Unblocking the Chakras


Your Chakras are the spine of your energetic body.

If you feel locked up, tense, or anxious about the days ahead or your relationships, chances are that your Chakras have negatively been affected and have leaked into your physical body.

Luckily, there are ways to unblock the Chakras so that you don't have to suffer from this pain any longer. 

In today's post, I'm going to show you how to unblock the chakras and reclaim your body, life, and energy again. 

Now, if you're reading this article, I'm going to assume that you already know what the Chakras are and how they affect you...

...but if you're not, I'll also go ahead and introduce the material so that you have a basis for understanding.

Even if you're an advanced Reiki healer, it's good to review things from time to time. 

Remember not to let your ego get in the way - this is one insidious way of becoming an arrogant healer and ensuring that people will not receive the energy invocations that you create.

If you want to learn more about the Chakras, click here to read this article about Chakra Balancing.

The 7 Chakras

The Chakras are essentially vortexes that channel energy in and out of your body.

They exist along the spine and allow the body to moderate itself. However, there are often times in the modern world when the Chakra system can get thrown out of balance or clogged with negativity.

When this happens, it is time to unblock them and allow for healing to occur.

In order to unblock them and heal them, you have to first understand what they are.

Now, some will argue that there are more than seven Chakras, but I understand the convention to be that there are 7 Chakras with portals that are aligned both in the front and back of the spine.

These Chakras complete the Chakra System, which functions as the spine for your energetic body.

They are energy centers and gates that allow energy to pass in and through to your physical body for nutrition and nourishment.

When they become blocked, the centers get thrown out of alignment and either start spinning in reverse, stop spinning altogether, or become extremely inflammed.

It's important to also remember that each Chakra refers to a specific aspect of your life. If a particular situation appears over and over again in your life, it may be that one of your Chakras has been extremely affected.

Think about it this way - if your lower back hurts, chances are that something below (the hips, knees) or something above (the upper back, neck) will also hurt because the pain leaks into those areas.

If you are obese or having trouble losing weight, the types of foods you are eating may not be right for your Chakras.

In addition, blockages can 'leak' into your other Chakras...as it disturbs the natural balance of the Chakra System.

These are the situations that you want to avoid, as damage can take its toll and may seem irreparable. 

Thankfully, there are ways to remediate the situation.

Because each of the 7 chakras senses or refers to specific situations and context, you'll be able to pinpoint the exact root cause of your pain and treat it right then and there.

Once you begin to use the following techniques, you may find yourself more at ease, living a bit more stress free, or even in a better life condition.

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Next, we'll learn exactly how to treat the 7 Chakras.

1. The Crown Chakra Release

When this Chakra is blocked, you may feel the desire to hoard, protect your physical belongings, or greed manifest.

This is because this Chakra is rooted in security, safety, and groundedness.

If it is blocked, these feelings may give way to insecurity, a phobia for the outside world and people, and a excessive need to protect what you own.

Anyone knows that from personal experience, this is not the way to live life.

If we truly want to live, we must live freely and away from our physical possessions.

We are all that we really need at the end of the day.

Take the time to affirm yourself and release your need to hold on to things. Learn to let go.

To release this Chakra, take seven deep full breaths and channel them into the Crown Chakra.

Imagine the air coming in and cleansing the Crown Chakra thoroughly with each breath.

Let the fogginess and mugginess disappear with the cleansing air of the earth.

After you take those deep breaths, roll your head around your neck to discharge any remainder of the negative energy.

Next we'll cover the Third Eye...

Japanese Rocks

2. The Third Eye Release

This Chakra is the center for your intuition and awareness.

When it is blocked, you are more likely to be living in fear of the future, become physically clumsy, and forgetful.

You may start to second guess yourself, make poor decisions, and question your existence.

Take the time to remind yourself that you are indeed enough. You may just need some physical rest to 'deload' the mind from all of the work that you have been doing.

Set in time to physically rest and rejuvenate your spirit each day.

If you feel yourself getting anxious after sitting still for 5 minutes, it may be a sign that this is something that you really need to work on.

To release and unblock this Chakra, stand with your legs straight and bend over in the front. Try to touch your toes if you can.

Swing your body left and right without bending your legs. This will physically 'shake' the Third Eye back into equilibrium.

Stand up slowly to prevent yourself from getting dizzy.

As you stand up, take a deep breath, and repeat as necessary.

Next, we'll cover the Throat Chakra...

3. Throat Chakra Release

This Chakra governs the areas of speech, listening, and physical (and emotional!) taste.

When this area is blocked, you'll find yourself stuttering, acting for yourself, and reacting irreverently for others.

You may even find that life is a bit duller and with less color or vibrance than before.

As a result, you may find your days to be a bit more routine than usual.

Take the time to remember that you live in a world that is meant to be beautiful and enjoyed at all costs.

Your life need be no different. Universal Energy is here to protect you and give you warmth in times of need.

To release or unblock the Throat Chakra, begin by sitting in a cross-legged position.

Take a glass of water, and hold as much as you can in your mouth.

Do not swallow the water - practice breathing through your nose as much as possible without letting the water enter the esophagus.

This will train the Throat to release the pent up energy held within it.

Do this for up to 5 minutes and repeat as necessary.

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4. Heart Chakra Release

The Heart Chakra is the bed of love, relationships, and compassion.

When this area is blocked, you may experience feelings of hatred, resentment, or even loneliness.

As a result, your relationships may take a toll, and you may be left feeling as though no one understands you.

Take the time to observe and sort through your emotions.

Remember that our emotions are an intrinsic part of being human. We do not want to absolve ourselves from them...

...but rather, allow them to exist as a vehicle for our self-expression.

When this Chakra is blocked, use the Spinal Waves technique to release the blockage and regain your trust in others and self.


Keep in mind that there are many different Spinal Waves techniques out there that exist. 

The key is to find the right mix and match that works for you.

 Heart Chakra

5. The Solar Plexus Release

The Solar Plexus is the energy center that controls your power.

When it is blocked, you may feel as though you are weak, incapable, and frail.

As a result, you may start to live in a state of de-motivation and angst. Your work may dwindle, and your mood will reflect how you feel.

Take the time to calm your breath and remind yourself of all that you have done in this world.

You are more powerful than you know, and it would be a shame not to share your gifts with everyone else.

To release this blocked Chakra, take a 30 minute to an hour walk each and every night. 

That may seem like much, but remember that our bodies were designed to move.

Walk with intent and grace - walk as if you are kissing the earth beneath your feet.

This will allow your Solar Plexus to feel the power radiate from below and into your Chakra.

6. The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra houses your sexuality, divinity, and spirit.

When it is blocked, you will face extremes of high libido or none at all. You may feel as though you are unwanted, unquenchable, or even undesirable.

To unblock this Chakra, sit in a deep squatted position with your feet flat.

You may feel a deep tension in your legs or abdomen - this is where the blocked energy has stored itself in your body.

The more time you spend here, the more the energy will dissipate, and you will begin to feel yourself again.

 Positive Light

7. The Root Chakra

The last Chakra on this list is actually the first Chakra.

It is the beginning and the end - the place where all life begins and dissappears.

If this Chakra is blocked, you may experience pain in the musculture, head, or even your hips.

The pain may radiate into feelings of unease, anxiety, and unnecessary tension.

To unblock this Chakra, you need to spend some time in the morning and night to meditate.

One such meditation that you can use is the one below - it is one of my favorites. 

Simply chant this to yourself over and over again for 3-5 minutes. Work your way up to 10 minutes, if possible.

This meditation is called, "Calming Of The Storm."

I am worthy of grace, love, and the world. I am enough in this moment. I am unrushed. I am here, neither there nor where, but here. 

Once you are comfortable with this meditation, you may want to use my Chakra Balancing Plan to see if you have other problems that haven't been diagnosed yet.

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