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Reiki is as much about the community as it is about the individual.

If you don't put yourself in the right company, you may never grow or improve the way you want to.

Just like how a flower needs the right soil, air, and environment to blossom... do you. Why is this crucial to your Reiki development? It's simple - 

You need to be able to learn from and share your knowledge with others.

When you put people who have studied Reiki together, you get unimaginable results.

I remember the first time I went to a local Reiki meeting. 

I had already been studying Reiki for a few months at this point and was seeing some measurable results.

But when I began to train and connect with others, I saw things that I wouldn't have otherwise seen if I had just studied on my own.

Granted, I was fairly fortunate to have a Reiki Master who introduced me to the community - but in this day and age, Reiki is almost everywhere! 

You can be sure that there is a community of spiritualists around you who either practice Reiki or are involved in other practices like Crystal Healing, Psychic Therapy, etc.

For example, you can take my FREE High-Powered Healing Techniques Sheet with you wherever you go.

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In this blog post, I put together a list of resources from other reputable healers so that you can see what other great people are doing for their community.

In addition, these people have their own websites that you can frequent and peruse on your time to gather more knowledge to supplement your Reiki abilities.

The following constitutes some of the best that I've seen online...and I've looked around! 

Without further ado...let's see who these people are.



Created by Natalie Southgate in 1998, Chakradance is a well-developed movement practice to help others get in tune with their Chakras through music and movement.

She's led seminars at Deepak Chopra's Center in California and thousands of other workshops.

I was fortunate enough to learn from her practices and develop my own 'style' of Chakradance.

On her blogs, she shares a lot of wisdom about the Chakras specifically, which can be used to supplement any Reiki Healer's understanding of them.

Here are some of her thoughts on the Third Eye Chakra, which you can learn more about here

Traditionally shamans used trance-dance to shake off their everyday lives and to free themselves from the anchor of their ego-mind which keeps us rooted in ordinary reality and perception.

It is in Ajna that you tap into the ‘collective unconscious’ and the world of archetypes.

During the Chakradance you work with an archetypal energy in order to allow that energy to enter the physical body and move through it.

By embodying archetypal energies in the meditative dance space, you can gain insight into how these energies are manifesting in your life.

Tapping into the archetypal world of the collective unconscious, allows synchronicity to flow into your life. Synchronicity is often discounted as coincidence, but it is meaningful.

In your visions, and your dreams, in the archetypal images that resonate with you, your unconscious speaks to you of a deeper truth than your physical senses perceive.

The nature of the third eye chakra is spacious and vast. It feels like anything is possible, the energy is so light and free-flowing.

When the third eye chakra is deficient in energy you have a lack of trust in your intuition. By not being attuned to the subtle capabilities of the third eye, you may fail to pick up on meaningful signs and synchronicities, which if acknowledged could guide you and help you through life. 

Accessing the full power of the imagination is a gift inherent in all of us. The ‘command’ function of Ajna relates to the powers of visual imagination. This allows you to shift from left-brain rational cognition to right-brain creative thinking.

I love the way that she describes details so feel as if you are there with her in each and every breathtaking moment.

She also shares her top 5 tips to balancing the Third Eye Chakra:

  1. Commit to regular practice of intuition building exercises (e.g. meditation, guided visualisation, trance dance, dream-work)
  2. Create a vision for your life. Be clear and focused. Use creative visualisation and dream boards or visual collages.
  3. Recognise the relevance of chance encounters, co-incidences and synchronicities. See these as signposts to guide you.
  4. Endeavour to live your daily life simultaneously on two planes – the rational plane and the intuitive plane.
  5. Learn to trust your “sixth sense”. When it feels appropriate, use intuition even if it is beyond rational explanation.


Movement For Modern Life

Kat Farrants, founder of Movement For Modern Life, had been practicing and teaching yoga for nearly 20 years.

Her website features the best of the very best in terms of yoga instruction and offers some valuable insight into Chakras and how interrelated Yoga and spirituality are.

When asked why she founded this practice, she states:

I Founded Movement for Modern Life for many reasons.

First of all, I worked for years in the city as a solicitor and found that I'd spend all day making sure I could leave the office on time to get to my favourite teacher. Invariably, I'd miss class.

So I spent more time stressing about getting to class than my job! Oooops! Then I moved to the countryside in the middle of nowhere and where where my teachers?

There was nothing else for it. I left the daily grind and decided it was time to let the best teachers come to me so that, finally, class could fit into my schedule. 

As she continued to develop her practice and her website, she received a large outpour of support from the community, as this kind of resource had not yet been created at that time.

Her blog features some of the best and most personal information I've seen on mindfulness and be sure to check it out when you get the chance!



One of the best ways to develop spiritually is to better understand yourself.

We all embody aspects from different archetypes.

Some of these archetypes manifest themselves more than others in our personality and choices.

This site offers a free archetype reading that helps you identify your personality, strengths, hidden weaknesses, and inate talents.

The great part about this report is that by helping you understand yourself, you will be able to become more successful in your endevors.  

Know thyself...

Free Archetype Report

Blissful Light

Craig MacLennan, the founder of this website, has such an amazing and powerful story.

His energy began to be sapped by the lifestyle he was living, amassing nearly 20000 euros in debt. 

That's when he started to make a change and decided to focus more on his spiritual investments.

As a result, and with hard work and commitment, he was able to change his life around. 

In his own words:

When we remember that we are divine, eternal, expansive energy becomes so much easier. 

We no longer get bogged down in the illusional traps of everyday life.

We are already whole and perfect and any perceived failure is, in fact, a success... we are doing what our calling is - discovering our lives.

As a wonderful energy healer, Craig's website has much to offer.

One of my favorite things to do (besides practice Reiki) is to read articles on meditation & mindfulness...and his are among some of the best.

Make sure to check out the blog here to read more about Craig and his team's work.


Chakra Boosters

Vicki Howie is an extraordinaire - she's studied almost everything and has such a rich understanding of spirituality.

She is a yoga teacher, is experienced in NLP, hypnotherapy, shadow integration, and life coaching.

However, where her strength truly lies is in her ability to take extremely complicated concepts and break them down into simple ways for people to understand.

True to the name of her website, Vicki wrote a book out called, "The Key to Chakras" and it is a fascinating read.

I've seen a lot of the stuff others peddle out there...and I'm not impressed.

But with Vicki and Chakra Boosters, I see honesty and truth.

If you want even more resources, check out my FREE High-Powered Healing Techniques.

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Even as a Reiki Master, I'm often amazed at how much I learn from reading her work.

Her motto is to, "keep your mind open, your heart full, and your feet firmly on the ground."

If you want to read more about Chakras and ways to balance them, you can click here to read more.

Your Community

As you can see, the community online is extremely large...and you can often find a wealth of information.

However, be careful, as there are many websites that aren't as reputable and will try to peddle the wrong information to you.

It takes a discerning eye...but with the right guidance, you can find the community that's right for you, whether online or offline.

Take the time to put yourself out there and see who you can learn from - you never know who you might end up crossing paths with! 


Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson is the creator of Reiki Infinite Healer. Over the last 4 years Dave and his team have helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their wellbeing, recover from illness, connect with their spiritual selves, and learn to heal with the amazing art of Reiki. Dave is a highly sought after healer and teacher, who's work has impacted the lives, health and relationships of individuals and their families in over 200 different countries.

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