The Two Things You Must Do To Heal Physical Pain

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There are two fundamental attributes every human body should be able to accomplish...

...and yet, only 19% of people are able to do them.

What are these two things? 

It is very simple:

You must be able to squat to full depth and hang.

It is so simple that we often miss this point for exercise, practice, and training...

...but far too often, it's these two very simple abilities that causes people pain.

I didn't know this until quite recently, but when I learned about it... eyes were opened to a whole new world.

These two positions alone can do wonders for your health -

For some people, their spines are feeling better at 50 years of age than at 22...

...for others, they don't have searing hip pain anymore.

If you're thinking to yourself, "no way - there's no way that squatting and hanging can do so much."

You'd be surprised...

Let's dive into why.


In this blog article, I'll show you why these two positions are so important, and how you can rehabilitate your body to gain these positions if they are lost.

Read on...

Why Squat and Hang?

Squatting can be seen across all cultures as a basic resting position.

I'll put it this way...

...if you can't squat to full depth - meaning your rear is almost at your ankles - you likely suffer from some kind of hip dysfunction.

Now, how come so many people suffer from this problem?

It's a very simple thing - we're sitting in chairs for way too long!

If you have a desk job, chances are that you sit at a desk for over 6+ hours at a time.

That's 36+ hours of sitting a week! Not to mention the fact that you sit in your car... sit at home... sit at dinner...

...and no amount of exercise can offset this until you begin to move more than the amount you're sitting.

This doesn't even begin to cover your arms and the importance of hanging.


We most often spend our lives with our arms below our shoulders - rarely do we ever raise them above our head.

As a result, we can suffer from muscle pains and spasms in the neck because they become rigid over time.

Just like your Chakras or energetic body, you need to take care of your physical body.

If you don't tend to them often, they'll become disused over time...and as a result, you'll become immobile.

The added benefit of hanging is that you'll become stronger as well.

Remember that as Reiki practitioners, we channel energy through our arms and palms...

...if our upper body is physically weak, that puts a limitation on how much Universal Energy that we can channel.

So it makes sense that if our physical body is up for the task, then we can boost our healing with minimal effort.


The process of regaining these abilities can be tough for people who have lived their whole lives sitting and rendering themselves immobile.

Some people experience so much pain that getting up is an issue.

If that's the case, then you need to see a specialist to see the steps you can take to rehabilitate your body.

Afterwards, you can recover these abilities over time.

If you're early in this process, there's good news - you can reclaim these attributes fairly quickly with enough time.

Now remember - if you don't devote the time into regaining these abilities, you'll never have them and continue to suffer from physical pain.

But if you start now... have all the world to gain.


Read on to learn more...

Reclaim Your Squat

The first thing to do in reclaiming your squat position is to first understand where you are.

If you can reach full depth but have difficulty staying in that position, chances are that you don't have the strength to maintain the position.

Remember that the squat is first and foremost a resting postion - it shouldn't take much strength to maintain.

If you're having difficulty here, this means that it takes a lot of energy to go from sitting to standing and vice-versa.

It could be the primary reason why you feel so tired and fatigued all the time - getting up takes so much energy!

So to reclaim this position and subsequently reclaim your body, you need to spend as much time in this position as possible.

Think of it like the Reiki hand positions or Reiki symbols - if you don't practice them, you'll forget them.

That's the same thing with the squat.


Spend at least 30 minutes a day in the squat position, as low as you comfortably can without falling over.

A key thing to mention is that your heels need to be touching the ground.

If your heels can't touch the ground, you likely have ankle issues that go up the leg and cause pain.

Use something like books to elevate your heels to make it more comfortable.

Over time, you can gradually take out the books and get lower and lower.

Also remember that this is not an exercise - the goal is not to sit in a squat position for 30 minutes straight.

Rather, you need to spread this out throughout the day.

It's like practicing your Reiki.

If you do it over and over and over again in the same sitting, you're gradually going to get worse and worse.

Space the time out so that you don't use up all your energy - remember, this is tough for people who haven't done this before!

Within 30 days, you should see and feel a measurable difference.

Next, we'll learn how to hang...

The Hanging Position

This is the harder of the two to accomplish.

Most people (including mine in the beginning) have never developed the ability to hang for an extended amount of time.

In fact, we spend so little time hanging at all!

So the first step to reclaiming the hang (and making sure that your upper body strength stays sufficient) is blocking the time out to do it.

The best places to hang are places where you would find children, like a playground or park.

You can often find bars here that you can hang freely from.


However, if you haven't done this in a while, I suggest finding a low bar to hang from so that way you can get used to it.

When I first started this process, it was very difficult on my shoulders - I hadn't done this in years!

But gradually, over a period of time, I was able to slowly hang for one second...and then five...and then ten...and so on.

I'm still working on this skill, but we all have a place to start.

Try to hang for 4 minutes throughout the day.

Just like the squat, you want to space these out. Don't try to hang for 4 minutes straight, as this can lead to even more injury.

Slowly introduce this to your life and you will reap the benefits with time.

You should see or feel a measurable difference in one month's time.

Note: this takes dedication out of your busy schedule.

If you don't make the time for this, you'll never be able to reclaim the most basic functions of your body.

Do this as often as you can NOW so that you no longer have to suffer later.

You'll thank yourself for it!


Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson is the creator of Reiki Infinite Healer. Over the last 4 years Dave and his team have helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their wellbeing, recover from illness, connect with their spiritual selves, and learn to heal with the amazing art of Reiki. Dave is a highly sought after healer and teacher, who's work has impacted the lives, health and relationships of individuals and their families in over 200 different countries.

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