Remove Anxiety With This ONE Technique

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If you are willing to work on your anxiety, Reiki will balance, quiet, and calm your mind.

So how can you remove anxiety with Reiki?

Remember the source of your anxiety...

...this can be quite traumatizing for some, but this will help you identify what it is that you need to do to specifically heal that anxiety.

Although Reiki can work for a large general audience, you need to understand YOUR own pain.

This pain is specific to you and can only be remediated when Reiki energy senses what it is truly wrong.

However, if you don't even know - how can you expect Reiki energy to grease the grooves and find the place where it needs to go?

In this week's article, I'll show you how Reiki can help you remove anxiety and teach you one technique that you can use to heal it.

Let's begin...

1. Reiki helps you reconnect to your true self.

When you are is feeling depressed and anxious, you need the radiance gentle flow of Reiki to go through your system and free the mind from the worries. 

It is common that most people feel overwhelmed by their daily issues and responsibilities. As they grow larger in our minds...the aspect of fear crops in.

If this kind of anxiety goes unchecked, you made end up losing your ability to function normally. It is important to take advantage of Reiki to maintain and improve you healthy perspective.

In many Reiki treatment sessions, I was able to reconnect to my true self away from the issues that were making me anxious. The clearing of the mind gave me a clear perspective on how I could handle my daily responsibilities better.

Feeling nourished and cradled by the spiritual energy is a strong yet subtle reminder that there exists a healing force with life giving properties...

...and if we are willingly open to it, then it’s always there for us.

No matter the magnitude of our problem, in a Reiki treatment session one is comforted and reassured by the strongest force in the world.

The Chakra Breath Test

2. Reiki enables you to breathe.

Most people lead an incredibly busy life.

We find ourselves engaging in full-time careers, relationships, and families with little or no time left in the day for ourselves.

Our need for relaxation and rest goes unheeded until one’s body and mind throws up its arms in frustration. This usually manifests itself in form of anxiety and you may start to experience physical illness, emotional or mental breakdown.

Remember that human beings cannot operate as robots.

In the current age, most people are pushed to work in corporate environments that give more value to profits that people’s wellbeing or their mental and physical heath. 

The result is what you might be feeling more often which is anxiety, exhausted, and more tired than ever before.

You find yourself existing in a near flight or fight mode, which largely contributes to the anxiety feeling you are having.

The benefits of relaxing and clearing your mind cannot be ignored. The mind and the body have many complex methods of balancing and healing themselves, but they can’t operate efficiently when they are in this mode of engagement.

Slow down and breathe.

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3. Reiki releases pent up or blocked emotional energy.

One surprising truth that I have come to uncover about anxiety is that it revolves around an issue which one refuses to acknowledge or accept.

Before I could start to effectively hold space for other individuals as a Reiki healer, I had to work on resolving my issues and balancing my energy to get rid of anxiety.

When we turn a blind eye to our emotions they do not disappear. You might stuff your emotional energy deep with your aura or body, but it will still be there until it is dealt with.

Anxiety may be brought back when the painful message contained in the emotional energy is triggered by people or situations that remind you of the incident that made you feel anxious.

It is essential for you to accept or acknowledge the message contained in the emotional energy as pushing it down will only cause as more anxiety as the emotion cries louder for you attention.

Reiki practicing is an invaluable way to deal with the suppressed negative emotional energy.

Reiki enables us to bring to the light these emotions while accepting, acknowledging, and healing them.

The energetic release creates an emotional release...

...and this makes it much easier for the gentle Reiki energy to navigate.

Doing a Dry Bath

4. Reiki gives gentle insight to our anxiety.

Most people are not aware of the subtle energy that surrounds them and all things. This energy has the ability to either slowly destroy or nourish us depending on its qualities.

Have you ever noticed that there are people and places in our lives where just get a sense of inexplicable and deep comfort or peace?

For example, in old growth forests, beautiful churches, lakes or mountains, etc.

It is because of the pure, nurturing, and beautiful energy that these places exude that makes us feel reborn and alive. 

At these places, we care less about who we are or ought to be. There is a feeling of tranquility and peace that fills one’s heart when experiencing these simple things.

Conversely, when we are in different environments that lack natural light, dark, and with no fresh air like a cramped basement or crowded emergency rooms in hospitals, the way we feel changes. 

When we comprehend the feeling of balance it becomes easier to identify imbalance. The divine energy of Reiki enables us to realize the energy imbalance in ourselves that brings about anxiety. 

The energy in a Reiki session continues to slowly and gently work on you days after the anxiety removal session.

Bridging Heaven and Earth

Now that you know how Reiki can help with your anxiety, I'll teach you the ONE technique I use with my students.

This technique is something that I personally developed. I call it, "Anxo Release".


1) While standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, close your eyes.

2) Slowly raise your arms above your head. Do not flex or remain tense. 

3) Inhale deeply through your nose and feel the Universal Energy submerge into your fingertips. Hold to the count of three seconds.

4) Exhale slowly as you bring your palms to slowly hover over your head. Hold to the count of ten seconds.

5) Begin "washing" your eyes and face with this energy. Don't hold the breath.

6) Once complete, raise your hands back to the sky and release the energy. Repeat as needed.

This is one of the best ways to calm your anxiety in times of stress, so use this whenever you get the chance.

If you liked these breathing technique, you’ll want to get even more helpful techniques to take your Reiki to the next level.

If you’re interested, you can check out my Guided Healing Sessions Premium Collection here.

Only if you’re serious about Reiki!


Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson is the creator of Reiki Infinite Healer. Over the last 4 years Dave and his team have helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their wellbeing, recover from illness, connect with their spiritual selves, and learn to heal with the amazing art of Reiki. Dave is a highly sought after healer and teacher, who's work has impacted the lives, health and relationships of individuals and their families in over 200 different countries.

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