What Does Too Much Screen Time Do To Your Energy?

Screens Damage Your Energy

As soon as you finish reading this article, turn off your phone or computer for a while… 

Your eyes, your posture, and your energetic body will thank you. 

You see, exposing yourself to screens, like the phone or computer you are reading this article on, for too much time can have a severe impact on your health. 

Some of the things you might experience if you stare at a computer all day are…

But don’t worry, there are a few simple things that you can do to prevent these harmful side effects. 

Today I’m sharing exactly what all this blue light from your screens will do to your body physically, energetically, and emotionally. Plus, I’ve included a few tips to help keep yourself safe from your screens. 

Let’s start by looking at the enemy that’s hiding in your screens… 

Blue Light From Your Screens Damages Your Health

Most of the artificial light that you are exposed to from computer screens and cell phones is blue light. 

Different colors travel at different wavelengths, meaning that each color has its own energy and affects you in a different way. 

(Remember that color and light are both made up of energy, as is everything around you.)

Blue light can be good for you in regular doses, like the amount that’s emitted from the sun each day. But when you expose yourself to more and more of it, you’re putting your health at risk. 

On the light spectrum, blue light is very high intensity, meaning it can have a powerful effect on your entire being. 

The energy that comes from blue light can become stuck in your body, and this can result in physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. 

One way to remove energy blocks created by blue light is with a light visualization Aura cleanse. If you’ve never done one before, I’ve included instructions in my free guide: 5 High Powered Healing Techniques

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High Powered Healing Techniques

While this high intensity blue light affects our energetic system as a whole, it’s particularly damaging to one specific Chakra… 

Screens and Your Third Eye Chakra

Your Third Eye Chakra is associated with the color indigo, which is the same as the frequency of blue light that comes from your many screens. 

That means that exposing your body to more blue light than normal can send your Third Eye Chakra into overdrive. And this imbalance is the root of many of the health concerns that come with too much screen time. 

Additionally, the element that represents your Third Eye is light, meaning that this Chakra is especially sensitive to any kind of light that you expose it to. 

Third Eye Chakra

Your Third Eye Chakra is an important part of your energetic system because it is responsible for many of your brain functions… 

  • Intuition
  • Memory
  • Decision Making 
  • Sleep 
  • Visualization 
  • Thoughts, Dreams, Goals, and Ideas

But your screens affect more than just this one Chakra… 

Your Posture Suffers

Spending a lot of time looking at screens can have an effect on your posture. Whether you know it or not, you are most likely hunching over your screen or slouching over while you type. 

The perpetual rounding of the spine can interfere with the flow of energy in your body. 

Remember that your seven Chakras form a line along your spine, and they function most efficiently when your spine is straight. 

When you are curving the spine for an extended amount of time, you can create blockages in your energy system

Energy Flow

Think of it like a kink in a hose that blocks the water from flowing through… the same thing happens with your energetic system. 

The curvature makes it much harder for the energy to travel through your system… and this can be another reason that many of the health issues associated with excessive screen time start to arise. 

Not only are you overloading your Third Eye Chakra with too much energy, but you’re also cutting off the flow of energy through your body, creating an energetic disaster. 

Screen time combines an excessive amount of energy in your Third Eye, causing an imbalance, with the misalignment of the spine and Chakras, creating a blockage that further adds to the imbalance. 

If you know that your Third Eye is suffering from an energetic imbalance, you can start your healing for free by downloading 5 High Powered Healing Techniques

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High Powered Healing Techniques

If you’re not sure if you have an imbalance, here are a few things to look out for that can indicate a problem with your Third Eye Chakra… 

Problems Caused By Excessive Screen Time

One of the most talked-about issues that can come from too much blue light from your digital devices is that it affects your sleep. 

On a chemical level, blue light suppresses melatonin production, which is the hormone that helps you fall asleep. On an energetic level, your Third Eye is associated with sleep and an imbalance in this Chakra often manifests as insomnia. 

And when you don’t get enough sleep, for whatever reason, every part of your health suffers… Your energy is sluggish and slow… Your body isn’t able to fight off disease… Your mind can’t process emotions and you become irritable… 

Blue Light

There is also a link between high amounts of screen time and an increase in social anxiety. This is most likely due to the fact that your Third Eye Chakra plays a part in your ability to interact with others. 

A few common traits associated with an imbalanced Third Eye are distrust of others and anxiety, both of which can make social interaction more difficult. 

Another reason why it may become harder for you to go about your normal social activities if you spend too much time in front of a screen is because blue light can affect your emotional processing, attention, decision-making, and cognitive control. 

When your emotions become irregular, and you can’t properly read the emotional states of those around you, interacting becomes difficult. And being social also requires your attention, asks you to make decisions, and uses all sorts of your cognition functioning, or you won’t be able to hold a conversation. 

I know this has been a lot about the negatives, so now I’m going to tell you what you can do to make things better… 

How to Combat Screen Time

While the world grows increasingly dependent on technology, it might seem almost impossible to escape from the dangers of blue light and screens. But there are a few things you can do to help… 

The easiest way is to simply cut out unnecessary screen time. Try reading a book or meditating instead of scrolling through social media or internet articles. 


When you do spend time looking at screens, make sure that you regularly take breaks. Aim to  take a 20 second break from your screen every 20 minutes. It’s best if you can look at something off in the distance to allow your eyes to relax. 

Bringing more red light into your environment can help to balance out the strong intensity of the blue light. Red is the slowest frequency color and can allow your energetic system to have a break from the overdrive that too much blue can put it in. 

Practice Reiki healing. Sometimes, there’s no way to avoid looking at screens. So when you must have your eyes exposed to this blue light, make sure that you are treating your energetic system with Reiki. 

If you’re not yet trained in Reiki, I would suggest downloading this free guide: 5 High Powered Healing Techniques.

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