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Many healers, particularly those who have received an attunement, report having higher sensitivity to their surroundings and to others.

This should come as no surprise because of the restorative effect that attunements have on people...

...but it's funny how most healers don't know why or how it works.

Even fewer understand that they can teach this to other people - not through an attunement, but through specific techniques that regular people can use to boost their physical senses.

Now, of course, I wholeheartedly recommend people to get attunements (because you won't advance that far in energy healing without one)...

But there are still techniques that you can use to boost your physical senses.

You might be thinking, "why would I want to be even MORE sensitive to the world than I already am?" 

And it's true - having greater senses can be a bit overwhelming to our body.

It can overload the energetic system and hurt our processing centers...if you're not prepared for it.

You see, the main problem people have isn't that having greater senses is dangerous - in a little bit, you'll see exactly why they're so beneficial!

The main problem is that people just aren't prepared to have greater senses.

It's like lifting a heavy hammer or any kind of tool - it's not that the tool is dangerous or a problem.

It's that you're not strong enough to lift it...and if you prepared your body to be strong, then you'd be able to lift it without any problem!

The same thing happens when we excite or boost our physical senses.

There is only you

If we make you more adaptive to a greater sense capacity through specific exercises...

...that means that you can operate at a higher level! 

It's like having your own superpowers at will, except that it only takes a few minutes every day to maintain them.

In this blog post, I'll show you how to improve your senses with a few exercises that I use with my students and clients.

You'll start feeling as if you were your own superhero!

Now, if this interests you, but you aren't interested in doing the work involved...take a look my Attunements & Beyond.

They're a quick way to gain new abilities and awaken your true potential.

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Attunements & Beyond

Next, we'll learn how to maintain and exercise your physical senses.

Your Senses

Now, if you thought that we were going to cover your Chakra Senses, you can view an article I wrote on that over here.

In today's article, I'm covering the physical senses because of how crucial they are.

If you don't work on your physical senses, your Chakra Senses won't improve either.

Think of it like a car.

A car's internal layer can have a supercomputer, automatic driving, and all of that...

...but if it doesn't have a decent engine or some tires, it's not going to go very far.

So your physical senses are like the 'hardware' while your Chakra Senses are the 'software'. 

If you upgrade your hardware, you upgrade the capability of the software as well - it's a win-win situation.

We are you

Now, there are tons of ways to improve your senses, but I'm going to list my favorite ways below.

Try them out and test whether or not you have a greater perception of the world!

Your Sense of Touch

This sense particularly gets heightened whenever we feel joy, pleasure, or gaiety.

On the other end, this sense gets heightened in scenarios when we feel fear, curiosity, or wonder.

You can probably think of several scenarios when your sense of touch is amplified - when someone who you're interested in touches you or you're in a foggy forest and feel the humidity in the air.

When you enhance your sense of touch, you can start to feel the difference between different textures, materials, and even richness of the surface.

You'd want to increase your sense of touch in situations of ambiguity, as your skin would be more receptive to feeling the energy moving around in the room.

As a result, you'd be able to detect certain things other people wouldn't be able to...and get out of the way if there's something negative or move to a more advantageous position if there was an opportunity about.

To ncrease this sensitivity, do the following exercise...

Sit in any room of your choosing. It will be particularly helpful if the room is somewhere that you're modestly familiar with.

Close your eyes and try to feel the room you are in.

There is only now

Imagine where the objects are from you and see if you can 'feel' them in your mind.

You might feel goosebumps or your skin start to crawl with sensation - this means that the exercise is working.

Now, try to focus on each of your body parts in relation to the room.

Without moving, try to feel your right arm waving around and grabbing objects. Do the same for the other arm and legs.

After about 5 minutes, stand up and walk around. You might feel as if you have an extra sense!

You can also feel like you have an extra sense once you become attuned.

Do this often enough...and you'll feel like a superhuman.

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Attunements & Beyond

Your Sense of Smell

When you improve your sense of smell, you'll be able to literally 'sniff' out danger zones of energy.

The smells might be sour or even sweet - but you'll notice that it's distinguishably off from the rest of your environment.

This has gotten me out of many different situations...and my energy thanks me for it.

To improve your sense of smell, do the following exercise...

Sit in a chair and breathe normally.

As you breathe, close your nose and exhale completely out of your mouth.

Once you have exhaled completely, close your mouth and hold your breath until the first recognizable movement in your throat.

You're not trying to hold your breath for time, but only until you feel the urge to breathe.

As you feel that urge, let go of your nose and inhale deeply.

Your nostrils may open up and you'll feel a sudden rush of energy in your system!

Your Sense of Hearing

Your auditory sense is directly correlated with your Third Eye Chakra, as it allows you to be in tune with the physical vibrations of the world.

Since the ear operates on vibration and frequency, it's a powerful way to boost your Third Eye as well.

To boost this sense, you'll want to use specific Reiki music. 

This music has many layers and will help you unpack and uncover new sounds. Alternatively, you can use your favorite song.

As you listen to this music, try to pick apart every instrument that is on the track.

For example, you may hear the overarching melody, but there may be some smaller sounds that you may have missed.

As you listen to this song, try to put the music back together as you're listening.

There is no other

This will help you be more perceptive of what other people say vs what they mean.

Your Sense of Taste

The sense of taste is often a misunderstood one, as it helps us feel the difference between what's good for us and what's bad for us.

You know how they say, "it leaves a bad taste in your mouth?" That's because our mouth is the interpreter of the energy around us. When we get nervous, we make our saliva, we swallow more, and we tend to drink water.

When we're happy and joyful, we're laughing and vibrations are emitting from our mouth.

To enhance your sense of taste then, is to amplify your reaction to these energies, both good and bad.

However, this will help you read a situation better and get out or get in quicker than if you were to try to sense things regularly.

The great news is that this exercise can be done comfortably anytime that you're eating.

As you eat your food, take an extremely slow bite and try to feel the different textures of the food on your tongue.

It may feel weird and gross at first, but as you continue to do this, you'll notice that you can actually taste the difference between different sauces, foods, etc. This ability is transferable to your sense of energy, as you'll be able to 'taste' the bad energy and the good energy.

Your Sense of Sight

The last physical sense, but certaintly not the least, is your sense of sight.

This visual sense can be enhanced by simply taking a walk outside and scanning the world.

Look at the tree and see if you can count how many leaves there are.

You might feel silly, but being able to distinguish individual pieces will help you decipher the entirety of the tree.

The same metaphor and exercise can be applied to how you observe energy emanating from others.

As you improve this sight, you do want to take care and rest your eyes from time to time.

This will help you recover and rebalance all of the energy that you've just taken in.

Now, remember that all of the physical senses are interrelated and can leak into one another.

Keep up these exercises and watch how your senses improve over time!

If you're interested in learning how to increase your senses even MORE...then you definitely need to check out what Attunements are and how they can help you.

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Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson is the creator of Reiki Infinite Healer. Over the last 4 years Dave and his team have helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their wellbeing, recover from illness, connect with their spiritual selves, and learn to heal with the amazing art of Reiki. Dave is a highly sought after healer and teacher, who's work has impacted the lives, health and relationships of individuals and their families in over 200 different countries.

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