Preventing Energy Absorption: 3 Problems All Reiki Healers Must Avoid

Preventing Energy Leakage

I became a Reiki healer because I wanted to learn the power of this practice and how it could change the lives of others.

But as I began teaching others...I noticed that several issues kept popping up over and over again.

Clients come to Healers all the time with certain problems, pains, and issues they want to be solved. 

But quite recently, I’ve received tons of questions from Healers and practitioners about specific problems that they’re having. 

I’ve written about some of this in a past article FAQ

...but I want to clarify and expand on a few things.

In today’s post, I’ll be going through some of the issues that Healers have - as well as the top 5 most common problems Healers must avoid. 

Situations That Weaken Your Reiki

There will inevitably be slumps in your Reiki practice - and what do I mean by this? 

It may be the case that in several of your healing sessions, both self-administered and to others, that Reiki is not healing like it used to. 

Understandably, this can lead to all kinds of confidence issues and fear that your Lifeforce is weakening

....sometimes, the healing power can feel so weak that practitioners quit their practice entirely! 

Now, the reason why someone’s healing power may be diminishing is highly individualized, but there are certain commonalities between those who feel as if their Reiki may not quite be as effective as before. 

As a quick reminder, remember that Reiki exists both within and outside of ourselves. 

Once you learn how to channel or invoke it, you will always have a method of calling it back. 

However, the strength of that connection can be frayed or disconnected.

Think about it like a wi-fi router…

No matter where you are in the house, you’ll have access to it. However, the further and further you move away from your home, the more likely you are to disconnect. 

Furthermore, you’ll be exposed to different signals and interference.

But depending on the situation e.g. your wifi adapter is weak or the place you’re at is overloaded with’ll never be able to connect to the internet very smoothly or quickly.

Now, Reiki isn’t exactly like wi-fi...since Universal Energy is everywhere. However, Reiki is similar in the sense that you’ll always have a stronger connection where:

  • There is less noise
  • There are fewer negative influences of energy
  • You can consistently practice

If you want to build this have to diagnose where you’re having the most trouble. You can check out my Full Body Healing Session here for more information. 

It’s rare to be in a situation where one’s Reiki actually gets weaker with time…

...but if you are, here are the things you need to avoid.

1. Overloaded Environments

Going back to the wi-fi example, you may be exposing yourself to far more noise than you think.

It may seem impossible...but you need to be able to control the environment around you.

What I see very often are Healers who are filled with Positive Light...but are surrounded by people/things who carry their own weight in negative energy. 

And then they try to take care of those other people without giving any regard to themselves…

...this is both physically and spiritually exhausting! 

Whether they are family members, friends, a significant other, an old kitchen (yes, mildew and spores do affect your energy), you need to be able to address this negativity, as they are literally sucking away your Lifeforce.

Think about it - you can have a beautiful pearl that is perfectly round…

...but if you put it in murky, rapid waters, what is going to happen to it? 

It will eventually stain, become warped, and even break. 


The best thing to do in this situation is to protect your energy from harmful behaviors and/or to invite other Healers to heal where your energy is blocked.

The second recommendation may sound weird...but when we invite another perspective, we may get a different outlook on where our energies may be most blocked or warped. 

Self-healing can be powerful. But if you feel that you are in a weakened state, it may be time to find another Healer in your community to help you…

...I also offer a Full Body Healing Session that’s designed to show you and treat exactly where you are hurting. You can take a look at it here

Next, we’ll look at where you should say no...

2. Keep Personal Things Personal

Healing others can be a powerful tool for growth, happiness, and becoming a better person.


...if you’ve been feeling weakened after particular sessions, it may be due to the fact that you are absorbing the experience or pain of one or a few of your clients. Let me explain…

...Healers are naturally kind-hearted and good-willed. We want to help as many people as we can - after all, that’s what Reiki Healing does. 

We work to restore the energy balance in people’s lives because we’ve seen personally what havoc it can wreak on someone’s life, health, and emotional and mental well-being. The side effect of this is that we may potentially end up reinforcing our healing sessions with our own energy simply because we want to see the other person succeed.

This is never advised because we channel Universal Energy. Using one’s own personal energy can create energy imbalances for both the client and the practitioner. 

You may not even feel uncomfortable afterwards because you felt the session went well…when in fact, the energy that you are missing is being replaced by their own energy. 

Think about the way oil and water sit on top of one another.

Because they are made up of fundamentally different structures, they won’t combine unless you use soap. If you never take the time to wash your dishes with soap, you’ll be left with sticky residue that isn’t too pleasant...and makes it even harder for soap to wash it off.

So if you’re feeling symptoms of a weakened Reiki state, be sure to cleanse yourself first.


This could be a direct cause for your weakened Reiki channeling due to the fact that you are invoking using someone else’s energy. You need to cleanse yourself of this stagnancy first before you heal. 

Healing while in a weakened state only makes you weaker. Your body and energy also need to relax, so make sure that you take the proper time to adjust and align yourself first. I go through some breathing exercises here that you can do to redistribute and cleanse your negative energy pools. 

3. External Motivations

We’ve all faced nonbelievers before - and that’s okay. Reiki energy exists independently of thoughts or beliefs, so anyone can practice and heal from it.

But sometimes you have a different motivation for healing someone...and that directly influences the power of the healing.

You may want to feel that you are a proficient healer and push the boundaries in order to get ‘results’ or heal a specific illness. 

You may want to prove that Reiki works to someone and force more of your own personal energy into the healing session…

You may even want to take on the client’s pain in order to be seen as a wonderful healer by your community. 

There are many more motivations that one person can have...and not all of them are necessarily bad. However, they are rooted in external motivation instead of intrinsic. 

When you are externally motivated, you are motivated by the ways that other people perceive you and things outside of your control

This can weaken your state because no longer are you invoking energy to yourself - you’re channeling energy into a vacuum. 

How can you heal anyone if you are channeling energy into a place where it shouldn’t be?

 Protect Your Precious Energy

Our Reiki practice teaches us that we are fully capable of everything that we need to be. 

You shouldn’t feel a need to prove a point to anyone with Reiki.

Results are important, yes...just ask any of the hundreds of thousands of Facebook followers that have healed using Reiki. 

And your self-confidence and self-esteem are extremely important as well.

But if you let those things overtake your practice and subconsciously try to produce a positive result, your connection to the energy will weaken. 

Remember that Reiki teaches us to be comfortable with ourselves and our body. 

Do a self-examination and take the time to really understand your motivations for this practice - is it rooted in something you can control or something that is perhaps out of your range?

Another thing you can do is Set Your Intention by clearing those exterior goals and motivations before a healing session. Something as simple as, “I will let this Universal Energy flow through me and place my motivations aside” can work. 

Notice how the three situations above can be interconnected in many ways.

I’ve had a student before who put herself into all three...and was dramatically weakened. One look at her Aura and I could tell that she was in more negative situations than she could handle. 

One quick have to be strictly honest with yourself when diagnosing these problems

Failing to do so may protect your ego...but your energy and life condition will suffer because of it. 

You are capable of everything - including admitting faults - and when you do, you allow yourself to become that much better, not only in healing, but in your confidence and emotional life as well.

Take the time to bond with the Reiki community and find someone to help you heal as well - you’ll thank yourself for it. 

Avoid placing your inner goodness above all else - remember that when you heal others, you are strictly channeling Universal Energy into their blockages or warped Chakras

 Growing Your Reiki

And finally, do not be externally motivated or put yourself into a confrontational situation where your focus is located outside of your control.

It’s fine to want to elicit a positive result...but demanding that it occur will lead to emotional and energetic damage. 

If you find that you’ve been in these situations for a while and want a quick way to heal yourself...check out my Full Body Healing Session here. It’s a foolproof way of finding where your energy is most blocked as a result of these situations. 

Click here for more information and why thousands of others have done the same... 

Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson is the creator of Reiki Infinite Healer. Over the last 4 years Dave and his team have helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their wellbeing, recover from illness, connect with their spiritual selves, and learn to heal with the amazing art of Reiki. Dave is a highly sought after healer and teacher, who's work has impacted the lives, health and relationships of individuals and their families in over 200 different countries.

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