The 7 Archetypes


You know it deep down inside of you...

...there's something more to it. There's something greater than you that lurks inside.

If you've been studying Reiki, you know that this is by no means a coincidence.

It's not a mistake that you've been feeling this way...

...the real you is seeking to breakaway from your corporeal body and seeking a higher path to happiness.

When I first experienced this realization, I thought that it was just a phase.

Turns out that I was right - it was a transitionary phase towards becoming who I am, and always was, destined to be.

When I learned what I'm about to tell you right now changed my life forever.

Who you are today is not just the result of the many decisions you've made or the genetics that your parents gave you - 

It's the result of the energy flowing between, in, and out of your Chakras and your Aura.

And that's called...

Your Archetype

The specific way that your energy flows manifests itself as an Archetype, or a guiding framework that your energy follows.

In other words, it's the way that you are inclined to respond to events, make decisions, and even realize your full potential.

Some people refer to this as your Psychological Outline or Embedded Character...

...but the truth is that your Archetype is so much more.

Now, according to many researchers in this particular field of study, there are 7 main Archetypes that correspond to each of the 7 Chakras.

Some people will argue that there are more (even as many as 21), but for the sake of discussion, you can distill all of these into 7 primary Archetypes.

Now, keep in mind that just like Chakras, no Archetype is completely dominant - you are a mix and match of all of these and more.

It's just that there will only be one Archetype in which you truly identify and resonate with.

Also note that these Archetypes are referred to by different names in different cultures and languages, and as a result, you may find similar sounding descriptions or titles.

Don't worry too much about the semantics, as you'll know as soon as you see it.

Not many Reiki healers or masters dare even talk about this subject...mostly because they want to keep talking about Reiki.

I love talking and using Reiki as much as the next person, but it's also important to incorporate other ideas and practices into your healing practice.

This way, you don't become siloed or one-dimensional as a healer.

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The following list is a comprehensive look at the 7 Archetypes.

You'll know yours when you read about'll be as if your eyes have opened to a brand new world.

Let's start with the first one...

The Earth Mother (Father)

Earth Mother & Father

The Earth Mother or Father is known for their unconditional love and care. They continue to give and give, despite being hurt or being traumatized by past pain.

Their friends refer to them as nuturing and passionate about others.

They are often the kindest souls that you will ever meet.

Fond of taking care of others and with the sweetest mentality, the Earth Mother & Father give all they can.

Keep yourself feeling safe, secure, and in good company to nuture and cultivate this Archetype.

The opposite of the Earth Mother or Father is the Victim.

You can become the Victim when you feel out of control, out of balance, and a bit more vulnerable than usual.

Distrust in others might ensue, and you may end up feeling as though you do not have control over any situation.

If you feel that you're in the dark, chances are that you have given too much and need to learn how to control your energy so that you do not overtax your body.

You may have also found that you overcommitted to many different events, situations, and obligations.

Learn to say no so that you can conserve your energy for the things that really do matter.

The Sovereign


This Archetype represents those who are extremely individualistic and believe that they are in control of their world and destiny.

They are bold, daring, and often assume positions of leadership...simply because they can.

You can usually point them out as the leader of the pack or group of friends, workers, or family.

They do not like being told what to do or conforming - they'd rather stick out than blend in.

However, the opposite of the Sovereign is the Martyr.

Sovereigns can sometimes suffer from what psychologists call, the Fundamental Attribution Bias.

Anything that they do well, they'll attribute to themselves...

...but anything they do poorly in, they tend to blame everything but themselves. 

In the worst cases, they are masters of self-pity - this is how they make themselves feel better.

If you've been feeling this way, chances are that you are looking too deeply or harshly at yourself.

See what others are doing and what they are creating. Use others as a mirror to reflect on yourself rather than be stuck in the dark.

The Warrior


Similar to the Sovereign, the Warrior is against conformity and will exhibit attitudes of singularity and individuality.

However, where they differ is that the Warrior is the most stubborn of the Archetypes.

They will fight for whatever and whomever they believe in and are deeply assertive of their sense of morality and justice.

The Warrior is typically very vocal about their opinions and will not back down from a challenge.

You can usually find them debating with someone or expressing their view points on a subject.

However, the Warrior can also become the Feeble.

The Feeble usually feel extremely indecisive, as if they have no power, and tend to procrastinate more than any other Archetype.

As a result, they might delay important decisions or avoid people altogether to avoid the prospect of decisions.

If you're a Warrior who currently feels like a Feeble, you may have allowed one or two particular situations to deeply affect your psyche.

Examine your thoughts and your past with honest eyes and acknowledge that those moments exist instead of repressing them.

You may have also experienced a moment when you lost many friends and feel extremely alone.

Do take the time to breathe and surround yourself with good company to feel wholesome again.

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The Lover


The most passionate Archetype on this list, the Lover needs little explanation.

They thoroughly enjoy life and think that life is meant for pleasure, fun, and excitement.

You can typically view them as the 'life-of-the-party' individuals - it seems as though they have some magnetic energy that draws others towards them.

They often attract the jealousy of others because of the attention that they are able to get, seemingly without even trying.

When The Lover is at their weakest, they become the Puppet.

Because they're so used to the attention and attraction of others, they begin to put on a mask and perform a show for others that isn't truly themselves.

This is done so that they keep attracting the same amount of affection.

They can end up feeling hollow, as if no one truly cares or understands, and go into extreme depression. 

If you're a Lover who has started feeling this way, it might be due to the dishonesty that you've allowed yourself to 'perform' for others.

Remember that your worth is not based in other people's assessments in you.

Enjoy life because you can - not so that you can pretend that it is for the sake of the gaze of others.

The Communicator


This Archetype is perhaps the shyest and most timid of the Archetypes.

They prefer to be by themselves, not stand out, and enjoy their own company.

However, they're also extremely adept at connecting others together and understanding the roles that other people play in their own lives.

As a result, their friends often count on them first to be the one to listen to their problems.

You can find them in a coffee shop reading a book or listening very intently to a friend or group.

If the Communicator loses this connection, they can soon become the Silent.

They will retreat inward, deeper into themselves, and refuse to show their true light.

Whereas the Lover will put on a mask to perform, the Communicator will avoid the show altogether.

This may be a result of repressed memories, but it may also due to the fact that they do not take the time to express themselves in front of others either.

It may be uncomfortable, but if you feel this way, talk how you feel with others or people that you trust.

This will allow you to open your heart and feel more yourself because it is aligned with how others see you.

If you're interested in learning more about Archetypes and how you can actualize your true self, click the link here to take the FREE Archetype Test to figure out who you truly are.


The Psychic


Connected with the Third Eye Chakra, The Psychic is the most intuitive of all the Archetypes.

They are the ones who make decisions based on gut feeling alone and can often sense when something is about to happen...

...even if they've never seen, met, or encountered the people involved in a given situation!

You can often find them lost in thought or thinking about a moment when they had deja vu.

Despite the strength of their natural intuition, when the Psychic loses touch, they become the Mechanical.

In other words, they begin to look more for 'rational' patterns and ways of explaining things, and become robotic in their nature.

They lose the insight they once had and their confidence in their abilities diminishes because they no longer see things the same way.

If you are a Psychic Archetype who has begun to feel this way, it might be because of one or two bad predictions.

Do not let this dissuade you from using your gifts - everyone makes mistakes, even the most talented or the most hardworking. 

Take the time to rediscover your natural abilities by letting them come to fruition.

The more you try to force it, the more your ability will repress itself.

The Teacher


The wisest of all the Archetypes, The Teacher seeks wisdom, intelligence, and enlightenment.

You will often see them teaching others or sharing new insights that they have made in their research.

They will dive straight into their books or practice for hours searching for new information or insight.

As a result, they feel as though they've embarked on a great quest to discover what others failed to look for before them.

In their weakest or poorest moments, the Teacher becomes the Ego.

Because they know so much, they may begin to think that they are above other human beings and slander others for their lack of knowledge.

Because of their condescending talk and behavior, others will soon stray from their path. They may scorn these people for misunderstanding what they say as well.

If you find yourself becoming the Ego, remind yourself that you are just as human and flawed as any other human being.

Just because you perhaps know more about a certain subject does not mean that you are a master of it.

What you are wise in one field, you are insufficient in another. 

Stay humble.

Did you identify with any of these Archetypes? 

If you want to confirm what you feel...then head on over here to take the FREE Archetype Quiz where you can figure out (right now!) for sure what Archetype you really are.


Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson is the creator of Reiki Infinite Healer. Over the last 4 years Dave and his team have helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their wellbeing, recover from illness, connect with their spiritual selves, and learn to heal with the amazing art of Reiki. Dave is a highly sought after healer and teacher, who's work has impacted the lives, health and relationships of individuals and their families in over 200 different countries.

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