The 3 Steps To Manifest Anything You Want Into Reality

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Desire is the root of all suffering.

 It causes us to feel envy, embarassment, anger, and a whole host of another emotions.

We want what we don't have and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it...

...except that this mentality ends up hurting us more than helping us in the end.

Why is that? 

Our desires aren't inherently bad.

It's based on the fact that most of our efforts go wasted trying to get what we want.

Whether it's money, love, a new home, or even just some better food, most humans tend to follow a predictable pattern that goes something like this:

  • You see something that you like or want. 
  • You think of your current situation and how difficult it is to get that something.
  • You then work harder in your current situation to try to reach for it.
  • You start sacrificing things like time, money, people, friendships, in order to attain your goal.

This pattern is one that, although well-intentioned, causes us to feel worse in the end because we had to give so much in order to attain whatever it was that we desired.

However, the key isn't to absolve ourselves of desire either.

Doing so removes us of our human-ness and can be potentially damaging to our energetic system by blocking off all input and output.

If we can master that desire...

...then we can fully allow ourselves to grow without sacrificing our most innate being.

But what if there were an easier way?

A way that you could begin to attain everything you wanted...

...with less of the work? 

It sounds too good to be true, but I realized the full potential of this system once I tried it.

The difference between this system that I'm about to tell you about and Reiki is that Reiki is a great modality for healing past pain and burdens.

It's great for relieving trauma, balancing your Chakras, and loosening stagnant energy within your energetic system.

Combined with the following steps, Reiki is a powerhouse that you can absolutely augment and supplement what I am about to reveal to you. 

In this blog post, I'll show you the 3 Steps I started taking to improve my life condition and manifest the things I desired in my life.

If that means more money to support your family, love to replenish a broken heart, or the ability to create influence, these 3 steps will get you there.

But if you're looking for something quick that will illustrate these steps for you in an easy-to-digest manner, check out this video link to watch out more about Manifestatations!

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Now let's continue...

Step 1: Relax

This step seems a bit counterintuitive...

...but the more you read about it, the more it will make sense.

If you look at all of the people who are successful, who have more money than they know what to do with, the best group of friends, nicest things, etc...'ll notice that their sense of composure is extremely high compared to most people.

That's because they don't need to worry about the small, trivial things that you and I can get ourselves into a fuss over.

They stay relaxed and composed.

If you begin to emulate their behavior in this way and approach things in more of a relaxed manner...

Your brain waves and connective tissues will begin to realign themselves towards a superior mindset.

Superior Mindset

For example, let's say that you get stressed every time your mother-in-law or sister-in-law come over.

Your blood pressure raises and you get into arguments with your partner over the way their family behaves around you.

Now, let's say that instead of getting stressed in those situations, you were instead placed into a relaxed frame of mind when they come over - how different do you think those situations would be?

Chances are that those situations would go much smoother and even in your favor!

Of course, actualizing this process is much more difficult than what I'm making it out to be.

However, the key is to focus on the things that you can control...

...and even though our emotions are difficult to work with, we can start here to cultivate the process of Manifestation.

This can be done through meditation, Reiki Healing sessions, or even through something as simple as a setting exercise.

Below is an example Setting Exercise that can be done in 5 minutes:

Start by sitting comfortably in a chair or spot of your choice.

Look up at the ceiling and raise your hands above your head.

Affirm something powerful about yourself. You can say something like, "I am capable of doing anything today."

Then, state what you will do that day to further affirm your abilities. It can be as silly as, "I will make the best coffee at work" to "I will reconcile with my mother and father."

Whatever you say, make sure that you say it with conviction and your hands overhead.

This will 'prime' you for success and help you manifest the willpower to achieve your goals.

Once you're in this state, we'll cover the next step...

Step 2: Visualize

I've written about this fairly extensively before, but this principle still applies...

...when you visualize yourself having success every single day, it becomes impossible not to work to make that change happen.

Imagine for one second that you have all that you desire - what would life look like for you?


For some of you, you may want a nice house that's all taken care of, faster retirement, etc. 

For others, it may be just paying rent on time.

The difference isn't the level of success - it's simply the steps you take to achieve those goals.

Once you are primed and in a relaxed state, you begin to approach things with the utmost confidence and sincere authenticity.

When you begin to visualize your success, that's when you feel as though it is just in reach.

If you don't visualize your dreams coming true, how will you know what to do?

The key to visualization is that you actively prepare for the outcome.

In other words, the outcome is so emblazoned in your head that you do not need to do any guesswork in how to achieve that goal.


Use the following visualization exercise to paint this picture clearer in your mind...

Start by closing your eyes and taking several deep breaths.

Then, imagine yourself waking up to your dream life. What does the bedroom look like or the sheets feel like?

Who is your partner, and what are they doing? 

Walk out of the room...what do you see? 

Take this process even further by imagining the entire day. What work, if any, would you be doing? 

How would you spend the rest of your days living? 

Do this for 10 minutes after you wake up and right before you sleep.

The motivation that you receive from this exercise will compel you to begin manifesting these things happening...

...and the most powerful thing is that you won't even know that you're making it happen until you're right in the midst of it!

Once you've made a clear visualization, then we can move on to the next step...

Step 3: Action

This is the most crucial step of them all.

You need to take action in order for everything to fall into place.

This is the step that most people struggle on...

...not because they don't take action - but because they rush into it.

In other words, they don't begin by operating from a superior mentality.

They rush into fulfilling their dreams while still in a stressful state of panic.


Then they give up because they don't see the effects of what they're doing...

...this is the complete opposite of what you want to do.

Start by priming yourself into a relaxed state.

When you're in this state, you approach all situations with a bit of calm and reservedness that allows you to make better decisions and choices.

Next, you need to understand what success looks like. Define what it means to you through visualization.

The foggier your dreams are, the harder it will be to achieve them.

Make it crystal clear in your mind so that you don't have to take the extra effort.

Only then can you begin to take action because you already have the route planned out for you! 

Whatever your dreams are, if you follow these steps, you are practically guaranteed to succeed because this is the exact roadmap that the Manifestation System utilizes to help you achieve everything that you could possibly want.

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Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson is the creator of Reiki Infinite Healer. Over the last 4 years Dave and his team have helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their wellbeing, recover from illness, connect with their spiritual selves, and learn to heal with the amazing art of Reiki. Dave is a highly sought after healer and teacher, who's work has impacted the lives, health and relationships of individuals and their families in over 200 different countries.

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