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Known as the First Chakra, our Root Chakra is the first energetic point of contact that we make with the Earth.

When open and balanced, the Root Chakra grounds us, keeps our emotional, physical, and spiritual equilibrium in check and allows our energy to flow smoothly throughout the body.


...when the Root Chakra is imbalanced, damaged, or blocked, it can cause problems for our Chakra Line and manifest itself into troubling physical ailments or disease.

This blockage can also cause 'energetic shockwaves' to reverberate throughout our body, resulting in headaches, migraines, and even depression. 

Even though energy blockages are fairly common...when left untreated, Root Chakra blockages can cause the rest of our energy to dissipate, as it cuts off our energetic flow from the Earth.

Fortunately, there are a few ways that we can self-heal our blockages and imbalances in the Root Chakra.

In this blog post, I cover exactly how you can diagnose whether your Root Chakra is blocked and the certain steps you can take to open, balance, and heal your blocked Chakra.

Next, we'll cover how to detect, diagnose, and determine whether your Root Chakra is blocked or not...

Signs of Root Chakra Blockage

When your root chakra is blocked, you may feel unease or unable to center yourself... 

Besides the inability to balance yourself and possible headaches, problems in the Root Chakra can specifically cause you to feel insecure, anxious, and unsure about the events and people in your life.

Remember that our Root Chakra is our first one... begins developing in the womb as soon as our bodies start to form. This structure creates the security and stability that we need to be able to physically crawl, stand, and walk.


In our emotional body, our Root Chakra allows us to feel at peace, emotionally secure, and grounded.

An energetic blockage prevents any of these positive feelings from occurring, and may result in symptoms like:

  • Feelings of abandonment
  • Selfishness
  • Inability to Relax or Restlessness

Common physical signs of blockage involve the lower parts of the body, especially legs and genital area. 

The Root Chakra lies between the hips and falls slightly below our Sacral Chakra.

By governing our lower extremities, like our legs, feet, and lower spine, any blockage here may manifest as constipation, restless leg syndrome, and poor blood flow. Additional physical signs can include anything from hypertension to impotence in men.

If your body is exhibiting even two of these aforementioned symptoms, there's a good chance that your Root Chakra is blocked...and perhaps some other Chakras as well. Take my FREE 5-Minute Chakra Balancing Plan to see what you can do to heal these imbalances NOW.

Chakra Balancing Plan

Next, we'll cover 3 specific things and techniques you can do to balance and heal your Root Chakra...

Healing the Root Chakra

There are 3 specific techniques that you can use to open your Root Chakra and restore balance to your energetic system.

The following techniques may seem advanced...but they can be done by anyone with very little training. 

Remember that the goal is to liberate yourself from pain...and live a free, uninhibited life again.

It is my hope that these techniques will help you reach that point for yourself.

As a note, each of the following techniques concentrates on a particular 'body' and healing the Root Chakra through that form. This might sound confusing at first...but read this article about the Three Energy Domains as a primer.

Now, without further ado, let's start healing your Root Chakra...

Root Chakra Meditations

This techniques uses the power of your mind to send releasing energy to your Root Chakra. When your Root Chakra is blocked, it is unable to discharge stagnant energy.

As a result, this energy builds pressure and causes an 'energy backload' to the rest of your line.

The goal with this technique is to free, relax, and allow the Root Chakra to spin in proper direction to discharge this energy blockage.

Here's how to perform a Root Chakra Meditation Wash...


Start by finding a comfortable spot where you can lay down on your back. This may be on your bed, couch, or even the floor. 

Close your eyes, and cup both of your hands over your Root Chakra.

Begin to direct your breathe deeply through the lungs and stomach and out through the mouth and Throat Chakra.

Think of each breath as an energy pull that gently pushes the Root Chakra to spin properly and fall into position.

As your breath, hover your hands over the Root Chakra as if you were raising it from your body. (Keep your palms flat.)

Slowly use your hands to wipe in a circular, clock-wise motion over your Root Chakra as you breathe. This may be difficult to time, but you can use a simple cadence as a foolproof way to perform this motion effortlessly.

As you inhale, move your hands one half circle around your Root Chakra - as you exhale, finish the motion. 

Try your best not to tense up in other areas of your body, as this may cause another part of your body to be blocked. If you ever feel your eyebrows, temples, shoulders, back, or chest tense up, simply take a deep breath and begin again.

Wash the Root Chakra like this 15 times (each time being one circle) until you feel an opening in the hips. The amount you may need differs from the next person, but I've found that 15 is usually the sweet spot. 

If you need more, do not be afraid to continue washing your Root Chakra - I often do this when I fall sick or am feeling a bit overwhelmed by others.

After completing the Root Chakra Mediation Wash, you may move onto the next exercise that targets our emotional body...

But before that, you may find that your other Chakras are blocked too...luckily, Reiki has the solution. Click here to download my FREE 5-Minute Chakra Balancing Plan that you can use to diagnose your entire Chakra line. You can download it now by clicking here.

Root Chakra Color Visualization

Now, we will use our Emotional Layer to restore harmony and balance to the Root Chakra.

Since the Root Chakra is symbolized by the color red, we will use a specific Color Visualization to see whether the Root Chakra's color has changed or needs more visualization work.

Think of all of the positive emotions that one thinks of when they think of the color red - love, passion, and confidence are just three of the many emotions that one feels when wearing, seeing, or even just being surrounded by the color red.

When the Root Chakra is in disarray, its color may change from a deep red to a light purple, pink-ish, or even grey color...

...none of which are good signs!

To restore the Root Chakra's natural color, we need to take a moment and practice the Root Chakra Color Visualization.

Color Visualization

Start by finding wearing something red that you own. This can be as simple as a handkerchief or as fancy as an overcoat. What matters is that you are having direct contact with the color on your skin.

Next, find a comfortable spot to sit in front of a mirror. If you do not have access to one, sitting on your chair is just fine. 

Look at yourself in the mirror (or visualize yourself in the third-person) and pay careful attention to the article of clothing that you are wearing. Look around it and imagine the red emanating from your clothes onto your skin.

When you're ready, close your eyes, and take a deep breath.

Cup your hands in your lap and direct your breath into the Root Chakra. Visualize what color it currently reflects - is it a bright red, or something else? It might be and white...or a hazy grey. 

Acknowledge whatever color it is...and take another deep breath.

Now, slowly imagine that color turning into a full, deep red inside your Root Chakra.

Do not tense your physical muscles when visualizing the Root Chakra.

Once you can see that the color has changed, imagine it as a clockwise spinning vortex. 

If it changes color midway through, simply focus on maintaining the redness of the Chakra.  

Do this for about 7 minutes until the Root Chakra no longer changes color. If you need more time, please take more time and as long as you need. 

Once it no longer changes color, open your eyes, and see how you feel. You may feel a bit brighter and optimistic on the inside!

Next, we will cover the third and final technique for Root Chakra balancing...

From The Ground Up

As previously mentioned, our Root Chakra governs our lower extremities like our legs, feet, and hips. It's no surprise then that disorders in the Root Chakra can manifest as physical problems and pain. 

To correct this imbalance, we have to start from the ground up - we literally have to work on our feet and drive our energy from the Earth and into our bodies.

Note: don't worry if you cannot perform this technique to 100% of your ability. Keep trying, and you will soon be able to make it! Remember that healing is a process that requires's about the maintenance just as it is about the healing solution.


For this technique, begin in a deep squat position.

Without removing your heels from the ground (as this would remove the Earth Energy Connection), simply squat as low as you can until your hip is nearly sitting on the ground. 

Slowly shift your bodyweight in clockwise circles to mobilize your ankles.

Spread out your toes as wide as you can and hold for 5 seconds. Relax them, and curl them inwards.

As you spread your toes, inhale - and as you curl them in, exhale. 

If you find yourself losing balance, hold onto a pole or place your hands against a wall. 

After you've done that several times, with your feet flat on the ground, raise all of your toes off of the ground and hold for 5 seconds. Do this 5 times.

Stand up slowly and begin walking in a straight line in an extremely slow manner. 

Feel each and every step the way that you walk - you may feel it from heel to toe, or feel your arch flattening as you walk...

...however you do so, soak in the feeling of just walking.

Do this for approximately 5 minutes - in those 5 minutes, you should not have traveled more than 10 feet or 3 meters. Walk extremely slow and deliberately.

By this point, your Root Chakra should be more balanced than it was before, and your health should see multiple benefits from your efforts.

However, the Root Chakra is just one of the many Chakras in your if you were suffering from a blocked Chakra's likely that your other Chakras are suffering as well.

Like a strong building, make sure that your Chakras have a solid foundation to rest upon by using my FREE 5-Minute Chakra Balancing Plan.

Inside, you'll get the best questions to ask yourself as well as receive a customized plan for how to approach your Chakra healing.

You can download it here.


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