The Chakra Senses

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They say we have five senses - sight, sound, feeling, smell, and taste. 

But I know for a fact that we have more than five senses... fact, it's been proven that we intake information through more channels than these five alone.

For many people, the thought that we are more than just our physical body is mind-boggling enough - but for many Reiki practitioners, we know that our very being exists in multiple planes and dimensions.

Ironically, one such plane is virtually part of our physical world...and it's the very plane that houses our external senses.

You see, our energetic body radiates with different kinds of energy on a daily basis...

...and this body intakes massive amounts of energy and information so that we can make sense of the world.

So when people suggest that there are only five senses...they're only talking about the information that is most simple for our physical bodies to gather.

So what happens to the more complex information and energy? 

It gets channeled into our energetic body through our Chakras.

The Chakra Senses

The kind of information that we receive through Chakras is different than our normal senses. This receptivity is different because of several reasons: 

  • Each Chakra responds to a specific set of stimuli 
  • Information & energy FIRST passes through our basic senses and THEN through our energetic body as a secondary measure
  • This information & energy directly affects the energetic body

Now, there are always exceptions...but more often than not, these reasons are typically why most people never truly get to understand or know their energetic body. 

However, in today's blog post, I want to share exactly what these senses are and how to develop them using specific exercises. This practice will help take your Reiki to the next level, as you will not only understand your Chakras and their power, but the nature of energy in other people as well. 

Let's begin with the first Chakra...

The Root Chakra Sense

The Root Chakra guides our sense of balance, movement, and presence. It governs both how our physical body feels and how it responds to emotional stimuli from the Sacral Chakra.

For example, if you're feeling particularly imbalanced or having an 'off-day', there's a good chance that your Root Chakra is sensing instability somewhere in your life and responding accordingly. 

The Root Chakra Sense

This sense also refers to how you respond to other people as well. If you know that a friend is particularly having a bad day, you may have a low or saggy feeling in the hips - this is the Root Chakra sense's response to the energetic wave of others. 

There are plenty of ways to develop your Root Chakra Sense, but this following exercise is one of my favorites.

I call it, "The Slow Walk." Here's how to do it:

  1. Start by finding an empty field of grass. If your body is allergic to grass, the floor in your house is okay too. 
  2. Set a stopwatch timer to 30 seconds. 
  3. As you click start, use the full 30 seconds to take ONE step. 
  4. Repeat on the other foot for 30 seconds.

This 'micro-movement' helps you understand your body and how it senses contact with the ground.

By being conscious of this movement, you're sending an intake of energy up through your legs to the Root Chakra - this practice will help you strengthen that receptivity and build a stronger Root Chakra sense.

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The Sacral Chakra Sense

This Chakra responds to our emotions and feelings.

Otherwise known as "The Emotional Sense", the Sacral Chakra holds our connection to emotions like happiness, anger, and fear.

The Sacral Chakra is most commonly mistaken as the fight or flight response to a situation. 

This mistake is often made because the fight or flight response is generally most often felt in the lower gut. Think about it - the last time you felt fear, where did you feel it the most?

More likely than not, you felt it in the lower gut, which is where the Sacral Chakra is housed. 

In order to strengthen the Sacral Chakra and your emotive sense, I recommend the "Peaceful State" Visualization. Instructions for it are below:

  1. Sit in a comfortable seat where you are. This can be a chair, a bench, or even a bed. 
  2. Close your eyes and cusp your hands over your Sacral Chakra.
  3. Now imagine little seedlings sprouting from that area and growing into a beautiful garden.
  4. Make sure to 'grow' everything really slowly to feel its power and effect on the Sacral Chakra.
  5. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Have you ever made a quick decision based on impulse and have it turn out correctly as you imagined? That's because our intuitive sense is partially located in our Solar Plexus Chakra. 

Solar Plexus Senses

While it is difficult to pinpoint how intuition works (after all, everyone is different), most healers recognize that intuition plays a big role in developing one's ability to read, diagnose, and even heal someone's energetic blockages or deficiencies.

To build your intuition and strengthen your connection to the Solar Plexus Chakra, try the following quick exercise I call, "Flash Thought."

Either by yourself or with a group of friends or people, go to an unfamiliar place or new location.

This can be a coffee shop, park, restaurant - it doesn't matter so long as you haven't been there before.

  1. Designate someone (or you, if you are by yourself) to call out random words in rapid succession. Stop after 10. 
  2. As they (or you) call out these words, turn your head to look at the first thing you see that reminds you of those words. 
  3. After 10 words, pause and give yourself time to reflect on why you looked at the things you did. If you are in a group, discuss how you felt and why you looked at the things you did. 

Heart Chakra

It should go without saying that Love is its own sense and is primarily sensed with the Heart Chakra.

In addition to freely giving others Love, the Heart Chakra also responds to the Love of others.

Likewise, it can also feel the pain of heartbreak when Love is taken away. 

This is important for people who feel as though they have the world to offer to someone else but have trouble finding a true connection with others. 

The Heart Chakra

To strengthen one's Heart Chakra and sense of Love (particularly for individuals who may be in need of extra care), use a Rose Quartz Crystal to dowse and release the energy inside. 

This can be done by holding the crystal in between the forefingers and spinning it over the Heart Chakra in a clockwise fashion to mirror the Chakra direction of spin.

In addition, this helps free any blockages that may be latent and preventing one from sensing Love from others.

Throat Chakra

Although similar to our sense of speech, our Throat Chakra houses the sense of empathy.

It may sound strange...but many people don't know that empathy is a direct result of intentionally matching one's energetic vibration with another. 

Think about it - when you empathize with someone, you bring yourself to another person's level in order to understand their story, pain, success, etc.

When I see a situation like this - someone comforting another over a breakup, offering condolences for the passing of a loved one - I see how their aura shifts and changes as a result of their Throat Chakra. 

To build this amazing skill and sense, you can practice the art of Active Listening.

In your next conversation, instead of waiting to speak, reflect on what the other person is really trying to say instead. Use their words in order to move the conversation to make them feel heard.

This can also help strengthen your other Chakra Senses.

If you feel as though you haven't been heard...your Chakras may be out of balance. If you need help with this, download my FREE 5-Minute Chakra Balancing Plan to get back on the right track. You can download it here.

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Third Eye Chakra

This sense or ability is one of the hardest to develop...its our sensory awareness of the other planes and dimensions.

This is because our Third Eye acts as a gateway to the other realms of existence that contain our spirit guides, memories, and even angels. 

The simplest realm one can enter (with an attunement) is the Astral Plane, but there are many others like the Buddhic Plane that we can also visit.

If you've ever had a strange dream or had a premonition from the night before (different from intuition), it's likely that the source of those visions came from these external planes. 

Third Eye Sense

To build the Third Eye Chakra, you can start with the "Third Eye Projection" game that is practiced by spiritual healers around the world. 

  1. Take a deck of cards and place each card face up. 
  2. Shuffle the deck and close your eyes. 
  3. As you put each card down, try to visualize between the center of your eyes, the number and suit of the card. 

It will take some time...but soon, you will be able to predict and see the card's existence in another realm without ever looking at the cards!

I've seen children master this process over time...and you can too.

The Crown Chakra

This Chakra governs our sense of knowledge and being. Think about it - the very way we think and understand the world comes from our knowledge and how much we know! 

However, the way the Crown Chakra interprets information is different from the brain because of how it responds to the energy of the Universe.

Essentially, the Crown Chakra uses knowledge of the universe in order to make sense of the world. 

How else would we be able to understand Auras, Chakras, and other modalities?

It's through the Crown Chakra that we can know and interpret all of these things with pristine accuracy. 

To strengthen this Chakra, one can practice the art of LifeForce Energy Optimization. I've written about that at length in this article here

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