7 Journaling Prompts to Clarify Your Life Purpose

Clarify Your Life Purpose

We live in a great big world, and it’s easy to feel lost or confused… 

Are you feeling stuck? Directionless? Unclear about how to proceed? 

Are you unsure of your life’s TRUE purpose?

Have you ever thought that it’s too difficult to make a change, or maybe that you’ve waited too long to even try? 

Let me tell you that’s simply not true

No matter where you are in your life or what you’ve been through, you can create change

All you need to do is clarify your life purpose so that you can start living the life you’ve always desired... the life that you deserve. 

Jack Canfield says, “I believe that each of us is born with a life purpose.” So I want to ask you: Do you know yours?

Determining what you were meant to do in this life can sometimes be a difficult task… But one of the great tools to help you find more clarity is journaling. 

If you’re on a journey of self-discovery, or you want to learn what truly matters in your life, it’s time you start journaling. 

I’ve gathered seven different prompts to help get you started on your journey. Using this list, you’ll be able to:

  • Connect with a childlike state of wonder
  • Move beyond the thoughts and opinions of others
  • Find the unique gifts that you bring to the world 

And more!

As you work your way through these journal prompts, you’ll become more in touch with yourself so that you can clarify your true life purpose. 

Clarify Your True Purpose Through Journaling 

Journaling is a powerful tool that you can use to discover who you are, what you desire, and what you are meant to do. 

True Purpose

Plus, keeping a journal can have a positive impact on your physical, mental, and spiritual health… from strengthening your immune cells to reducing your stress, and even helping you uncover your destiny. 

If you ever feel lost or confused, you’ll quickly find that writing out your thoughts and feelings can help you to connect with yourself on a deeper level. It will help you clarify who you are and what is important to you. 

Writing is a therapeutic way to release your thoughts and emotions so that you can be more present with yourself in your everyday life. Instead of running your day on autopilot, become more aware of your surroundings so that you can notice the little things. Take the time to be curious about your life and what makes you happy. 

Spending time writing in your journal will engage the analytical left side of your brain to allow that the right side of your brain is free to create and deeply feel emotions. The act of writing helps to remove mental blocks so that you can focus your mind on digging deeper into who you are. 

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So before you get started writing, make sure you have somewhere quiet where you can be relaxed and allow your creativity and inspiration to flow freely onto the paper. Perhaps try meditating before you write. And no matter what, just keep writing!

You can use these prompts in any order, but here is the first one to consider...

Prompt #1: My Life is Ideal When...

This is a fill-in-the blank prompt where you complete the statement with a verb. Aim to complete the sentence at least 10 times, but if you have more to say then keep writing! 

Let yourself be imaginative here. Do you want to move across the country? Or maybe find a job that allows you to travel the world? 

What's My Ideal Life?

Think of all the things that would make your life become exactly the way you want it to be, but try to be realistic.

A few examples are: 

  • My life is ideal when I feel loved by my family.
  • My life is ideal when I help others. 
  • My life is ideal when I can spend time on the things I love. 

As you work through this prompt, try to be as specific as possible. The more details you add, the better you’ll be able to envision the way that you want your life to be. 

Once you’ve listed at least 10 things, start ranking your answers to help you narrow down what the most important things are for you. 

The next prompt will encourage you to notice all the questions you ask yourself.

Prompt #2: Make a List of Questions You Need Answered

What are you curious or wondering about? What can you not stop thinking about? 

These questions that are constantly floating through your mind can reveal a lot about what’s important to you and what gives your life meaning. 


You try not to think about the things you don’t like, and your mind tends to gravitate toward the things that you enjoy. 

Maybe you’re wondering things like:

  • How can I help my loved ones feel better?
  • Why is there no one who can lead at work?
  • What is most important to me?
  • Should I leave my job?

The questions that your mind focuses on reveal your subconscious desires. Use those questions to help discover more about yourself. 

It can also be helpful to look back in time...

Prompt #3: When I Was Child, I Loved To…

Complete this sentence as many times as it feels right. Don’t be afraid to look back into the past to help you discover your future. 

Childhood wonder

Going back to things that you enjoyed as a child can help you remember what you truly love and what you are passionate about. 

Were you always drawing? Helping your parents cook? Fixing things around the house?

As a child, there are no responsibilities, no societal pressures to do or be a certain thing. You are simply more imaginative and free. This prompt invites you to reconnect to that childlike state of wonder you once knew so well. 

Plus, this will help you take money out of the equation. Thinking about what you would enjoy doing even if you didn’t get paid for it can be hard, but taking on a child’s mindset makes it more attainable since kids don’t have to make money! 

For me, I was always pretending to heal my sick stuffed animals. And then one day I realized that my true life’s purpose was healing, and I now do that everyday as a Reiki Master. 

Reiki is a healing spiritual practice that will allow you to open your eyes so that you can finally see the path you need to take to attain the life you were meant to live. 

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In the next promt, you'll look at all the ways that make you stand out. 

Prompt #4: What Unique Qualities Do I Have?

Each human being on this planet is unique in some way, shape, or form. According to the Law of Dharma, there is at least one thing that you can do better than everyone else in the world. 

Get your mind going with more questions like: 

  • What special qualities define you?
  • What are things that seem to come effortlessly to you?
  • Are you the go-to person for something?

As you are making this list, keep things on the positive side. 

You are Unique

This prompt serves a dual purpose. It helps you understand where you can excel in the world, and it also helps you understand yourself better. 

When you can identify something that makes you special, you start to feel more of a sense of purpose to your life. 

Whatever your uniques qualities are, they are important to the world and you can use them to live your true purpose. 

Whoever you are, you are special, important, and beautiful. 

I know that it can be hard to identify your positive qualities, but this next prompt focuses on strengthening your self-love. 

Prompt #5: Make a List of All the Things You Love About Yourself

The most important relationship that you have in your life is the one you have with yourself. 

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks… Your happiness comes from within, so dive deep into your heart to discover what you love about yourself. 

Love Yourself

This is an important thing to think about when discovering your life purpose because it’s YOURS. 

You can’t define your passions, goals, and desires based on what other people think. And you can’t compare your life to someone else’s because we are all unique individuals. 

Self-love can be difficult, so if you’re having trouble identifying things you love, then try thinking of things that you wished you loved. This can help you release any emotional pain that you have hiding in your system.

From there you can work on accomplishing those goals as you move toward defining yourself and your purpose. 

Prompt #6: What Do I Lose Myself In?

There are some things that you must do that make time feel like it’s barely moving. And then there are those things where you lose track of time, and all the sudden you’ve spent all day absorbed in something you love. 

What activities do you find yourself feeling so completely focused on that you no longer have a sense of time? What activities make you forget to stop and eat lunch? What are you so absorbed in that nothing else seems to matter?

Find Your Passions

You may have had a time in your life, perhaps a bad job or a time in school, where the clock seemed to be stuck and you couldn’t get out of there fast enough. But you also probably know of an activity where you never seem to have enough time!

There’s that old saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun!” 

What makes time fly for you?

Prompt #7: How Can I Use My Talents to Serve Humanity?

Remember that this world is greater than just you or me… And we are all connected

Serving others is really serving yourself. When you connect into your higher consciousness, you become one with the universe, you become one with all that is… 

Make the World a Better Place

There are so many problems and injustices in this world that have created many opportunities for you to make a difference. You just have to figure out a way that your passions line up with your purpose. 

Turn to your inner guidance for this question. Ask your heart to lead you as you uncover what you are truly meant to do. 

Whether you want to help feed the hungry, save the animals, or heal the sick, your passions can somehow contribute to that goal

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