A Comprehensive Look At Crystals

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Crystals have been used for Reiki since ancient times. This is because of their healing properties that are powerful and energetic.

Crystals can assist in the healing of deep seated problems and bring forth health and greater happiness.

Each crystal is known to have its own unique properties of healing.

For example, some crystals are best suited for prosperity and abundance, while others are for harmony and relationship, love, or even shielding and protection.

Below is a list that I have compiled for you and it contains some of the crystals used in Reiki and assist in the living of a happier life.

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This crystal is known to balance your sexual energies.

It can help you enhance your psychic ability, intellect, creativity, and intuition. 

The crystal will be beneficial to your communication and it aligns your astral and physical bodies.

I also found that Amazonite lowered some of my self-defeating behaviors and stress through the buildup of self-esteem and its calming properties. 

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Amethyst brings in energy that is divine.

You can use this crystal for the immune system and blood as it is an excellent cleanser.

It tunes the metabolism and the endocrine system and relieves that achy feeling after a long day.

Use it to rub on your temples or wear as a necklace for protection each and every day. 

Amethyst also assists in stress releasement at all levels and have also tried it with the digestive system as well.

The crystal will help establish the connection between your spiritual, energetic, and physical bodies.


This crystal can be used to gain awareness and give you a sense of peace.

I have used this crystal to enhance my telepathic communication to the Astral Plane...

...while still keeping my connection with the everyday reality. 

Use this with smudging to get a cross-energetic effect.

I find that it works best when used alone and not in variance with other crystals.


Obsidian (Apache Tear)

If you want a crystal for reiki that smoothly transmutes any kind of negativity, then this is for you. 

Obsidian absorbs energy that is negative for you and thus offering protection to the aura.

It promotes forgiveness and comforts grief. 

You can use Obsidian whenever you feel depressed or sad about events that have happened or that will happen.

I've used it many times over the last few years...and it's quite literally saved me from horror.

Aqua Aura

This is a manmade created crystal. It is a quartz crystal that is bounded with gold. 

Despite it being manmade, the crystal has a high level of intense energy that reflects the alchemical development of the bonding of gold onto these pure quartz.


You can use aqua aura crystal to restore your personal love and power after a traumatic event.

The crystal enables you to be free from limitation and makes up space for new experiences. 

It heals the chakras and aura and also encourages heart-felt communication.

I have used this crystal to release negativity. Once, I felt my soul energy activated pushing me to fulfill my highest potential.

It's a great asset to those who like to Manifest on a daily basis.


This crystals is very soothing especially when there is inadequate rest in your life.

The crystal brings in a feeling of acceptance and patience.

Aragonite crystal is important for parents as it helps curb impatience. 

It also diminishes tardiness and procrastination.


It is also known as peacock ore, and it facilitates the activation of a person’s chakras. 

I found the crystal essential in brining newness and freshness in my life.

If you want to stimulate your inner spirit...

...this is a crystal that will come in handy.

The crystal assists in the separation of one emotions from intellect and in recognizing and accepting the difference. 


Blue Aventurine

This crystal is a strong mental healer and I would recommend you to use it if you want increase vitality and your positive outlook.

The crystal is also important in developing inner strength and self-discipline.

I used this crystal from time-to-time to clear the air and restore a peaceful and calm feeling for my household. 

The crystal is very useful when it comes to trusting your intuition and also in increasing your psychic abilities.

You can use it to settle down and cool things off if tempers seem to have gone up.

Blue Calcite

I found these crystal to be profoundly soothing and calming. It helps amplify and retain learning.

Most people say that it enables them to express their views with tact and calmly. It is an enhancer when it comes to decision making. 

When using this crystal in tandem with Reiki, you will notice that your ability to see things clearly is enhanced.

Rose Quartz

This crystal has soft, nurturing, and loving vibrations. It holds reiki energy for unconditional love.

The crystal releases one from emotional wounds...

...and I highly recommend you use it if you are having self-esteem issues.

Rose Quartz invokes self-worth and self-trust.



This is a crystal that offers mental clarity.

It is a stone that enables honesty and truth. 

Selenite is good for decision making as it enhances mental flexibility.

The crystal brings the aspect of pure light during any session of healing.


Do you want to bring out a feeling of unconditional love? Prehnite never disappoints. 

This crystal brings out you potential and it’s mostly because of its attraction to divine energies.

I've used Prehnite when I've felt lonely and it helped me understand more of who I am and who I want to be.

This helped me attract more positive love into my life...and I carry it with me whenever these negative moods strike.

Yellow Jasper

The Yellow Jasper crystal is known to fight exhaustion and clears a person’s mind.

I find it useful in rectifying unjust circumstances. 

This crystal is also helpful in detoxifying your body organs and assist the digestive system. Additionally, it can be used to give protection and bring courage to an individual.

You can carry the crystal when you feel you need a positive energy boost.

I have found the crystal supportive during times of anxiety and stress. It brings wholeness and harmony to you.

If you're a serious Reiki healer, you know that crystals are a great asset to your practice.

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