Essential Chakra Stones

Essential Chakra Stones

Who would have thought… 

… that something so small, so old, so ordinary… 

… would have the power to align your energy centers and bring you back to health… 

A regular stone that you might find out in your garden is unlikely to have any special powers. But if you know what you are looking for, you can uncover Chakra stones for each of your seven energy centers. 

Now I’m not talking about rocks like you might find on a mountain or a gravel road… there’s a difference. And stones are even slightly different from crystals. 

In a moment I’ll share with you how that one subtle difference makes stones easier to use with your Chakras. 

I’ll also explain your energy centers, how stones can affect them, and then share my favorite stone for each of your Chakras. 

If you want to know which Chakra stones can give your self-esteem a boost of confidence, which can help you quickly and easily make any decision you face, and which Chakra stones can protect you from just about anything, then you are in the right place. 

I’ll even give you a bonus stone at the end of the article that is powerful enough to work on all seven of your energy centers. But let’s start with a quick refresher on what a Chakra is. 

Review of the Chakras 

Chakras are an essential part of your energetic body. They are the gateways that allow energy to flow in and out of your system. 

There are seven main Chakras that line up along your spine. These portals are each responsible for sending energy to different parts of your body and controlling different aspects of your life.

Chakra Locations

When your Chakras are balanced, you are happy, healthy, and full of life. But if they become closed or blocked, you’ll start to see signs of mental, physical, and spiritual illnesses. 

The health of each Chakra is directly related to the health of a person as a whole. And to keep your whole body and energy system healthy, you can use Chakra stones or crystals. 

Although people often use the terms in similar ways, there is actually a small difference between these two minerals…  

What’s the Difference Between a Crystal and a Stone?

In the world of energy healing, we often use the terms “crystal” and “stone” interchangeably. But there is a bit of a difference between the two. 

However, knowing the difference between them isn’t 100% necessary unless you’re a geologist or someone who studies crystals for a living. 

And the defining line between the two is not always clear… but here are the definitions I like to go by...

A crystal has a repeating pattern in its structure, and you can usually see the rough, jagged edges poking out onto the surface. 

A stone is defined as a cryptocrystalline mineral, meaning they only look like a crystal under a microscope. Usually, they have smooth edges and polished surfaces that fit nicely into the palm of your hand. 

Sacred Temple

In energy healing, we can use both crystals and stones, and the difference between the two is not going to significantly impact their power to heal you. 

I typically recommend stones rather than crystals for use with the Chakras because we often place the stones on the body as part of the healing process, and the smooth edges of a stone are more comfortable against the skin. 

This is the most effective way to connect to the healing energy of a Chakra stone or crystal. Having it touch your skin makes it much easier for your body to recognize and match the stone’s unique energy signature… 

How Stones Affect the Chakras

Stones, just like you and me, are made up of energy. Throughout time, they’ve been soaking up the energy of the earth and storing it for later use. 

The powerful thing about stones is that their energy tends to vibrate at a very high frequency… meaning that they carry positive energy. So any time that your energy is low or imbalanced, simply being in close proximity to certain stones can help increase your positive energy. 

Each stone has its own unique energy signature that resonates with one of your Chakras. Just as each Chakra has a slightly different vibrational frequency, so does each stone. 

Energetic Healing Stones

Connecting to the energy of a stone allows your Chakras to start matching the stone’s higher frequency, so that it can introduce positive energy to your body. 

There are hundreds of different stones and crystals out there that you could use for your healing practice. So how do you know which ones to choose? 

As a general rule, the Chakra color will corresponds with the color of the stone that is best for healing it. A few Chakras have more than one color that can affect its frequency, but I’ll tell you more about that in a moment. 

To get you started with choosing stones for your Chakras, I’ve provided a list of my favorites to use in my healing practice. 

The following cheat sheet shows you... at a glance... the stones for each Chakra and how to use them.

Download a PDF version of it here so you can easily choose and use the Chakra stones that are right for you.

Chakra Stones Cheat Sheet

Now let’s go through each of these powerful stones in detail, so that you’ll be able to manifest: 

  • Health, 
  • Safety, 
  • Love, 
  • Spiritual fulfillment,

And anything else you need right now in your life. 

We’ll begin at your foundation… 

Root Chakra Stone: Black Tourmaline

Your Root Chakra is all about satisfying your basic human needs… food, water, shelter, safety… and it’s responsible for keeping you grounded and connected to the earth. 

Root Chakra Stone

Black Tourmaline is the essential stone of both protection and grounding. It is known for its ability to remove and block negative energy from your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. 

Tourmaline can also help rebalance your Root because this stone represents safety, protection, grounding, and the creation of boundaries. 

Remember how I told you that generally the Chakra colors correspond with the stone colors? Well your Root Chakra actually responds to two different colored stones: red and black. 

While Black Tourmaline is my favorite stone to use on the Root Chakra, you can use other red or black stones as a substitute. 

Alternatives: Red Garnet, Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Black Onyx, and Hematite

To use this healing stone, lay on your stomach and place it right at the base of your spine. Spend a few quiet moments allowing your energy to sync with the stone. 

After a few sessions, you’ll start to feel safe, more in control of your life, and energized about living life to the fullest. 

Another way you can use this Chakra stone is for calming the intense emotions stemming from anxiety. If you find yourself constantly worrying, hold one stone in each hand to help protect and ground you. 

Black Tourmaline works well for your Root Chakra, which is always the best place to start because if there’s a problem in the Root, then all the other Chakras will be out of balance, too! 

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This next Chakra stone is a favorite of painters, authors, singers, and performers of all types… 

Sacral Chakra Stone: Carnelian

Your Sacral Chakra controls your sexuality, creativity, and emotional health. If you find yourself having low sex drive, a lack of creative energy, extreme emotional outbursts, or reproductive issues, try introducing Carnelian into your energy healing practice. 

Sacral ChakraStone

Carnelian is a well-known stone that has been used for many centuries. It’s popular among performers and creatives of all types. Many actors and singers, including grammy award-winner Adele, refuse to perform without their beloved Carnelian stones. 

But how does this particular stone work? Carnelian has the ability to balance the forces of your right and left brain. By harmonizing your mental capabilities and creative senses, you’ll be able to bring your creative endeavours to fruition. 

Cultivating a relationship with this stone also gives a powerful boost to your self-esteem, courage, and passion, allowing you to get in touch with your deepest desires.  

Chakra stones are a very personal practice… so if you find that Carnelian just doesn’t jive with your energy, then try another orange stone to heal your Sacral Chakra.

Alternatives: Orange Calcite, Tiger’s Eye, and Sunstone

Try keeping a Carnelian stone in your pocket whenever you’re looking to amplify your creative and passionate spirit, whether that’s on the stage or in the bedroom. 

If you’ve already got a good grip on your creativity but just need a little bit of help moving into action, this next stone is for you.

Solar Plexus Chakra Stone: Yellow Aventurine

Your Solar Plexus Chakra governs your willpower, motivation, and determination. It is the place that you connect into when you are creating the life that you desire. 

Solar Plexus Chakra Stone

The essential stone for your Solar Plexus Chakra is Yellow Aventurine, known for its ability to increase your self-esteem, your motivation, personal growth, your confidence, and new opportunities.

Incorporating Yellow Aventurine into your healing practice will help you to focus your intentions so that you can easily manifest the things that you desire. Just like the sun, Yellow Aventurine can help illuminate the path to reaching your goals and motivate you to move forward. 

Typically, people tend to associate the color green with luck and good fortune… But this yellow stone is actually much more powerful at bringing you prosperity and good will. 

Yellow Aventurine is great for beginners just starting their collection because it is both beautiful and inexpensive. They’re becoming so popular that I’ve noticed some of my local shops are quickly running out! If that happens in your area, try any of these yellow stones to connect with your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Alternatives: Citrine, Yellow Jasper, Rutilated Quartz, and Pyrite

The best way to use Yellow Aventurine is to place it between your navel and your heart, and breathe deeply into your stomach. Close your eyes and let this bright stone bring good fortune and power into your life. 

But perhaps you’re looking for a little bit of help with your love life… 

Heart Chakra Stone: Rose Quartz

Your Heart Chakra is responsible for feelings of love and compassion towards all human beings, including yourself. 

Heart Chakra Stone

Certain cultures believe that this light pink stone has the ability to diffuse anger and disappointment, and replace negative emotions with feelings of love and compassion. 

Rose Quartz is often thought of as the ‘romance’ stone, but it also helps you foster caring and compassionate relationships with your friends, your family, and even yourself. 

By helping you release stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions, Rose Quartz allows you to create space in your heart to both give and receive love. 

This is a wonderful Chakra stone for promoting forgiveness, harmony, compassion, and love.  

Your Heart Chakra is also one of those unique energy centers that responds to more than one color. So if you can’t get your hands on Rose Quartz, there are a few other pink and green stones that can help. 

Alternatives: Chrysoprase, Green Aventurine, and Rhodonite

Once you’ve acquired your Heart Chakra stone, try meditating with it. Place the stone over your heart, then place both hands on top of it. As you feel the smooth surface of the stone against your skin, bring to mind a person, place, or thing that could use a little extra love and compassion. 

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While it's important to be able to feel love, you’ll also need a stone that can help you communicate that love to another person. 

Throat Chakra Stone: Blue Apatite

Your Throat Chakra is your center for communication and expression. It’s deeply connected with your sense of self. 

Throat Chakra Stone

Harnessing the power of Blue Apatite can stimulate your Throat Chakras because both resonate at the same vibrational frequency. 

The main property of this beautiful blue stone is that of clearing. Blue Apatite helps to remove any confusion so that you can clearly articulate your thoughts and feelings. It’s also effective at creating clarity around the truth.

The clarity created by Blue Apatite helps you to see and know your true self, your true sense of purpose, and your true potential. And once you know who you really are, this Chakra stone helps you accept this version of yourself and share it with the world through thoughtful self-expression. 

If you seek to clearly express your ideas and offer wise advice, add the clarifying powers of Blue Apatite to your healing practice. 

This stone also comes in yellow, but I prefer the qualities associated with the blue-hued version. If you have trouble acquiring your Blue Apatite, other light blue stones can also be effective when working with the Throat Chakra. 

Alternatives: Angelite, Turquoise, and Aquamarine

Because this stone is so closely linked with your Throat Chakra, it is ideal to wear around your neck. Blue Apatite is one of the best stones to use in necklaces because this allows the stone to be in constant contact with your skin, promoting ease around your ability to communicate. 

Continuing up your spine, we’ve arrived at your intuitive Chakra… 

Third Eye Chakra Stone: Fluorite

Your Third Eye Chakra houses your intuition… it’s responsible for all of your mental and psychic abilities. 

Third Eye Chakra Stone

Fluorite is the stone that I always recommend for this Chakra because it has a powerful connection to your mental energies. The energy in Fluorite vibrates in such a way that it actually affects the chemistry of your brain, allowing things to balance out and calm down. 

Once the mind is balanced and calm, the energy vibration of Fluorite boosts your intuitive senses by opening your Third Eye Chakra to receive higher vibrations. And an open Chakra facilitates a strong connection between the human mind and the universal consciousness.

With indigo, violet, and green all present in this beautiful stone, it is extremely effective at clearing the mind of negativity or confusion so that you can uncover your spiritual path forward. 

As the mind clears, Fluorite also helps you hone in on your inner wisdom that comes from your intuition or gut feelings. This stone is an excellent aid for the decision making process because it clears away the unnecessary information so that you can be guided by your intuition. 

Additionally, you can use any indigo stones to heal your Third Eye Chakra. 

Alternatives: Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, and Blue Moonstone

Whenever I have a decision to make, I place Fluorite on my forehead while I meditate. Having this stone’s energy connected with my own allows me to clear my thoughts and make the right choice. 

And with a clear, uncluttered mind, you are ready to enter into the spiritual realm. 

Crown Chakra Stone: Amethyst

Your Crown Chakra is known for its ability to enhance all things related to your spiritual journey. It awakens your connection to the Divine and opens you to the wisdom of the universe. 

Crown Chakra Stone

Amethyst is a well-known stone that many people use for the sole purpose of bringing a striking aesthetic to their jewelry or home. But little do they know, that they are also raising the vibrations of all the energy around them. 

Often, this stone will foster communication between you and your spirit guides. As you enter into the spiritual realm, having Amethyst with you can help your spirit guides lead you along the path to your truest self. 

The energy in this violet stone also promotes your understanding and spiritual wisdom so that you can reach a higher state of consciousness and spiritual awareness. 

Your Crown Chakra also responds to clear or white stones, in addition to other violet stones. While you should have no trouble locating Amethyst stones, you may decide that this stone is just not for you. Here are some other options...

Alternatives: Sugilite, Selenite, and White Moonstone

As I mentioned before, many people simply use this stone as a decorative element. This can absolutely stimulate your Crown, but allowing the stone to come into direct contact with your skin is by far the most powerful use. 

Place a Amethyst on your forehead during your meditation. The violet energy of this stone will boost your mental clarity and open you to your Divine purpose. 

As promised, I have a bonus stone that has the power to affect your entire body… 

BONUS Chakra Stone: Clear Quartz For Total Body Healing

Some say that Clear Quartz, or any white or clear stone, is a stone that’s best for healing your Crown Chakra. But I disagree. 

Total Body Healing Stone

Clear Quartz is my absolute favorite for all around healing. It’s clear color acts like a blank slate so that it can be programmed for almost anything. Simply choose an intention, and allow the stone to do the rest of the work. 

This clear stone is a powerful cleansing agent that works on your whole body. When you use Clear Quartz, it clears out any blockages or unwanted energies from each of your Chakras, allowing them to open so that you can return to a state of health. 

You can also pair Clear Quartz with any of the stones that I mentioned above. This stone can act as an amplifier of energy, so use Clear Quartz to get an extra boost!

Clear Quartz jewelry can be very beautiful and effective at cleansing your energy. But my favorite way to use this stone is in my Clear Quartz wand. It helps me direct the cleansing energy straight into each Chakra for a full body healing session. 

Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful stones that you can find, but some people find that it just doesn’t quite do the trick. Sometimes, energetic blockages are so deeply ingrained in our bodies that we just need something a little more powerful. 

After realizing that my own energetic wounds were just too deep to be healed by stones, I created the Full Body Healing Sessions so that those suffering from strong energy imbalances could find an easy way to heal. 

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Full Body Healing

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