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When your Chakras are filled with negative energy...

No amount of balancing work will reset them back to normal.

It's like walking across a tightrope with a stick...

...except one end of the stick is significantly heavier than the other side.

Trying to balance this while walking the rope is near impossible.

However, there's no difference between this act and trying to function with Chakras that have negative energy leaking from them. 

If you never try to clear this energy out, you risk feeling lethargic, unfocused, and tired for the rest of your life.

You can even suffer from extreme depression, anxiety, and poor habit control.

People confuse balancing and cleansing together, but they can be understood in this way.

Imagine the pipes underneath your house or wherever you live.

If the pipes are leaky, this simply means that they need to be tightened.

However, if your pipes are backing up, this means that their is an overaccumulation of material in them.

Likewise, your Chakras act in a very similar way.

If your Chakras need to be balanced, this just means that they're taking in too much or too little energy.


If your Chakras need to be cleansed, this means that the blockage in them is preventing energy from coming in or going out.

Luckily, Reiki provides us with a solution to clearing out this negative energy...

...and it all begins with our Chakras.

In this blog article, I'll show you techniques that you can use to clear out each of your Chakras to make sure that you are in optimal condition.

If you've been feeling sluggish, as though your happiness has been drained, or extremely unmotivated, keep reading to learn how you can remedy these problems today.

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First, to learn how to clear our Chakras, we need to understand the process...

The Chakra Cleansing Process

To cleanse your Chakras, you need to understand which Chakras are filled with negative energy...

...and which ones are not.

This isn't as simple as it looks, since every Chakra overlaps with others in certain ways.

However, you can tell by doing this simple test.

I call it the Chakra Cleanse Protocol or CCP.

All you need to do is do the following for each of your Chakras:

Find a nice comfortable spot to sit in.

As you sit, visualize your Chakra Line. Start from the bottom at your Root Chakra and go all the way up to your Crown Chakra.

As you visualize, see if you can sense where certain lines are broken.

There should be one straight line between all 7 Chakras, so if there is any breaking point, make a mental note of this or write it down.

Next, you're going to concentrate on one Chakra at a time. Focus on whichever one you feel most inclined to check first - otherwise, you can start from the Root Chakra.

As you concentrate on each Chakra, spin it around in your head.

What does it look like? What colors? Is it spinning extremely fast or slow or not at all?

Do this for 2 minutes for each of your Chakras.

For the Chakras that were broken in your first viewing, what do they look like?

It's common sense, but if your Chakras are muddy, spinning out of control (or still), and warped, this means that you need to cleanse them.

Pay attention to which Chakras need the most help and list them in descending order.

It helps me to write them down based on three categories:

  • Fine, Normal, or Correct
  • Could Use Some Work
  • Desperately Need To Be Cleansed

Now, even though these categories are kind of arbitrary, you can get the point.

Use a similar outline for your Chakras so that you can grasp this concept fully.

When you have your results from the CCP test, the results may confuse you.

I frequently get students who do this and wonder to themselves, "my Crown Chakra has problems?!"

This is no reason to get defeated - rather, it's a reason for you to continue the healing process.

Simply make a note, be honest to yourself, and keep moving forward.

Next, we'll learn several techniques that you can use to clean out your Chakras.

For the following techniques, use the knowledge that you gained from the CCP...

...and direct your energy towards these Chakras in particular.

We'll start off with a classic technique...


The Wind

This technique is one that kickstarts your Chakra so that it can spin itself.

It's a powerful technique that often feels like you're getting the wind getting kicked out of you (hence the name). 

Note: this may be hard on individuals who have trouble walking or getting up with minimum effort.

Make sure that you exercise caution before performing any of these techniques.

Stand in place with your legs about shoulder-width apart.

As you stand, slowly take in each and every single breath.

Imagine the breath traveling down the Chakra Line.

After about 2-3 minutes, inhale through your nose extremely hard, and exhale everything out to completion from your mouth.

When this happens, you'll find the sudden urge to breath again, even if you don't move when you stand.

When you do need to breath, only inhale after all air has been exhaled from your mouth.

Repeat this for 5 more minutes.

Some students say they get lightheaded after this - and I don't blame them. Cleansing out our Chakras is tough work.

Use this exercise with caution.

You can also use this in reverse if you notice that your Chakras are spinning in the opposite direction.

Simply inhale as hard as you can, and exhale as softly as you can using the steps listed above.

Repeat this as often as necessary to give your Chakras a little kickstart!


Next, we'll learn the River Runs.

The River Runs

This technique shouldn't even be called a technique by how simple it is.

All you need to do is boil multiple glasses of water...

...and drink them when they're still hot, but approaching warm.

Drinking water at this temperature helps acclimate it to your energetic needs.

Remember that although drinking cold water may feel good temporarily, our body temperature is signficantly higher.

This means that your body is trying very hard to stay warm!

So make it easier by drinking hot, but not warm water to flush out the toxins in your energetic system.

This also has a stimulative effect on the energetic system, as it makes it easier for your Chakras to spin again.

You can think of it like how iron pipes need lubricant.

The water acts a substance to clear out your Chakras for you without you having to do much else.

You'll use the restroom alot though!

Use these two techniques when you need to really cleanse out your Chakras.

After doing so, you'll want to check out my FREE 5-Minute Chakra Balancing Plan.

It's the ultimate way to maintain the health of your Chakras.

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