incomplete?

These feelings....are part of your journey!

Thankfully, there is a way for you to discover the answer to the most important question YOU will ever face:

When you were born into this lifetime, what did you come here to learn?

The answer is in your Life Path Number.

Your Life Path Number is the most important number in your numerological makeup. It addresses the question: When you were born into this lifetime, what did you come here to learn?

The answer to that question will guide what challenges you, what you will experience, and what you will long for and turn away from in this lifetime.

When you seek insight from Numerology, you may feel that some kind of energy or entity pre-determined what numbers would paint your life...however, I believe that you were the divine entity that chose your numbers for this lifetime.

Are you surprised? Whether you feel it or not, you are in control! You are the driving force behind the numbers that lead, define ,challenge, and inform you.

When you feel that you've lost your way...when you feel that you have a destiny but that you aren't moving toward fulfilling it...remember that you are exactly where you should be. You chose the numbers that guide you and gently (or not so gently) teach you about yourself.

Numerology and your fate

You can have faith that the spirit you were, who looked at your soul and saw what was needed, chose wisely. And you can find your way again by looking to your Life Path Number for guidance!

Other numbers can change as life unfolds. But the Life Path Number is based on your date of birth and never changes. Your number and its associated vibrations guide you your whole life. 

Read on to see how your Life Path Number can guide you when you feel you've wandered off your path. It can put you back in step and allow you to use the gifts you've been given. How?

The vibration of your Life Path Number doesn't just challenge you - it gifts you with the qualities needed to meet those challenges.

Calculating Your Life Path Number

The Life Path Number calculation uses numbers from the date of your birth. Let's work with the birthday October 25, 1982. First, begin by assigning a single digit to the month, the day, and the year:

October = 10th month = 1+0 = 1

25 = 2+5 = 7

1982 = 1+9+8+2 = 20 = 2+0 = 2

Next, add the three digits: 1 + 7 + 2 = 10

Now, reduce the total of the three to a single digit: 1 + 0 = 1

For the birthdate October 25, 1982, the Life Path Number is 1

Let's talk about Master Numbers. When the Master Numbers of 11 or 22 occur, the calculation is different.

Let's work with the birthday November 22, 1975:

We begin by assigning a single digit to the month, the day, and the year:

November = 11th month = 11 (as 11 is a Master Number it is not reduced)

22 = 22 (as 22 is a Master Number it is not reduced)

1975 = 1+9+7+5 = 22 (as 22 is a Master Number it is not reduced)

Then, add the three digits: 11 + 22 + 22 = 55

Now, reduce the total of the three to a single digit: + 5+5 = 10 = 1+0 = 1

So, for the birthdate November 22, 1975, the Life Path Number is 1

One more thing! If your three digits add up to 11 or 22, stop. That is your Life Path Number.

What your Life Path Number Tells You About Your Life's Lesson, and Finding Your Way

Below are some of the basic insights you can derive from your Life Path Number. To access a deeper understanding beyond this article, you can get a Free Personalized Numerology Report Here.

If you are a 1:

The 1 is a leader who wants to live out his or her individual vision.

Your Gifts:

The 1's gifts are earmarks of external success. You are a leader with innovative ideas. You are a rampant individualist and sometimes a revolutionary self-motivated and hard working. You are particularly skilled at meeting and conquering challenges.

Foresight as an ocean metaphor

The Lesson You Were Born to Learn: 

Your challenge is to learn how to maintain your confidence and continue to act from a place of confidence. Though you look confident externally, you may not be confident internally. When your confidence is low, you are off-balance, overbearing, and unhappy.

You struggle to appear and feel strong. You may act out, be aggressive, bull-headed, angry, and/or defensive. You may take charge of a team or a situation, even when it isn't appropriate for you to do so.

However, when you are confident, your strength comes from authenticity. You are likely to take charge in ways that are appropriate. You inspire determination and daring to meet challenges. At those times, you are certain to succeed.

Your Key to Success and Peace of Mind: 

Look to your Birthday Number for insight in how you should approach living out your Life Path.

If you are a 2:

The 2 is insightful, flexible, loving, forgiving and understanding.

Your Gifts:

You celebrate the gifts of love, harmony and forgiveness, and give those gifts to the world. You bless others with comfort and support, because you generally think well of others and want them to succeed.

The Lesson You Were Born to Learn: Your challenge is to love yourself first...to look to yourself for your feelings of self-worth.

You intuitively know what others need but you also need to know when a relationship will be a positive one for you, and when it won't.

When you give yourself the recognition you seek, you can choose when to give your care and support. By making choices that sustain you, you can truly bring your gifts to the world, shining unconditional love in all the places where it will do the most good.

Your Key to Success and Peace of Mind:

Look at your relationships and ask: is the other person returning as much as I am giving? If not, it may be best to distance yourself from the relationship.

If you are a 3:

The 3 values creativity and sociability.

Your Gifts:

You are sensitive and inventive, a stellar communicator, inspired and inspiring. Your nature is to be joyful, and help others be joyful.

The Lesson You Were Born to Learn: 

You are creative. When you are creative, you are in your element! When you lose touch with your creativity, you move too much into your own head. This may make you prone to addictions, mood swings, and an overall loss of confidence.

To muffle that, you choose relationships that don't support your creative nature, and you are devastated when they fail.Your mood swings and doubts are lifted when you lose yourself in creating because that moves you out of your head and away from dwelling on failures and regrets.

When creating, you have the confidence to share your ups and downs with those deserving of your love.

Your Key to Success and Peace of Mind: 

A good mantra for the Life Path 3, especially in younger years, is to lighten up, slow down, and get a sense of balance.

If you are a 4:

The 4 is grounded, practical, and reliable.

Your Life Path Number Is Guiding You

Your Gifts:

You are dependable, hard-working, and a wonderful teacher and mentor. You can get a project going or save a failing project when no one else can. You often provide a strong foundation and rock of support for people who need to feel safe and secure.

The Lesson You Were Born to Learn:

Though you bring stability to others, you are challenged to make your own life more stable. When you are unstable, you dive into details, sometimes missing the big picture. For example, you might waste energy trying to fix small issues in a relationship that you should just end.

You may seek stability by taking charge when your best source of stability is in nurturing the home and family that will nurture you in return.

When you use home and family as a place to ground and rejuvenate, you will find the personal stability you need to bring your best: hard work, reliability and an ability to provide both stability and growth.

Your Key to Success and Peace of Mind:

Just because you do something well doesn't mean you should always be the one to do it. Choose carefully before taking charge of a project, and make sure you leave plenty of time for rest, relaxation, and family.

Looking for a more detailed look at your Life Path Number? Access your Free Personalized Numerology Report Here!

If you are a 5:

The 5 is an adventurer and risk-taker who values freedom and variety!

Your Gifts:

You are joyful, and bring joy to others by helping them appreciate themselves.

The Lesson You Were Born to Learn:

The 5's issue is with using freedom well. Without discipline, you seek freedom by avoiding responsibility and commitment!

You frequently go to extremes. When bored, you simply run away. You find yourself moving from place to place, relationship to relationship, never satisfied. In wanting to experience everything, you may not be able to fully experience anything.

It's often later in life when you develop a foundation, a routine, a container to hold your love of freedom and your boundless energy. 

Your Key to Success and Peace of Mind:

Have patience. Don't run from boredom, but rather stay with something through the ups and downs for the satisfaction that comes with understanding and true insight.

If you are a 6:

The 6 is nurturing, and values home and family above all else.

Your Gifts:

You bring strong abilities as a nurturer, strongly uphold personal values, and support others in establishing and upholding personal values.

The Lesson You Were Born to Learn:

As a six, you are the most responsible of the numbers. You see ways you can support, help, or shift a situation, and without another thought, step in. If you don't learn to commit selectively, you may find yourself burning out and feel overwhelmed, abdicating responsibility completely which brings on depression and loss of self-respect.

Once you learn to value what you bring, and realize you can't do anything well if you are trying to do everything, you set realistic expectations for yourself. Then you have the energy and enthusiasm to make a difference by encouraging, mentoring, and showing leadership and authenticity by example.

Your Key to Success and Peace of Mind:

Let those you care for care for you as well. Take refuge with the home and family that mean so much to you. Make sure you take time to recharge.

If you are a 7:

The 7 is often a loner who values justice and the pursuit of truth and meaning.

Your Gifts:

You have rather astounding intellectual skills and curiosity. You are an independent thinker and have strong intuitive insight into people and complex concepts. At your best, you are an inspiring spiritual teacher.

Your Number Acts As A Compass

The Lesson You Were Born to Learn:

You are drawn to complex concepts, but ultimately, you are drawn to deeper meaning in spirituality. Your tendency to be a loner can make you feel insecure with others.

This makes you take refuge in a life of the mind without reaching further for spiritual and intuitive understanding. If you allow this, you will be out of balance and consistently dissatisfied with yourself and your relationships.

Balance your deep intellectual insight with your strong intuitive insight. Alhough the two don't always agree with or support each other, you must learn to value both while letting neither take center stage in your life or your decisions. Then you will find yourself able to establish and enjoy relationships with others who deeply value your insights.

Your Key to Success and Peace of Mind:

Take time alone to meditate, rejuvenate, and ground yourself. Though it feels risky, let yourself be emotionally vulnerable with those worthy of your trust.

If you are an 8:

The 8 is a creative thinker, a risk-taker who values success and accountability.

Your Gifts:

You are an out-of-the-box, creative thinker, and strategist who can inspire others with your vision.

The Lesson You Were Born to Learn:

You must deal with conflicting feelings about money, power, and spirituality.

Deep down you know...you are meant to conceive and bring to life projects that are beyond the understanding of most others.

Yet...you long for acknowledgement of your vision and achievements. If you begin to see money as that acknowledgement, you will feel empty because at heart, your complete vision is to use money as a means to make greater things possible.

When you instead work for the greater good, knowing in your heart the value of your contribution, you can see the project through to its humanitarian end rather than focusing on monetary gain. With patience and confidence, you will get the acknowledgement you long for, and once your vision is complete, others will understand it and share it.

Your Key to Success and Peace of Mind:

Accept that there is no shame in having money. You'll find peace in letting yourself enjoy what money can do in your own life, while also using it to benefit others.

If you are a 9:

The 9 is sophisticated, tolerant, non-judgmental, and visionary.

Your Gifts:

Your vision can bring significant change and transformation, and your charisma, creativity, and sensitivity inspire others.

The Lesson You Were Born to Learn:

The nine has so many amazing gifts! Your lesson is just to learn to use them in a way that is balanced and sustainable.

That isn't as easy as it may sound!

Your power, leadership ability, and charisma can make you take your talents for granted and misuse them. If you wander from that path you'll grow disturbed and by turning away from uncomfortable feelings, you'll continue to wander off the path.

An old soul, you will realize your potential if you can stay focused on your long-term goal, and make ethical decisions on the way to achieving it.

Your Future Path Is Like A Mountain Trail

Lead by example rather than by lip service...you will find HAPPINESS in the praise others give you.

Your Key to Success and Peace of Mind:

You find direction in deep spiritual concepts. Let go of the judgment of yourself and others by working with the concept that it is sacred to be human, with all its fallibility.

If you are an 11:

The 11 is a more intense, amplified version of the Number 2. The 11 is extraordinarily loving, forgiving, compassionate and understanding, with additional insight that often involves psychic ability.

Your Gifts:

Your gifts are countered by challenges that are opposites of shyness with charisma, anxiety with inspiration. You are a catalyst for change. This is a Master number, so much is given to you and much is expected.

The Lesson You Were Born to Learn:

Your gifts of sensitivity, empathy, and intuition mean you get a lot of input that you can't process in a linear way. Add to that a tendency toward emotion and anxiety, and you have a formula for doubt that can immobilize you. It is difficult to be so gifted that you're constantly thinking you should be accomplishing more.

It leads to stress that is, at times, almost unbearable.

You were born to heal and inspire others, and the best way to stay centered is to turn your focus outward. When you get out of your head, turn your back on doubt and express your creativity, it changes people's lives, and brings healing to them and to you.

Your Key to Success and Peace of Mind:

Regularly practice meditation, breathing, shielding, and movement to get yourself out of your head, work through anxiety, and keep you centered.

If you are a 22:

The 22 is a more intense, amplified version of the Number 4. This person is intensely practical, disciplined, and focused, with a particularly visionary, inspiring, and creative approach that brings extraordinary transformation.

Your Gifts:

You are the bridge between wildly visionary dreams and the ability to manifest those dreams on the earthly plane.

The Lesson You Were Born to Learn:

The 22 is under the influence of 2 (nurturing, harmony and love) and the 4 (practical overseer of projects), with Master Number psychic and spiritual focus thrown in.

Sometimes YOU overwhelm YOURSELF!

Your visions of what could be, your gifts that you can't help feeling you are wasting, and your irritating talent for making money, all of which makes you feel petty and greedy.

When overwhelmed, you overcompensate by putting yourself above others. This makes you loathe yourself even more, hurt those who you care about, and alienate their support. The 11 must turn his or her focus outward, to others. The 22 must turn their focus outward to what could be.

If you keep your vision in mind while overcoming the significant challenges down its path, you'll be too busy and absorbed for self-doubt or self-cruelty, and you'll accomplish utterly amazing thing

Your Key to Success and Peace of Mind:

You influence others strongly, so for your peace of mind and theirs, lead by setting an example of personal practice, calm and centeredness.

Your Destiny Is Like The Ocean

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Now that you've discovered your Life Path Number, are you curious to know more about how your personal numerology can uncover your purpose further and guide you to achieving your best life? Learn more about this for free!

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