The 4 Higher Bodies Of Our Health

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In a previous article, I wrote about the 4 lower bodies of our health.

In this article, I'm going to be writing about the 4 higher bodies.

What is the exact difference between the two...and why are they separated? 

It's a good question to ask, and one that you probably have.

Recall that all of our bodies are actually interrelated and connected.

Our society tends to focus on one aspect of our health - the physical - without giving credence or weight to the 7 others.

This causes many problems...

...including emotional dissociation, astral attacks, and much, much more.

Now, even though all of our bodies are interconnected, it does nothing to explain what they are.

Therefore, we can understand these bodies through their specific associations and what purpose they serve.

Some of these bodies are more directly connected with our physical feeling...while others act on a much more subconscious level.

This is where we can delineate between the lower bodies and the higher bodies.


Our lower bodies can be more directly associated with our direct feeling and sensation of the world - and our higher bodies can be associated more indirectly.

In addition, our higher bodies actually connect us to the different realms and planes of existence...

...and if we can learn, understand, and enhance our connection these bodies, we can live in a much more holistic sense of health.

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In this article, you'll learn exactly what the 4 higher bodies are, what they do, and how we can enhance our connection to them.

If you're new to Reiki and need a primer, please read this article over here.

Otherwise, keep reading...

The Astral Body

The Astral Body exists right above the Mental Body.

Most people never become aware of this body...and limit themselves to the lower half.

While that is a personal choice, I recommend that you learn about the other bodies because it will give you a much deeper and richer connection to the world.

One important note is that the Astral Body exists in the Astral Plane.

You can think of it as the Gateway between Astral energy and dark energy.

Now, this might sound a bit complicated, but Astral energy is the energy that exists because of our spirit guides and predecessors.

This is where we can contact them and ask them for advice, experience, or simply just to chat.

This requires an attunement to accomplish...but once you have reached this level, you'll never want to go back.

However, as positive as the Astral Body may be, it can also take damage - this is where dark energy comes in.


Dark energy is a heightened orm of negative energy. In comparison, negative energy seeks to block out positive energy, whereas dark energy seeks to overtake it entirely.

In other words, dark energy can literally eat your postive and Astral energy.

Acting as a Gateway, your Astral energy is generally well protected by an Astral wall, but this can become damaged over time and usage.

Now, where does Dark energy come from? 

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It comes from the Higher Ether...

The Higher Ether

The Higher Ether is a direct reflection of our Lower Ether.

Remember that the Lower Ether is a transfer point for energy between our Chakras and Aura.

The Higher Ether serves as the transfer point between our Celestial Body and our Astral Body.

In other words, it is the bridge between these two bodies and acts a reservoir.

However, because it is a reflection of the Lower Ether, when the Lower Ether is hurt or damaged, the Higher Ether also receives some of this blockage.

This can cause Dark Energy to form...and because Dark Energy thrives on Positive Energy, can severely harm the Upper Bodies without you even knowing it.

Getting an attunement will protect you from this when it happens, but it's imperative that you get one sooner than later.

Otherwise, you put yourself at a greater chance of risk...and this can manifest in the physical body through disease or dysfunction.

Despite this risk, when the Higher Ether is in positive shape, the higher bodies tend to be in great shape as well.

Because of this, it is arguable that the Higher Ether needs to be the most fortified body, as Dark Energy is a terribly powerful force.


To further protect yourself from this harm, we can refer to our 2nd highest body...the Celestial Body.

The Celestial Body

The Celestial Body allows us to contact angels and is actually where Universal Energy begins its descent to the physical body.

Since it serves such a vital function, the Celestial Body is actually our strongest body.

It pushes without force and pulls without tension - it existed before us and will continue to exist when we are gone.

It's also reputed to be where our higher feeling of Love exists.

To reach this Body, you need to have an advanced level attunement and at least a few years worth of energy training.

Few people can ever reach the Celestial Body, but once you experience it... won't want to go back.

People say the experience is like being bathed in warm light...

...and chances are that this is where we first ascend to when we pass.

To keep this body strong, continue to invoke Universal Energy and practice as much as you can without strain.

This will strengthen your Celestial Body and protect it from Dark Energy and other spiritually toxic substances.

Next, we reach the last and final body...the Divine Body.

The Divine Body

It is here that Universal Energy is actually located.


In my experience, no one has actually ever experienced their Divine Body, but it's been theorized that this is the body that we occupy (besides the Celestial or Astral) after we pass from our physical world. 

However, although we have very little experience with the Divine Body, it can still be tainted by Dark Energy if it manages to pass through the Celestial Body quickly.

This can affect problems the entire way down our 8 bodies...

...and cause massive changes to our physical experience.

For example, if Dark Energy manages to get through the Celestial Body to the Divine Body, this can poison us.

Because most of us exist on the 4 lower bodies, we'll spend our lifetime protecting and fighting against the residue of Dark Energy...because we never knew it existed.

However, knowing is only part of the puzzle.

You can tell when someone's Divine Body is compromised when all 7 bodies have traces of Dark Energy in them.

Without the highest attunement possible, it can be nearly difficult to tell whether someone is experiencing pain in their Divine Body.

Remember that these bodies exist on a subconscious level, so we are never truly 'aware' of them...

...that is, until we have a greater understanding of what they are and how they work.

In short, these 4 higher bodies are bodies that connect us to our physical reality...even though they work on a subconscious level.

If any of these bodies are damaged, you can usually trace to which one is upstream.

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